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  1. There goes the reason why you cant control a player to make an "OA only" mission with CO editor. One has to use OA Only installation to create OA Only mission, to be sure. "required addons" control is not enough due to the common pbos. So OAOnly player can join the server & launch the mission but will probably have problems & horrendous errors in rpt if not crashed.
  2. cool. you know the in game #monitor command right..gotta be admin. #monitor 1 -> gives you info @ 1 sec intervals #monitor 0 -> stops it.
  3. Yome when the list is long, the slide bar of the addons list in download tab does not work properly. When YAS is mazimized no scroll bar but still folders below z_commom_ace. When YAS not maxed but stretched to fit vertically there is a scroll bar but you cannot scroll down to the end. Try with our community repo.
  4. The reason is that there may be some pbos that are being shared. Having installed as stands alone and CO, would you mind checking how many of the A2 pbos are used with OA. In A2 folder, there should be a folder called "common". Check how many of these are in the OA_standalone install.
  5. You mean for server or client. In our repo we are sharing the latest userconfig so you'll have the latest one if you sync/download that as well. Others should do that as well. You can reach & see our repos by clicking the link in my sig.
  6. ArmA does its own calculation they are just limits you are providing. I've intentionally left 20mbit for other network traffic. If you monitor the in-game traffic, you'll almost never see that utilization going upto that point. You'll need to have 120-130 people playing I guess. Actually the best option is to play the most played mission with as many as possible and see the traffic pattern and change settings accordingly. But put in those numbers if it feels right ;)
  7. cross

    Server issues with Arrowhead

    I see 3 problems .. 1- Domination may be crashes your server. Domi has problems with OA atm. It freezes clients when they approach ammocrates. This is the most likely reason for your server crash. If it doesn't crash the server, it crashes/freezes clients.The server has probably been set to automatic restart. Play something else until it is fixed. Play Warfare, or go out and play football, watch the world-cup, do mountain biking, do cliff jumping :D wh,le you are following domi development http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11570 2- Turn on the signature check in your config. verifySignatures=0; make it -> verifySignatures=1; People with big mods like ACE trying to connect to your server may crash the server. Verify signatures stops that. If you want to allow the use of certain mods by people who connect to your server, ask your admin to put the related .bikey of that mod to the server's Arma2/keys folder. 3- -server implies that you are using the client exe for dedi server. As Terox suggested, use the provided arma2oaserver.exe for dedicated server. It is a newer build as well. It comes with the 1.52 patch. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_2OA:_Patch_v1.52#Download_Mirrors Note that the 1.52 build in this patch is higher than the sprocket/digital download version. So it is recommended to install unless you bought it from Steam. DO NOT APPLY THE PATCH TO STEAM VERSION. Other than these, none of the settings in config files can make your server crash ;)
  8. cross

    New beta 71900 is up!(OA)

    It happens when you drop all your gear. In the Community Issue Tracker -> http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11698 Can you try doing go to editor. Place a US soldier preview Drop all the ammo and rifle + smokes +frags etc..(Nvgs and map, watch does not matter) see if possible to look up / down.
  9. I guess wanted to say ACE_PLA It is there in our repo. Click on the link in my sig.
  10. You only need teh part below in the server.cfg .. of course modified as in my second post. class Missions { class Mission01 { template = co30_Domination_2_17A2_West_AI_OA.Takistan; param1 = param2 = };//end of this mission };//end of missions Yes I copied the parameters section from Domi to see how many are there and their names & values etc.. The problem is you need to enter paramsArray=[1,0,2,80,0,2,1,4,.............] after the template line above. paramsarray should have all the parameters and values. There are like 40 parameters in domi so you need to have 40 values in the array separated with commas. I'm trying to avoid it at the moment. Now the real problem is there are some switches which turns some parameters on/off and therefore the number of parameters is changing. Say with ACE you have 42 parameters, without ace you have 39, in ranked ace you have 45 etc...and these switches are in the middle so if they change the relative position of that setting in the array changes too. Also there is a piece of script in Domi that says if paramsArray is not defined, then use the defaults values. If the above codes do not work, the easiest way is to open the Domi mission pbo and change the default values for those settings in the description.ext file so that it will enable say "teleport-to-base" option by default. You'll need to re-pbo it and you'll need to do this for every domi mission and for every new version. IF you are playing only one domination version, then editing the description.ext is the easiest solution.
  11. cross

