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  1. cross

    Kind of disappointed with a 4870x2

    -Set Texture to Normal -Set Antialiasing to High -Set AntiIsotorpic Filter to High -Lower resolution to 1600 range.. try again
  2. cross

    Final death animation question - missing?

    If you create a mission using the Arma Mission creator and dont have respawn on, you get that cinematic when you die. You dont need to be the last one btw..
  3. What i understand from Suma's explanation, probem lies in the game itself rather than server bandwith settings. The "Arma Bandwith controller" need to be tweaked so that it reads the FPS correct from another source than the rendering subsystem and realizes that there is enough bandwith it can utilize for syncronizing purposes without limiting outgoing data/packages to the existing players or existing players bandwith. Limiting/allowing bandwith should not have any effect as the data, that game reads to base its calculations, is wrong regardless of the current bandwith. Game itself is diverting traffic from existing players to the joining player. @Suma...if you are able to provide an updated release of "ArmaServer.exe" without any client update requirements, I'm sure IC-Arma tournament will be happy to help you stress test it with 80+ players before any beta release.
  4. cross

    Require = Mod; or No Mods at all

    ignore it...mistake You dont need to add all the mods that you want to allow in the server startup line. You put there only server-side addons you wish to run like Durgz vegetation fix etc..
  5. cross

    SQF revive script

    Norrin, Thanks for the scripts... GJ. I noticed one thing..The WASD keys do not seem to work in the spectating script. Also why do we need to clear the "blinking period=20" from every buttot config ? Clearing it from the "rev_cam_dialog" isn't enough? Personally I'd prefer semi transparent non-blinking dialog in spect script. I'll post if I come across other issues. Cheers.
  6. cross


    Daniel, take a look at Norrin's revive script and the options in it. There are many (possibly enough) options there to make you happy. You'll find options like reviver restriction (only medics) and wounded time (you die after a certain seconds), revivee walk restriction (cant walk so need to be transported to a field hospital) etc..in the pack. Set it up according to the mission. And yes...if you are not paying pvp, and have the time, doing a proper medivac or a casevac might give more immersion.
  7. cross

    Uhao island

    Good decision to avoid QG buildings on the island.. It may be a good candidate for IC-Arma's futures campaigns if you have good FPS, good optimization and bit of a mirrored look like 2 bases/2 airfields in each half etc.. Ah btw..I'll report you to Eur Court of Human Rights for "Performing Torture thru Picture Sharing" ....
  8. matt we can arrange a testing session GOL & KH together, if you have; -someone with a decent machine and upload speed. -necessary tools to measure network traffic per person. unfortunately i'm missing both but I'll gladly arrange ourside for testing. Maybe followed by an coop event? on a better map than last week's :P.
  9. If they are certain about the fix, i guess they will. In the meantime, if you own a server and have a decent upload speed, helping out BIS with the testing thru non-dedicated hosting method to confirm bug&fix would be greatly appreciated.
  10. The test is for finding out ; Potential low/wrong reported FPS to the game engine when the Arma is not in the Focus (not the active screen). So you need to; 1- Run Arma Game with arma.exe 2- Host a game thru in-game multiplayer/create game/options 3- Have the Arma on the active(focus) screen always (NOT Alt-Tabbed to background) 4- have 10-15 players join in one by one etc.. 4- Measure JIP lag/desync repeating Mr.g-c's steps 5- Then send Arma to background by alttabbing and switching to windows and do the measurements again by having people disconnected and re-join the server These 2 measurements should be different as, due to the potential bug, Arma reports wrong FPS thus uses resources inefficiently  when it is not in the active(focus) screen. You should expect more lag/desync when Arma is NOT in the focus. Talk to Mr.g-c on what tools he uses, how he measures etc... Hope this helps
  11. nice heads up, and a nice addition.. female soldier in knickers with AK-74 would be a nice addition...I'm sure she wont have trouble shooting stunned soldiers  nice to see the other sex on the battlefield. Shot by a girl in teh head...what a shame
  12. nice heads up, and a nice addition.. female soldier in knickers with AK-74 would be a nice addition...I'm sure she wont have trouble shooting stunned soldiers  nice to see the other sex on the battlefield. Shot by a girl in teh head...what a shame
  13. cross

