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    I'd contact Voyager himself for combining this with your tool. would be really great to see both together... http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....4386197
  2. cross

    Solution for low FPS in 1.14

    I can confirm Suma in limiting settings according to benchmark value. When I lower the settings my "texture level" is set & limited to normal for example (used to be very high) with the same viewdistance. This is probably the reason to your increasing FPS. MadDogX, can you confirm your video settings (texture level) do not change when you do you were performing your test. Also, if the developer says i does not effect the game other than limiting your video level options we better believe him
  3. cross


    Yome tools is the addon synchroniser..see it here http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=69708
  4. cross

    Patch 1.14 Troubleshooting

    Vilas, this is 99% related to your drivers..try updating to latest graphics driver and then update/reinstall the latest DirectX-March2008.
  5. cross

    DediCated Servers Crash

    Maps do not contain addons but we allow certain addons/mods, list which can be found in our website. Signature check on. Battleye on.
  6. cross

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    agree...strange but some of the imcompatible ones can even crash the server..happened to us several times...there connects one guy with all sorts of addons and down goes the server :lol:
  7. damned you release it, damned you dont...hard to please people...even harder to please some...
  8. cross

    New Island from USEC

    "The Ice Hotel" is definitely a must..has to be there... Great map btw..gj.
  9. cross

    Final 1.12 in mid May? Read it here.

    Just look at the server list...BIS Server One runing version 1.14
  10. cross

    Server Lag, low input/output

    Below is a simple "Server.cfg". You can tweak your server performance by changing network traffic values in "Basic.cfg". and yea I know..even the server.cfg example in the wiki have some codes in it that should only be in the server.armaprofile or basic.cfg. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> // // server.cfg // // comments are written with "//" in front of them. hostname=" Server_2"; password    = "pwd";   // password required to connect to server passwordAdmin = "admin"; // password to protect admin access maxPlayers = 32; motd[]=               // Welcome message.It can be several lines, separated by comma signs {   "Welcome to my server.",   // It can be several lines, separated by   "I kill you !!!!!.........." }; motdInterval=5;      // If the MOTD has multiple lines, display them with this interval in seconds disableVoN=0; vonCodecQuality=7; battleye=0 reportingIP="";      // This is a private server - no reporting (Use "armedass.master.gamespy.com" kickDuplicate=1;      // Do not allow duplicate player id's voteMissionPlayers=1;  // Tells the server how many people must connect so that it displays the mission selection screen. voteThreshold=0.33; // 33% or more players need to vote for something, for example an admin or a new map, to become effective equalModRequired=0; verifySignatures=1; onUnsignedData="kick (_this select 0)"; onHackedData="kick (_this select 0)"; onDifferentData="kick (_this select 0)"; //auto kick modified files RegularCheck="{}"; logFile = "server2.log";
  11. cross

    Server Lag, low input/output

    Make sure there are no extra scripting in the missions that may create lag etc.. Also setting terrain details and view distances in missions can cause such variations. For the server config... I'd recommend to turn off any file check if you have the signature check on. File check can cause serious lag/freeze depending on CPU perf and no of players etc.. Signature check by definition checks addons against creators key. This should be enough control over cheating. You can also try turning BE on if you need extra protection or you want to allow every addons on your server. Also RegularCheck="{}"; in config can ease the stress on the server/connection issues a bit more.
  12. cross

    BattlEye problems

  13. cross

    BattlEye problems

    I must say I'm pretty impressed with your attitude $able. You fit in the BI culture and community well and have the drive. Developers listening to players (to some degree ofc) and players providing feedback (and whining is a feedback as well  :P) for the good of the software and gameplay. I'm sure you'll be able to bring it to a widely usable state. Personally I think couple of disconnects/reconnects to a public play or public server is not a bad trade-off for cheatless environment. Good luck!
  14. cross

    How can I make my player shut up?

