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  1. bulletCam.sqf Created by Big Dawg KS 2/14/2011 ARMA 2 v1.2 Updated by cobra4v320 4/5/2013 for ARMA 3 v1.3 Description: Shows the path of the projectile in slow motion until it hits a target or another object. Singleplayer ONLY. Parameter(s): * To exit the camera ingame (while in flight), press the numberpad key zero. * To add supported weapons, add MUZZLE classnames to _list (note: classnames are CASE SENSITIVE) * To disable bullet cam, set BDKS_DisableBulletCam = true * To disable blur effects, set BDKS_BulletCamNoBlur = true * To disable particle effects, set BDKS_BulletCamNoParticleFX = true * To change FOV (zoom), change the value of BDKS_BulletCamFOV (default 0.05). Ex: BDKS_BulletCamFOV = 0.3 * To change time acceleration, change the value of BDKS_BulletCamAccTime (default 0.5). Ex: BDKS_BulletCamAccTime = 0.2 (Note: AccTime only works in Singleplayer) * To make another unit's (other than local player) bullet cam show for the local player, set unit variable BDKS_ShowBulletCamToPlayer = true, ex: if(local Spotter)then{Sniper setVariable ["BDKS_ShowBulletCamToPlayer",true]} Example(s): this addEventHandler ["fired",{_this call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "bulletCam.sqf"}] Mission Example: http://rapidshare.com/files/3461154082/bullet%20camera.zip Video: BulletCam Script: Change Log: Added: "shotShell" so it will show the grenade launchers and mortars properly. AccTime sped up for those really high angle shots, FOV, and relative position changed. Changed: "shotMissile" and "shotRocket" FOV and relative position changed. Updated: the weapons list with sniper/DMR rifles, GL muzzle names, and both rocket launchers. You can add/delete whatever you want from this list. Updated: example mission Updated: uses precompiled function call. Added: a check to see if enemies were within 100 meters of the player, if so the script will exit. Note: I have attempted to contact Big Dawg KS, he hasn't been on here in over 7 months according to his profile and his private message box is full.
  2. Check this out https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/181891-make-player-have-his-weapons-in-the-next-mission-campaign/?do=findComment&comment=2869148
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    Hello to everyone

