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  1. 17 hours ago, pierremgi said:

    Not specific for rocks!


    in init.sqf

    {_x hideObject true} forEach (nearestTerrainObjects [[worldSize/2,worldSize/2,0], ["ROCK", "ROCKS","HIDE"], WorldSize*0.7, false,true])


    Do not use global command. You can hide that locally at mission start for each player. HIDE is a generic class you can add or remove, depending on your "rock" classes. Test with/without it.

    Damn you're right... they have them lumped together with all the "other" things. Should be an option for just rocks as well.

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  2. I'm currently having this very same issue. 


    This is what shows up below, I'm missing RHS, TRYK, and ryans zombies addons in the expansions.





    Here is what my arma3.par file looks like, Im using a hosting provider bluefangsolutions so this is how I have to do my addons.

    class Arg
            mod="-mod=@exile;@Namalsk;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Units;@TRYK;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSF;@Zombies and Demons";

    If I rearrange the addons the others will show up, its really weird.  :huh:

  3. I cannot get any sound at all using the radios.


    TS3 version 3017

    Channel in TS3 is taskforceradio

    All folders are where they are supposed to be.

    CBA version 2.0

    TFAR latest version



    So we get automatically moved into taskforceradio and the plugin boxes are checked and we can hear the radio squelch but we cannot hear each other on the radio at all. Any help would be appreciated. I have already watched 20 videos on YouTube ensuring that everything is installed correctly. We made sure radio channels and frequencies where the same also, what am I missing here?

  4. Thanks Cobra, for your quick response. I have read thru the code above and can not find any reason for the difference in action between the editor-preview(SP) and on a dedicated server. I can only suspect that one of the called functions may be nonlocal or local-only, whichever for the missiles. The other thing I considered was the _weaponTypesID not being picked up due to the "moduleCAStype" stipulation.

    Any other comments or suggestions?


    EDIT: Ok, got it to work. The setVariable cmds need to be set with the true Boolean in their array.

    _cas setVariable ["vehicle","I_Plane_Fighter_03_CAS_F",true];

    _cas setVariable ["type", 1,true];

    yes the setvariable needs to be true for it to be public.

  5. I am not so sure about the beginning with that

    human trafficing and stuff. Really? I just got kidnapped and a few minutes later they give me a gun and tell me that I work for them now and I am like "yeah, that's fine"? Sounds highly unbelievable to me.

    Other than that it doesn't look bad so far

    I agree why not turn it into a competition. Remember the pool stick scene from Batman? We only have room for one of you among our ranks. Perhaps the guys on the boat want to become mercs and not human trafficking.