    JIP vs Server out put

    Nick, FYI. I think this thread is totally related to your thread. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....1;st=15 JIP lag/desync issue and bandwith usage & balancing. Maybe you can test, what Suma suggests, with Christian.
  14. I was just wondering..wouldn't actually running the game on the server put additional stress on CPU and the server itself and dilute the server performance (JIP Lag) test measurements. Or is this effect minimal / non-existent? Performance wise (CPU & Memory, not JIP) is dedi-server hosting = in-game hosting ? Also, i think we should copy the dedi-server network traffic  settings in server's basic.cfg to the arma.cfg in default directory Mydocs/arma in order to eliminate possible "network traffic setting change" effect. Y'know the ceteris paribus thing..
  15. In order to disable the addon usage on the server, admins should turn sig check on and put keys of allowed mod makers, if not signed, sign it themselves and put it on an ftp so that people can go to the site and download the signatures etc ec etc... Many servers are not administered so closely, following the forum and allowing each and every upcoming addon or modification. They usually allow all addons instead. What will happen is most of them will disallow/ban all the addons and will not allow mods on their servers which in return will hit the addon community. I think it would be great if you could be kind enough to make it such that, in MP only mission makers add to their missions instead of everyone having this as addon. This will give teh power to mission maker. If they want everyone to have any weapon, anytime, anywhere, they would include it in their scripts.
  16. cross

    Uhao island

    A good combination of high mountains and flat ground on the volcanic island. Great details and nice texture quality. Top notch stuff. A serious candidate for the "The Best Island" Awards. Can't wait to try out the beta version... Good stuff..
  17. cross

    GeForce 9800 GX2

    You should be able to update the directX9...maybe theres a special update page or file. They operate as 2 separate versions afaik.
  18. cross

    GeForce 9800 GX2

    well...there is no reason for your PC to work like this... Update all your drivers including.. GPU - switch to 175.63 DirectX 9.0c March2008 release (there is a separate release as it was not included in Vista SP1) If still no good...talk to your dealer.
  19. acc to read me he has taken out the rpg optics and released this addon. Better for me as I i wasn't able to use optics addon with rpg zoom.
  20. cross

    my 1.14 problem

    try to connect to teh server sveral times. I sometimes get this and try couple more times and it works. I guess its probably due to slow responding servers.
  21. Admins can configure an Arma server to disallow all addons except those they explicitly specify. Â This functionality requires the addons to be signed. Â More detail here Many servers running Warfare crash due to client-side addons people use, so some admins are disabling addons by default. We signed @aacfsounds so these admins can allow it to be used. Since you've recently signed it, did you check the configs etc and confirm that the mod is fully compatible with 1.14 and XEH and does not create any errors in the server/client?
  22. cross

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    I know it depends on the system but I'm having more stable performance after I've set the pagefile to auto and turned vsync on with tirple buffering on and prerender 3. my specs; P4 Core2Duo 3.2Ghz OC'ed to 3.5Ghz 8800 GTS 512k OCed to 730Mhz Core and 2060Mhz Memory xp pro x64 3Gb Kingston DDR2-667 in asymmetric dual channel. Viewdistance 1200-1500 all set to veryhigh except texture&shadow=high fps moves between 18-35.
  23. cross

    Uniting the Multiplayer community

    OFPEC currently have a key database. They are keeping the repository nice and tidy afaik.
  24. cross

    DediCated Servers Crash

    There may be some changes in 1.14 that result in incompatibilities with existing addons/mods or scripts in missions. I guess each addon maker should check compatibility of their addons/mods and confirm that working or issue an update. Until then i guess we should not allow addons/mods at all.