    Create a trigger. Condition: currentWeapon player isKindOf ["Laserdesignator", configFile >> "CfgWeapons"] and cameraView == "Gunner" and !isNull (laserTarget player) On activation: you would run your sqf I also posted this info 6 years ago. 😁 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/166474-how-to-use-modulecas_f/?do=findComment&comment=2603429
  4. Description: This is an updated version of the defuse the bomb script from ARMA 2. Code is a randomly generated array of numbers, has a custom gui for the keypad, ENT is to enter the code, and CLR is to clear the display. If you become desperate or mess up the code you can cut one of the wires which is also selected randomly. Disclaimer: The same disclaimer as the previous author. Feel free to tweak the scripts to your needs, or make a better version. Just share with our community. Credits: Original Author - here Updated by - cobra4v320 for ARMA 3 MP Updated by - K0rd Change Log: Version 1.3: Just a place holder for now, I will update the downloads later tonight. Fixed the dialog so now when you hit the CLR button you no longer get these brackets [] instead you get an empty space. Changed the timer so it now uses hh:mm:ss timetostring Fixed fully MP compatible thanks to K0rd and his hard work. Version 1.2: Updated GUI for cutting wires. You can now cut a wire to defuse the bomb. Added clipping sound effect for wires. I'm going to work on maybe doing a sequence of cutting the wires or maybe you have to cut two wires in a certain order. Version 1.1: New example mission, you now have to search the laptops to find the code to defuse the bomb. This can be changed to anything, objects, soldiers, vehicles, etc New GUI, the # an * have been replaced with ENT and CLR. GUI now moves if you click and hold. Using timetostring as the timer now. Version 1.0: Released Future Updates: WIP - Adding a wire cutting sequence Adding in cut wire pictures for when the wires are actually cut Create custom dialog defines so they do not interfer with other mods or addons Download: MediaFire Armaholic
  5. This is the simplest method of helicopter pickup and drop off without any scripting involved.
  6. Damn you're right... they have them lumped together with all the "other" things. Should be an option for just rocks as well.
  7. Under 3den editor systems and environment there is a hide object module you can use to hide map objects. No scripting needed.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3_EPKdUT1w&feature=youtu.be After seeing lots of posts complaining about the AI HALO jumps not working and not finding any solutions I have created a function that will allow AI units to HALO jump, will also work with players. Since there is currently no cargo planes for jumping out of, I start the screen dark and use a C130 sound simulating exiting the aircraft. You can also save your backpack and loadout, you can even jump with your backpack attached to your chest. Please let me know if this is useful or not, hopefully halo is fixed soon. If there are any errors or any additions that are needed let me know here in this thread. Parameters /* File: fn_halo.sqf Version: 2.1 Author(s): cobra4v320 - effects adapted from old halo.sqs, sounds from freesound.org Description: HALO jumping (works with AI soldiers). Set the altitude of the HALO, add a chemlight, auto open your parachute at 150m, and save your backpack with its contents, then attach a backpack to the front of your unit. Parameters: 0: UNIT - (object) the unit that will be doing the HALO 1: (optional) ALTITUDE - (number) the altitude where the HALO will start from 2: (optional) CHEMLIGHT - (boolean) true if the units will use chemlights 3: (optional) AUTOOPEN -(boolean) true to auto open parachute at 150m 4: (optional) SAVELOADOUT - (boolean) true to save backpack and its contents, and add a "fake" backpack to the front of the unit. Example(s): [this] call COB_fnc_HALO [this, 2000, true, true, true] call COB_fnc_HALO */ Functions fn_halo.sqf Change Log Version 2.1: Fixed: when unit did not have a backpack it would show an error Fixed: Chemlights would attach to the head when the unit had no helmet. It now attaches to the head when wearing a helmet or to the shoulder when not wearing a helmet. Fixed: If you start out with the helicopter crew helmet it will not add another one. Changed: I changed some of the sounds and added new ones. Fixed: If you start out with a parachute and saveloadout selected, it will not add a parachute to the front of the unit. Version 2.0: Changed: I removed fn_saveLoadOut and just added it directly to fn_halo. Fixed: If you jump out of a helicopter the C130 sound will no longer play. Fixed: when in para_pilot the flapping sound will continue to play until you are approximately 10 meters from the ground, it loops every 7 seconds so if you land just right you wont notice. Added: When you are above 3040 meters or approx. 10,000 feet the helicopter crew helmet is automatically added, its more fitting for a HALO jump, plus your old helmet is added to your backpack automatically so when you land you can pull it out and put it back on. Added: I added a paradrop function to fix the AI. Changed: the example mission no longer has tasks or anything MP related. Version 1.5: Added: the parachute will now attach to the front of the unit when in animation state para_pilot. Added: sound for when you are in free fall Fixed: using spawn is no longer neccessary. Example: [this] call COB_fnc_HALO Added: more examples to the mission, flagpole and helicopter. Keep in mind that a C130 sound will play when exiting the helicopter, HALO usually doesnt involve helicopters. Changed: the chemlight is now attached to the head. Fixed: AI and players will no longer get hurt, if you do land really hard which should technically hurt you anyways, it will set your damage back to zero. If you hit the ground hard enough it will kill you. AI though are god mode until they get out of their chutes. Version 1.4: Added: you now have the option to add a backpack to the front of your unit. Version 1.3: Added: the option to auto open the parachute Added: fn_saveLoadOut.sqf, you can now save your backpack and gear that was in the backpack Added: sound for when landing Version 1.2: Fixed: _light not defined error Version 1.1: Removed: Groups Added: Immersion from previous halo.sqs Added: Parachute opening sound - freesound.org Version 1.0: Released Download >>>HALO EXAMPLE Mediafire DOWNLOAD<<< >>>HALO EXAMPLE Armaholic DOWNLOAD<<< Addons There are no required addons, however, ltsThomas made an addon that will add a mask to your HALO unit. Here is what it looks like: Here is the download link to Armaholic and his NSW units.
  9. cobra4v320