  6. Here is the entire script:

    _logic = _this select 0;
    _units = _this select 1;
    _activated = _this select 2;
    //--- Terminate on client (unless it's curator who created the module)
    if (!isserver && {local _x} count (objectcurators _logic) == 0) exitwith {};
    if (_activated) then {
    //--- Wait for params to be set
    if (_logic call bis_fnc_isCuratorEditable) then {
    	waituntil {!isnil {_logic getvariable "vehicle"} || isnull _logic};
    if (isnull _logic) exitwith {};
    //--- Show decal
    if ({local _x} count (objectcurators _logic) > 0) then {
    	//--- Reveal the circle to curators
    	_logic hideobject false;
    	_logic setpos position _logic;
    if !(isserver) exitwith {};
    _planeClass = _logic getvariable ["vehicle","B_Plane_CAS_01_F"];
    _planeCfg = configfile >> "cfgvehicles" >> _planeClass;
    if !(isclass _planeCfg) exitwith {["Vehicle class '%1' not found",_planeClass] call bis_fnc_error; false};
    //--- Restore custom direction
    _dirVar = _fnc_scriptname + typeof _logic;
    _logic setdir (missionnamespace getvariable [_dirVar,direction _logic]);
    //--- Detect gun
    _weaponTypesID = _logic getvariable ["type",getnumber (configfile >> "cfgvehicles" >> typeof _logic >> "moduleCAStype")];
    _weaponTypes = switch _weaponTypesID do {
    	case 0: {["machinegun"]};
    	case 1: {["missilelauncher"]};
    	case 2: {["machinegun","missilelauncher"]};
    	default {[]};
    _weapons = [];
    	if (tolower ((_x call bis_fnc_itemType) select 1) in _weaponTypes) then {
    		_modes = getarray (configfile >> "cfgweapons" >> _x >> "modes");
    		if (count _modes > 0) then {
    			_mode = _modes select 0;
    			if (_mode == "this") then {_mode = _x;};
    			_weapons set [count _weapons,[_x,_mode]];
    } foreach getarray (_planeCfg >> "weapons");
    if (count _weapons == 0) exitwith {["No weapon of type 'MachineGun' wound on '%1'",_planeClass] call bis_fnc_error; false};
    _posATL = getposatl _logic;
    _pos = +_posATL;
    _pos set [2,(_pos select 2) + getterrainheightasl _pos];
    _dir = direction _logic;
    _dis = 3000;
    _alt = 1000;
    _pitch = atan (_alt / _dis);
    _speed = 400 / 3.6;
    _duration = ([0,0] distance [_dis,_alt]) / _speed;
    //--- Create plane
    _planePos = [_pos,_dis,_dir + 180] call bis_fnc_relpos;
    _planePos set [2,(_pos select 2) + _alt];
    _planeSide = (getnumber (_planeCfg >> "side")) call bis_fnc_sideType;
    _planeArray = [_planePos,_dir,_planeClass,_planeSide] call bis_fnc_spawnVehicle;
    _plane = _planeArray select 0;
    _plane setposasl _planePos;
    _plane move ([_pos,_dis,_dir] call bis_fnc_relpos);
    _plane disableai "move";
    _plane disableai "target";
    _plane disableai "autotarget";
    _plane setcombatmode "blue";
    _vectorDir = [_planePos,_pos] call bis_fnc_vectorFromXtoY;
    _velocity = [_vectorDir,_speed] call bis_fnc_vectorMultiply;
    _plane setvectordir _vectorDir;
    [_plane,-90 + atan (_dis / _alt),0] call bis_fnc_setpitchbank;
    _vectorUp = vectorup _plane;
    //--- Remove all other weapons
    _currentWeapons = weapons _plane;
    	if !(tolower ((_x call bis_fnc_itemType) select 1) in (_weaponTypes + ["countermeasureslauncher"])) then {
    		_plane removeweapon _x;
    } foreach _currentWeapons;
    //--- Cam shake
    _ehFired = _plane addeventhandler [
    		_this spawn {
    			_plane = _this select 0;
    			_plane removeeventhandler ["fired",_plane getvariable ["ehFired",-1]];
    			_projectile = _this select 6;
    			waituntil {isnull _projectile};
    			[[0.005,4,[_plane getvariable ["logic",objnull],200]],"bis_fnc_shakeCuratorCamera"] call bis_fnc_mp;
    _plane setvariable ["ehFired",_ehFired];
    _plane setvariable ["logic",_logic];
    //--- Show hint
    [[["Curator","PlaceOrdnance"],nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,true],"bis_fnc_advHint",objectcurators _logic] call bis_fnc_mp;
    //--- Play radio
    [_plane,"CuratorModuleCAS"] call bis_fnc_curatorSayMessage;
    //--- Debug - visualize tracers
    if (false) then {
    	BIS_draw3d = [];
    	//{deletemarker _x} foreach allmapmarkers;
    	_m = createmarker [str _logic,_pos];
    	_m setmarkertype "mil_dot";
    	_m setmarkersize [1,1];
    	_m setmarkercolor "colorgreen";
    	_plane addeventhandler [
    			_projectile = _this select 6;
    			[_projectile,position _projectile] spawn {
    				_projectile = _this select 0;
    				_posStart = _this select 1;
    				_posEnd = _posStart;
    				_m = str _projectile;
    				_mColor = "colorred";
    				_color = [1,0,0,1];
    				if (speed _projectile < 1000) then {
    					_mColor = "colorblue";
    					_color = [0,0,1,1];
    				while {!isnull _projectile} do {
    					_posEnd = position _projectile;
    					sleep 0.01;
    				createmarker [_m,_posEnd];
    				_m setmarkertype "mil_dot";
    				_m setmarkersize [1,1];
    				_m setmarkercolor _mColor;
    				BIS_draw3d set [count BIS_draw3d,[_posStart,_posEnd,_color]];
    	if (isnil "BIS_draw3Dhandler") then {
    		BIS_draw3Dhandler = addmissioneventhandler ["draw3d",{{drawline3d _x;} foreach (missionnamespace getvariable ["BIS_draw3d",[]]);}];
    //--- Approach
    _fire = [] spawn {waituntil {false}};
    _fireNull = true;
    _time = time;
    _offset = if ({_x == "missilelauncher"} count _weaponTypes > 0) then {20} else {0};
    waituntil {
    	_fireProgress = _plane getvariable ["fireProgress",0];
    	//--- Update plane position when module was moved / rotated
    	if ((getposatl _logic distance _posATL > 0 || direction _logic != _dir) && _fireProgress == 0) then {
    		_posATL = getposatl _logic;
    		_pos = +_posATL;
    		_pos set [2,(_pos select 2) + getterrainheightasl _pos];
    		_dir = direction _logic;
    		missionnamespace setvariable [_dirVar,_dir];
    		_planePos = [_pos,_dis,_dir + 180] call bis_fnc_relpos;
    		_planePos set [2,(_pos select 2) + _alt];
    		_vectorDir = [_planePos,_pos] call bis_fnc_vectorFromXtoY;
    		_velocity = [_vectorDir,_speed] call bis_fnc_vectorMultiply;
    		_plane setvectordir _vectorDir;
    		//[_plane,-90 + atan (_dis / _alt),0] call bis_fnc_setpitchbank;
    		_vectorUp = vectorup _plane;
    		_plane move ([_pos,_dis,_dir] call bis_fnc_relpos);
    	//--- Set the plane approach vector
    	_plane setVelocityTransformation [
    		_planePos, [_pos select 0,_pos select 1,(_pos select 2) + _offset + _fireProgress * 12],
    		_velocity, _velocity,
    		_vectorUp, _vectorUp,
    		(time - _time) / _duration
    	_plane setvelocity velocity _plane;
    	//--- Fire!
    	if ((getposasl _plane) distance _pos < 1000 && _fireNull) then {
    		_fireNull = false;
    		terminate _fire;
    		_fire = [_plane,_weapons] spawn {
    			_plane = _this select 0;
    			_planeDriver = driver _plane;
    			_weapons = _this select 1;
    			_duration = 3;
    			_time = time + _duration;
    			waituntil {
    					//_plane selectweapon (_x select 0);
    					_planeDriver forceweaponfire _x;
    				} foreach _weapons;
    				_plane setvariable ["fireProgress",(1 - ((_time - time) / _duration)) max 0 min 1];
    				sleep 0.1;
    				time > _time || isnull _plane
    			sleep 1;
    	sleep 0.01;
    	scriptdone _fire || isnull _logic || isnull _plane
    _plane setvelocity velocity _plane;
    _plane flyinheight _alt;
    if !(isnull _logic) then {
    	sleep 1;
    	deletevehicle _logic;
    	waituntil {_plane distance _pos > _dis};
    //--- Delete plane
    if (alive _plane) then {
    	_group = group _plane;
    	_crew = crew _plane;
    	deletevehicle _plane;
    	{deletevehicle _x} foreach _crew;
    	deletegroup _group;

