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    VON studdering

    if you are receiving some transmissions fine and some stuttering then most probably its their end....cpu load or bandwidth issues. (but not possible to say 100%. it may be you too due to your cpu load, downloading etc as well.) As a client you dont have such option. It is server who can set the VON quality thus required bandwidth.
  2. this is probably about the server config and filechecks in the config.
  3. Also, I'd recommend to turn of directx9 hooking programs. I had a similar problem (still do actually) but had some relief after turning off the rivatuners OSD and stats server. Turn off the FRAPS, GAMECAM, XFIRE etc if you are using...
  4. cross

    Real combat? Check this out!

    i think soldiers should be able to pee/poo their pants when scared. You know a darker area should appear.. ....everything is perfect and now its time for peeing your pants for the sake of realism Now order your men to stop taking a crap in the woods and attack the enemy. And tell them not to step on their own dump.
  5. is the gamespy service down? I cannot get the server list for multiplayer. Is the Gamespy down? If not last thing i did was connecting a battleye enabled server with 1.12. Battleye initialized, loaded the map..said you are kicked because BE client not responding and NO Multiplayer list for me anymore ???? exit to main screen...multiplayer...nothing exit to windows...retstart arma..multiplayer...nothing..slight freeze..no list exit to windows...retstart arma 1.08..multiplayer...nothing..slight freeze..no list restart windows..no change tried remote connection...voila...can see the server but cannot get the server list for multiplayer
  6. Solved..can see the list OK..probly gamespy.. It was like taking your car to the mechanic..and suddenly the horrible sound you hear from the engine disappears
  7. Tried it. Same problem Except this time I couldn't 'alt-tab' in the same way as when the game is in full screen, so I couldn't do anything about the bad performance. I tried minimising. Only running the game in full screen and alt-tabbing when the FPS drops seems to keep performance up. Using the FLUSH cheat doesn't help, so I guess it's nothing to do with textures or VRAM. I found the problem. I had my PC overclocked, and it seems like it can't handle these settings any more. Maybe some dust somewhere. Well I went back to stock clock frequency's for everything for now and Arma 1.11 is running great Now I just need to clean my PC to see if I can use those settings again I realised it was overclocking related because some graphical glitches showed up earlier. very strange...i was about to post the same thing... Â I was having low fps and stuttering during the game and my card was oc'ed as well. I have 8800 GTS 512Mb but a singlecore P4-3.2, 3Gb-667 RAM on XPx64. I brought the shader and mem speeds to the stock values and had improvement on the stuttering. It seems 1.11 patch brings out the bottlenecks in the HWare. The OC seems to work OK with 1.08 but creating some problems in 1.11. It's like the game/systems is having a stack overflow or cannot process the info fast enough thus stalling/stuttering. Another reason might be the load on network traffic on MP with VON on etc... Do you have a single core as well?
  8. cross

    Server config file

    You dont need custom file size in your profile. Are you referring to the "basic.cfg" in your server startup line using "-cfg=" ?
  9. cross

    BattlEye problems

    I received "Client not responding" error couple of times just after i started playing (ie after lobby and receiving). It kicked me off the game. I reconnected and it was OK.
  10. for sluggishness and lagging can you try "-vm108" in the startup line, maybe it helps. I'll try myself as well.
  11. cross

    Server config file

    MaxCustomFileSize = should be in the arma.cfg (or basic.cfg) not server.cfg It is where your network settings are such as maxmsgsize etc...
  12. cross

    ArmA Effects

    Great job once again Matt... I had this error in the rpt file..plz note i was running 1.11 with QG. cheers... -------------- Error in expression <", ""]; }; while {true} do { if (rain > 0.07) then { {call _droprain} forEach > Error position: <> 0.07) then { {call _droprain} forEach > Error >: Type Bool, expected Number File MatH_Rain\rain.sqf, line 19
  13. cross

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    copy your cfg lines to the post so we'll have a look.. If the dedi server is there..you probably misspelled sth..
  14. cross

    Kurdistan !

    oh Opteryx..you've opened a whole new door for me with this link... the doors of heaven   .. *jokes* True...enuff of pointless discussion which would not get anyone anywhere.. Yes..add couple of sattelite images of some cities in Northern Iraq as well..forests and may be some terrorist camps up in the mountains. *switches to the next tab to take a look at the link..*
  15. cross

    Kurdistan !

    This sadly proves that you have some political motive behind it in contrary to what you and your supporters have previously said.
  16. cross

    Kurdistan !

    there was no Armenian Genocide as well...you cannot call it genocide where a rebelling minority is asked to leave Turkish soil in wartime and 80% of which has left in 1 piece back in 1910s. anyways..I dont think we need more fuel to the fire norailgunner.. The map is really nice VladAlex but I agree that you acted immaturely by posting Gokhan's friendly & sincere PM requesting a name-change to the forums. As far as I can see from your PM, you've been hostile as well... It's a matter of morality, integrity and honesty... Personally i think in long-living communities such as OFP, ARMA and possibly ARMA2, members should be more respondent and behave more understandingly to the sensitivities of other members..And if not..to hell with it..it does not change anything apart from creating annoyance. But, what good is it to make addons at the expense of other members enjoyment ??
  17. cross

    SQF revive script

    Yes norrin i'd appreciate that. I've already adapted the old one but i can prepare another one with the PvP script and test both. I'll drop you an email... Thanks, MERT
  18. cross

    SQF revive script

    norrin hi, I've adapted the revive script to a PvP map. It seems to work OK but teh problem is with the custom units. There are some custom named units and I need to write more than one name to "can be revived". Is it possible to enter multiple soldier names there or array ? Or is it possible to create a hierarchy and link all the custom soldiers to a single name like it is in the regular arma and soldier names..like SoldierWB/soldierEB?
  19. cross

    XAM 1.4 Light

    no signature for the light version?
  20. cross

    Tactical groups, clans, squads etc

    There are 2 highly tactical tournaments if you are interested. Both one battle per weekend and other activities like prep & drills during the week. Different approaches re flag and capping rules. International Conflict - Arma. Around 85-100 players on Sat 1800 GMT. Limited Mods & scripts. http://www.ic-arma.com Arma Theatre of War. Around 60-65 players on Sunday 1700 GMT. Modded & scripted heavily. http://www.arma-tow.com Hope it helps..
  21. I noticed that my FPS increased substantially after i installed the gamecam V2. My settings are all @ very high and I used to play Evo around 20-25 frames with texture at medium and at 1300 mtrs. I now have 35-50 with gamecam V2 running.. It returns to normal values after i exit Gamecam V2. Did anyone have the same effect ?? Truly strange
  22. cross

    GameCam V2 increasing FPS ??

    yea could be ... but strangely enuf the V-sync is set to always off by Rivatuner. Mystery continues.....
  23. Thank god you are having 400+ quakes around 1.5-2.5 magnitude. Its a good thing...its releasing its enery m8. Believe me, you dont want to have a big 6.5 one instead of many small ones. Anyway...eager to get our hands on your stuff   ...i mean mod   Â
  24. cross

    SQF revive script

    I agree... it definitely deserves a sticky
  25. cross

    Interview with Ondrej Spanel ( Suma )

    I'd probably throw you out of the front door mr.g-c, if I were YOUR boss, after such a foul post and you looking down at people. It is not up to you to judge how much people know about business and management. Re your comments...you are simply overruling the concept of confidentiality...You may think you are the king of "project management" but this tells me you have no idea in managing a project with high level of control and confidentiality.