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    SQF revive script

    seeing is believing  my copy stands next to me  same issue that christian pointed out...you asked for the timing. I guess best description will be the video. I started the mission. did "esc-respawn" and as the unconscious screen appeared there was my copy in the respawn area. It disappeared as I clicked respawn1 button. clicky
  2. cross

    JIP Lag

    @Sickboy...captain edited his post. FYI.
  3. cross

    VFAI - AI Extension

    Malick did you post the update? ie is the version 1.5 include this fix??
  4. an also try the "- nosplash" with a space in between
  5. cross

    Global Server Config

    some off topic stuff but... and all can be referred to specific files in any folder using -profiles= , -config= , -cfg= parameters in the server startup.
  6. cross

    SQF revive script

    Norrin hi, I've added the AI-disabled script to one of our missions Hell of Corazol by onemanshow. It works fine but we came accross three issues; 1- You can get stuck in the middle as civilian (blue) if the reviver gets killed while reviving you. You can get up and walk among the enemy and they wont shoot you. 2- "SoldierWSaboteurPipe2" does not work..probably all the soldiers at this level. I had to change it and use "SoldierWSaboteur" instead. This level works fine. 3- When you press Esc in the unconscious cam you cannot get the unconscious screen back. You need to kill yourself again by doing esc-respawn to get it back. I appreciate your help on these..especially the first one. Well done for the script and thanks..
  7. cross

    Discussion: Elecricity

    I suggest you focus on the power centers rather than the poles. It will already add a lot if we are able to repair/damage them and effect all related areas. I can see some SF moving in and cutting out the lights before the squad goes in . Is it possible to effect the AI's vision (ones without the NV) when it goes dark ??
  8. cross

    How can a average player get some MP fun?

    IC-ARMA They are having large battles between 2 armies in an organized fashion. ie no matter what clan/squad you belong, you sign in one side, report to your unit and fight against the other army. Battle each Sat at 1800 GMT. Couple of trainings and skirmished during the week. FYI.
  9. cross

    Virtual TrainingSpace 2

    Very nice job Elgarion. I loved the first one and this one looks great as well. I'm sure this will be the favourite map for tactical events and trainings for many groups.
  10. cross

    ArmA Turkish Mod

    @Hovis It's a mod with additional vehicles, weapons, textures etc. I'm sure they will not promote any sort of real life political conflicts with their mod. No Turkey vs Greece, Turkey vs Iraqi Army, or vs the terrorists. Other than that, any user can make any sort of mission with any sort of theoratical/political background scenario. Personally, I suggest you use fictional names and avoid real life names and references. You can prepare any sort of mission with the addon.
  11. cross

    dedicated server help

    your dedi wil perform better when serves as dedi only ie when you dont play on your dedi server. If you do, then it splits the cpu power between dedi and sp and your performance drops.
  12. cross

    ArmA Turkish Mod

    well the area (esp the border) is definitely not like that..no such open fields, and "small" hills. Rather huge, squeezed mountains, ridges, caves, and goat paths, deep valleys and stuff. It feels like the hole mountain is collapsing all over you.
  13. cross

    ArmA Turkish Mod

    do it before Nov5th
  14. cross

    Restrict mods used serverside?

    Dta folder DO contain BI signature files 2 bi.bisigns there for core and bin.
  15. cross

    Use verifySignatures now!

    Add Regularcheck="{}" to your config in order to eliminate the "session lost" issue due to time outs. We are running the sig verification and this eliminated the problem. Also add; ondifferentdata="{}" If you are having disconnections from server. This is advised by Suma and solves disconection issue resulting from inconsistency between player and server due to QG. Signature check works fine and keeps your server clean. If the addons you want are not signed, you can sign them yourself and post at your website so that people can dl and use at your server.
  16. cross

    DSUtils and BinPBO

    There are signatures for all the pbos. You dont need to use the checkfiles command when verifying signatures. You may want to use "checkfiles" and "ondifferentdata" tho, if you are using different versions of pbos. To ensure both the server and the client have the same version of an add-on.
  17. I was quite surprised to see that you organized the event for 20 ppl only and called it Arma 4 "Masses" Â Â
  18. cross

    Joystick curve.

    see the attached wiki for what the values in profile joystick setup stand for. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Joystick_sensitivity_settings
  19. cross

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    Well i have 7800 GTX and i just downloaded the XG163.76 driver from http://tweakforce.com . Together with the Riva tuner i was able to max the OC settings with some reasonable heat..now the card runs at 73 celcius with regular fans and max OC to 490Mhz and 1350Mhz Running the game at 20-40 with normal settings, PostPr&AA off. Distance 2k.
  20. cross

    Linux Net Code

    IC-Arma is not a regular coop or pvp map with 100+ players. Its an organized battle between US & SLA with 50 each and UN with 10 slots, over 3 cities which the last winner army selects and with a special mod pack.
  21. cross

    Lower Grass

    Read carefully... ...copy the "dta" folder into GTD mod folder.
  22. cross

    Lower Grass

    Heinbloed, May i request a separate addon for the smaller aimpoint only...for me the scopes on RPGs or other tweaks within the same addon are creating unfair advantage during MP and cant use it..the first version was better in that sense..
  23. cross

    Lower Grass

    @Garack For heinbloeds GTDs to work you either copy them to Arma/addons folder OR copy the dta folder into GTD mod folder. Search for PROPER in this forum topics.. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=66907
  24. cross

    ArmA Effects

    Put it in your "bohemia interactive\Arma\addons" folder the effects and event handler pbos.
  25. cross

    ArmA Effects

    No hurries..its time to get the feedbacks first...