  7. On the checkpoint mission. When the truck pulls up I check the inventory and it has c4 but it doesnt let me question or arrest the driver. I also shot him in the face on one occassion and the mission at the point never continues (sometimes I cant control myself). Also during insertion the helicopter never lands, I had to go into the debug console and the land get out command. The usual AI driving skills crashing into the gate.

    Also does the campaign end? I think I finished all the missions, perhaps a black screen with text to be continued... screen until its complete?

    • I noticed that if you take your civ clothes off you cant put them back on. I was running around during the first mission in my underwear. Sometimes I like to get naked in the middle of a mission dont judge me.
    • I noticed the guy at range also he kept shooting the range master.
    • I had a guy doing a patrol come into the little barracks where you stay and got stuck against a wall near the computer and just kept walking in place.
    • When we bring back items from the missions can we sell them for money to buy other items?
    • Weapons Pool during mission brief?
    • Make the markers at the base disappear when at a certain distance like in the BI campaign. I know how to do this if you are interested.
    • When I chased after the guys in the ransom mission at the stadium when I caught up with them they were just sitting in the car and never got out.
    • The usual awesome driving skills of the AI crashing vans into walls.
    • When we dropped the ransom money off the guy running up immediately sees me and starts shooting then stops then the mission kind of stopped. I had to restart, samething except the mission went forward this time.

    I did enjoy this so far it has lots of potential. Still have a mission or two left to beat. The camp is also very well done. Not sure if you know this or if its intentional but you can get weapons, grenades, and ammo out of the large ammo box over by the mission brief area.