    1)Use the Six_Misc.pbo as addon from Six_pack1. 2)Copy Six_Misc.hpp to your dta folder in Arma. 3)Then adjust the Six_Misc.hpp file in dta to disable radio broacast.
  15. cross

    BattlEye problems

    Yea I think Fraps, TSO and Gamecam are really important tools for serious leagues and tourneys. For sharing advertising etc... I'm sure disallowing them will effect BE applicability on such servers. But then again BE is almost only important for non-tactical, non-pasworded public play servers which prefer clean playing to "frapability"
  16. ..............O...H.........M...Y........G...O...D You guys just killed me... Well, keep the screens and vids coming and MABY, we all can satisfy our needs... I dont want to visualize what you are possibly doing with those pictures  Â
  17. cross

    Nvidia 9800GX2

    try upgrading your Gfx drivers & directx to latest versions if you didnt already.
  18. cross

    Scripted Objective System

    I think you should make a good use of this script as well...this should compliment urban patrol nicely.. takebuilding script by Raven.... http://www.armaholic.com/index.php?m=single&id=3096 GJ..gonna give it a try...dling the updated one.
  19. cross

    How many use the Postprocessing effects?

    Its about losing the details in the distance. You cannot see things in distance in full details as if they are next to you. PP also tries to create that effect. PP is dynamic..ie a leaf in front of your eyes effect may effect the whole picture. It may seem strange to most FPS players as they almost never come in contact with leaves. Yes the center view should be clearer as you focus that area with pistol but with ironsights it is only the view from sight itself. Regular view should ve blurred after a certain distance tho. How can you see 100mtrs in full detail while focusing the area and while just looking toward the direction. Actually its not about blurriness. looking far -> closer objects blurry - focus clear - distant less detailed looking close -> close objects clear - focus clear - distant object less detail. so actually blurring occurs within distance between your eye & your focus point. Hard to mimic in 2D environment...your focus points in a single screen (FOV) is limitless in RL but you need to pick 1 point in the game and change everything accordingly. For me its a bit too much milky look....less effect would be etter imo.
  20. cross

    How many use the Postprocessing effects?

    actually you dont need postprocess much if you have the AA at high. Both used to eliminated jagged look imo. I have AAx16 and PP off. I sometimes turn it on to have the out of focus effect on the ironsight. what i'd like to see is high -> everything is very slightly blurred, ironsight blurred, ironsightview clear only veryhigh -> everything is blurred, ironsight blurred, ironsightview clear only. so that we can decide
  21. Rebus hi.. kudos to you and team for beautiful weapon models. Can you provide your signature for the weapons pbo. I mean the .bisign for addons folder and the .bikey for server keys folder. cheers
  22. cross

    [Fix] Having stuttering issues?

    whats your card? I rememer that there was a workaround for the fan unlock thru advanced settings. edit..lol just saw your specs as sig.
  23. cross

    [Fix] Having stuttering issues?

    Stuttering may also be related to prerendering & triple buffering...The following helped my case. I suggest you also do; -enable vsync -enable tripple buffering -set prerender frames to 3 Setting prerender frames to 1 may cause stuttering as well. so keep it at 3. You may even increase it to 4 but you may have a very slight slowmo effect, your mouse motion stopping a fraction of a second after.
  24. cross

    BattlEye problems

    People should open their profile file in notepad and manually change the BE-filter to 0 to be able to see all servers by default. class Filter { serverName=""; missionType=""; missionName=""; battleyeRequired=0; It is either under C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\ArmA or C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\ArmA Other Profiles\whateverprofilename
  25. cross

    Hifi Sound FX V1.00 Released

    very nice mod..well done.. +ambient sounds +screamings +vehicle sounds +m136 sound is unbelievable. Maybe a bit too much but just great. Sounds in general are really good. Some need more attention..for example; M16 sounds MG sounds Shilka gun/bullet sounds dhskm sounds they sound a bit artificial. M16 sounds like you are hitting 2 iron sticks each other. But I'm really happy with the mod in general. Perfect some items and it has a "keeper" potential. Good Job.