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    for me neither but I use the backspace. Stop and when starting it ill pick up the new head position.
  12. On the other hand, I believe the new recoil system is to prolong the firefights. With OA, there is hardly any cover outside cities thus the acog becomes a sniper rifle. The effects of recoil is less when between around 50-75 mtrs. New recoil system forces you to move into a closer/better position so that you have a bigger target. Shooting at targets in the distance, especially moving ones (they do evading movesi zig zagging etc) are harder now. Yoıu get used to it though..no more standing and shooting moving targets 300-400 mtrs away. BUt yes I'd prefer a recoil somewhere in between.
  13. Give this a try; MinBandwidth = 15000000; MaxBandwidth = 80000000; MaxMsgSend = 512; MaxSizeGuaranteed = 768; MaxSizeNonguaranteed = 128; MinErrorToSend = 0.001; MaxCustomFileSize=0;
  14. You don't need to copy/paste parameters to the cfg. You need to enter the required one to the param1 or param2 area. Remove the list of parameters from server.cfg .. you dont need them there. Only have the below one. I entered the class name in param1-2-3 area. Lets see if that works. If it doesn't you'll need to find out the rank of the parameter and use that ..like param26= class Missions { class Mission01 { template = co30_Domination_2_17A2_West_AI_OA.Takistan; d_WithMHQTeleport = 0 WithTeleToBase = 1 };//end of this mission };//end of missions and if it doesnt work then try this as they are the 6th and 7th parameters. class Missions { class Mission01 { template = co30_Domination_2_17A2_West_AI_OA.Takistan; paramsArray[5] = 0 paramsArray[6] = 1 };//end of this mission };//end of missions also see http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_2:_Patch_v1.03.58899_Beta#How_to_add_multiple_parameters_to_your_MP_mission
  15. Into the server.cfg class Missions { class Mission_01 // name for the mission, can be anything { template = mymission.Chernarus; // omit the .pbo suffix difficulty = "regular"; param1 = param2 = }; class Mission_02 { template = anothermission.Chernarus; difficulty = "veteran"; param1 = param2 = }; }; class d_WithMHQTeleport { title = "Teleport or spawn at MHQ:"; values[] = {0,1}; default = 0; texts[] = {"Yes","No"}; }; class WithTeleToBase { title = "Enable teleport to base:"; values[] = {0,1}; default = 1; texts[] = {"Yes","No"}; }; Complete Parameters for Domination 2.17. Use the values not texts.
  16. Why dont you install it to a laptop and see the structure and mimic it on a separate folder on server ?
  17. If the mission is script heavy ( ie using many public variables thats been sent over the network) and you have many users, soldier updates will lag no matter what you. So -> Performance=f(# of players, # of AI, # of Scripts in the mission running background, script elements that are creating network traffic, objects blown up in the game (drop 3 atom bombs on a city and watch the slide show), arma bandwith settings, your network speed & quality, client ISP qualities, client machine performance, internet itself) Use missions as lean as possible with min amount of AI. Besides post you Arma2.cfg (network/bandwidth) settings plz and your current download/upload speed. ;)
  18. 2 options.. 1- In the same folder with teh same shortcut etc.. -> rename Addons folder to Addons_OFF 2- In a separate folder -> copy all ArmA2 directory to ArmA2oa folder except Addons folder or copy ArmA2 directory to ArmA2OA and delete addons folder in ArmA2OA folder. Create new shortcut to OA.exe in ArmA2OA. ;)
  19. As long as you have anything in the -mod= parameter, it will be listed as red-question mark. This is to differentiate servers running mods from ones running vanilla. People can join to servers with red circle with question mark on it. It just means there is a -mod= parameter used in the server startup. People will get used to joining those servers as well, since after a week or so, most of them will start having compatibility mods such as @CBA or run betas or server side AI improvement mods like Zeus/GL4 etc..
  20. cross

    Mission name standard

    With the release of OA there is a need for missions to be tagged with A2/OA/CO A2 - A2 Units/Objects Only OA - Arrowhead Units/Objects Only CO - Combined Operations Both A2+OA Units/Objects. I suggest it goes into the beginning CO CTF24 ACE@ Valli Orava v1.9.615 OA Co30 Wild Squirrel v1.3.615 Cross
  21. Number 2 is Yes...the reason being there are some changes in 1.07 needed to make A2 compatible with OA so that it can be used in combined operations. Best option is to install OA on top of (into the same folder) A2. You can lauch A2 separately if you want. Unless you do not buy it from steam, you have nothing to worry about. It is Steam installations that complicate the situation. What you can do if you are not sure about 1.07 patch. Take a copy of your Arma2 folder before applying. In case you you dont like 1.07, all you have to do is to delete (NOT uninstall) your Arma2 folder and rename the backed-up A2 to Arma 2.
  22. cross

    New beta 71900 is up!(OA)

    test if you have the same problem after removing all the non-BIS mods from your start-up line.
  23. cross

    OA-Server AmmoCrate bug

    Well I've never experienced this in any other mission than Domination. So it is Domi related, from what I gathered from Xens posts. Or more like about application of a method for creating/filling ammo crates local to player. What worked in A2, does not seem to work in OA. It may not be a bug necessarily. Perhaps they changed the way it works. It may as well be a bug. But it is not ammocrate bug. they work fine ;) in other missions.
  24. cross

    New beta 71900 is up!(OA)

    As a standart...why dont we give our system specs and arma settings with our post. Here I see people complaining of getting stutter all maxed with 10000 VD ... well you will. You think you should not but you will. Some of the problems are gone when you turn the textures to high/normal especially in zergabad/cities. Also turning the object detail down to high/Normal may help at some point. Make sure you have June2010 version of directx and the latest drivers. I dont get stutter with this betapatch with MY settings. You may regard them as too low but provides a smooth gameplay in SP and MP for me. Usually I get 25-35 FPS (goes up to 60 looking at sky) and sometimes drops to 20 when in dense urban areas. BetaPatch is stutter free and gameplay is smooth EVEN THOUGH fps is around 20-30. ***...I lowered the AUDIO SAMPLES to 24 as 32 was causing some stutter for me. The UN BMP2 maingun zeroing is too close or bullet drop is too much. Apparent especially zoomed in. Bullets land below the marker at medium range. Its zero seems to be around 200-250 mtrs. Same with BMP3..actually worse with scope markers. TakistanArmy Btr60 works fine @300 mtrs. http://cross.kellys-heroes.eu/public/arma2/bmp-btr-range.Zargabad.pbo OS: Win7-x64 CPU: i7 950 - HT On - Intel SpeedStep OFF - Boost ON. Ram: 6GB @1066Mhz DirectX Version: June2010 HDD: WD Caviar Black 1.5 TB Sound: Onboard Realtek B/G when playing: Only TS3, PlayClaw and Firefox. all minimized. Nvidia Panel