    3d Editor show object IDs

    How do you see the object IDs on the map like in the 2D editor? In 2D editor you can click on the ID button or Ctrl + I. Is it no longer available in 3D editor?
  10. Description: In this extraction example you pop smoke or throw an IR strobe then use radio 0-0-1 to call for an extraction helicopter. The extraction position is based around the position of the object that was thrown. Using Ruebes randomCirlcePositions the function will find the safest landing spot based on distance from other objects and the gradient slope. Keep in mind that the safest position could be several hundred meters away from the smoke. We dont want the helicopter to land on buildings or in trees. After a safe position is found for landing the helicopter will spawn in, move to the position to land, and open its doors. The helicopter will then move to an already designated landing zone and drop off the group then return to its original spawn position and cleanup the helicopter, crew, and group. Parameters: /* Filename: fn_extraction.sqf - Version 1.1 Author: cobra4v320 Description: * Spawns a helicopter at a designated location. * The helicopter moves to another designated location to pick up soldiers. * Prior to the helicopter touching down it will open both of its doors. When it lifts off it will close its doors. * The helicopter will then move to another designated location and drop off the soldiers. Prior to landing the doors will open. * When the group gets out the doors will close and the helicopter will return to its spawn position to delete the crew, helicopter, and group. Notes: * Requires pre-placed helicopter pads or place the position over a pad that already exists on the map like Camp Rogain or Stratis Airbase Parameter(s): 0: GROUP - group the helicopter will pick up (group) 1: STARTPOS - spawn position - can be string or position (array) 2: ENDPOS - drop off position - can be string or position (array) 3: HEIGHT - (optional) the altitude where the HALO will start from (number) 4: CAPTIVE - (optional) true to set the helicopter and crew captive (boolean) 5: DAMAGE - (optional) true to allow the helicopter and crew to be damaged (boolean) Example(s): [group player, markerPos "spawnMrk", markerPos "dropOffMrk"] spawn COB_fnc_extraction [group player, markerPos "spawnMrk", markerPos "dropOffMrk", 50, TRUE, FALSE] spawn COB_fnc_extraction */ Function: //Parameters private ["_group","_startPos","_endPos","_height","_captive","_damage"]; _group = [_this, 0, grpNull, [grpNull, objNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; _startPos = [_this, 1, [], [[]]] call BIS_fnc_param; _endPos = [_this, 2, [], [[]]] call BIS_fnc_param; _height = [_this, 3, 50, [0]] call BIS_fnc_param; _captive = [_this, 4, false, [false]] call BIS_fnc_param; _damage = [_this, 5, true, [true]] call BIS_fnc_param; //Validate parameter count if ((count _this) < 3) exitWith {"[Extraction] function requires at least (3) parameters!" call BIS_fnc_error; false}; //Validate Parameters if (isNull _group) exitWith {"[Extraction] Group (0) parameter must not be null. Accepted: GROUP or OBJECT" call BIS_fnc_error; false}; if ((typeName _startPos) != (typeName [])) exitWith {"[Extraction] Position (1) should be an Array!" call BIS_fnc_error; false}; if ((count _startPos) < 2) exitWith {"[Extraction] Position (1) should contain at least 2 elements!" call BIS_fnc_error; false}; if ((typeName _endPos) != (typeName [])) exitWith {"[Extraction] Position (2) should be an Array!" call BIS_fnc_error; false}; if ((count _endPos) < 2) exitWith {"[Extraction] Position (2) should contain at least 2 elements!" call BIS_fnc_error; false}; if (_height < 30) exitWith {"[Extraction] height (3) should be at least 30!" call BIS_fnc_error; false}; //Object given instead of group if (typeName _group == "OBJECT") then { if (_group isKindOf "MAN") then { _group = group _group; } else { if (count crew _group < 1) exitWith { "Vehicle given as GROUP has no crew" call BIS_fnc_error; }; if (!isNull group driver _group) then { _group = group driver _group; } else { if (!isNull group gunner _group) then { _group = group gunner _group; } else { _group = group ((crew _group) select 0); }; }; }; }; //check for smoke, strobe, default is player position //TODO: check for flare _signalArray = []; _smoke = position player nearObjects ["SmokeShell", 50]; _strobe = position player nearObjects ["B_IRstrobe", 50]; _signalArray = _signalArray + _smoke; _signalArray = _signalArray + _strobe; private ["_signal","_signalPos"]; if (count _signalArray > 0) then { _signal = _signalArray select 0; _signalPos = position _signal; } else { _signalPos = position player; }; //find safe landing position _safePos = []; _range = 35; _maxGrad = 0.1; while {((count _safePos) == 0)} do { _safePos = [ ["position", _signalPos], ["number", 1], ["objDistance", 9], ["range", [0, _range]], ["maxGradient", _maxGrad] ] call RUBE_fnc_randomCirclePositions; _range = _range * 1.25; _maxGrad = _maxGrad + 0.01; }; //Create the helipad private "_extractPos"; _extractPos = createVehicle ["Land_HelipadEmpty_F", (_safePos select 0), [], 0, "NONE"]; //Create the helicopter based on groups side private "_heliContainer"; switch (side _group) do { case blufor: { _heliContainer = [[_startPos select 0, _startPos select 1, _height], [_startPos, _extractPos] call BIS_fnc_dirTo, "B_Heli_Transport_01_F", blufor] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; }; case opfor: { _heliContainer = [[_startPos select 0, _startPos select 1, _height], [_startPos, _extractPos] call BIS_fnc_dirTo, "O_Heli_Light_02_F", opfor] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; }; case independent: { _heliContainer = [[_startPos select 0, _startPos select 1, _height], [_startPos, _extractPos] call BIS_fnc_dirTo , "I_Heli_light_03_F", independent] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; }; }; private ["_heli","_heliGroup"]; _heli = _heliContainer select 0; _heliGroup = _heliContainer select 2; //height & speed private "_dir"; _dir = direction _heli; _heli setVelocity [sin (_dir) * 50, cos (_dir) * 50, 0]; _heli flyInHeight _height; _heliGroup allowFleeing 0; _heli allowDamage _damage; _heli setCaptive _captive; //turn off collision lights [_heli] spawn { private "_heli"; _heli = _this select 0; while {alive _heli} do { _heli action ["collisionlightOff", _heli]; sleep 0.01; }; }; //Add the waypoints private "_wp1"; _wp1 = [_heliGroup, position _extractPos, "LOAD", "CARELESS", "YELLOW", "FULL", "FILE", 0, ["true", "_heli = vehicle this; _heli land 'GET IN'; {_heli animateDoor [_x,1]} forEach ['door_back_L','door_back_R','door_L','door_R']"], true] call COB_fnc_addWaypoint; waitUntil { {_x in _heli} count (units _group) == {alive _x} count (units _group) }; {_heli animateDoor [_x,0]} forEach ["door_back_L","door_back_R","door_L","door_R"]; _heli lock true; deleteVehicle _extractPos; private "_wp2"; _wp2 = [_heliGroup, _endPos, "UNLOAD", "CARELESS", "YELLOW", "FULL", "FILE", 0, ["true", "_heli = vehicle this; _heli land 'GET OUT'; {_heli animateDoor [_x,1]} forEach ['door_back_L','door_back_R','door_L','door_R']; _heli lock false"], true] call COB_fnc_addWaypoint; waitUntil { {_x in _heli} count (units _group) < 1 }; _heli lock true; {_heli animateDoor [_x,0]} forEach ["door_back_L","door_back_R","door_L","door_R"]; waitUntil { {_x distance _heli > 15} count (units _group) == {alive _x} count (units _group)}; private "_wp3"; _wp3 = [_heliGroup, _startPos , "MOVE", "CARELESS", "BLUE", "FULL", "FILE", 0, ["true", "_group = group this; _heli = vehicle this; _units = crew _heli; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach _units; deleteVehicle _heli; deleteGroup _group"], true] call COB_fnc_addWaypoint; //return value if (!isNull _heli) then { ["[Extraction] function vehicle created."] call BIS_fnc_log; true } else { "[Extraction] function failed to create vehicle, make sure the wanted side center exists." call BIS_fnc_error; false }; Change Log: Version 1.1 Fixed - the function now checks for either smoke or IR strobe Added - several more checks at the beginning and end of the function to ensure it is running properly Version 1.0 - released Future Updates Add radio transmissions Add a check for flares Download: mediaFire
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    Extraction Example

    Once I get my dedicated box up and running I will be doing some testing hopefully get this working on a dedicated. No promises though :D
  12. cobra4v320

    Some Addons Not Showing UP?

    I'm currently having this very same issue. This is what shows up below, I'm missing RHS, TRYK, and ryans zombies addons in the expansions. Here is what my arma3.par file looks like, Im using a hosting provider bluefangsolutions so this is how I have to do my addons. class Arg { mod="-mod=@exile;@Namalsk;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Units;@TRYK;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSF;@Zombies and Demons"; servermod="-servermod=@exileserver;@A3XAI;@ASR_AI3;@Enigma"; autoInit="-autoInit"; }; If I rearrange the addons the others will show up, its really weird. :huh:
  13. cobra4v320

    3d Editor show object IDs

    Nice, thank you!
  14. Purple units are civilian, red units are opfor, blue units are NATO, green units are Independent. It could also be, red is the player and purple is a playable unit. A picture would help also.
  15. cobra4v320

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    I cannot get any sound at all using the radios. TS3 version 3017 Channel in TS3 is taskforceradio All folders are where they are supposed to be. CBA version 2.0 TFAR latest version So we get automatically moved into taskforceradio and the plugin boxes are checked and we can hear the radio squelch but we cannot hear each other on the radio at all. Any help would be appreciated. I have already watched 20 videos on YouTube ensuring that everything is installed correctly. We made sure radio channels and frequencies where the same also, what am I missing here?
  16. Occasionally when units were ejecting the helicopter would explode. Too bad BI still has not fixed paradrop, exploding parachutes and what not.
  17. Have you gone into modules_f and seen how the script is run?
  18. cobra4v320

    Simple ParaDrop Script

    If its a beta I would change the version to 0.6 once you release it v1.0 ---------- Post added at 00:22 ---------- Previous post was at 00:10 ---------- Check your if statements.
  19. cobra4v320

    How to use ModuleCAS_F

    yes the setvariable needs to be true for it to be public.
  20. cobra4v320

    HALOJump Script Problem

    Its because you are missing the rest of the parameters at the beginning of your script. How exactly are you calling this script?
  21. I agree why not turn it into a competition. Remember the pool stick scene from Batman? We only have room for one of you among our ranks. Perhaps the guys on the boat want to become mercs and not human trafficking.
  22. Why not spawn in the smoke module?
  23. Went into the missionFlow.fsm and removed the move command and replace it with a normal addwaypoint. The helicopter now lands everytime at the checkpoint. _wp = _grp addWaypoint [_posLZ, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "TR UNLOAD";
  24. Those pictures look good as they are. What kind of filter were you thinking of?
  25. cobra4v320

    How to use ModuleCAS_F

    Here is the entire script: