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  1. cross

    Direct Chat SHOUTING!!

    I believe it is a matter of design issue for performance rather than inability. You don't want to send 0.000001db of Direct chat that takes place at the other end of the runway (or island) over the network which will be hardly audible for you. ;)
  2. the worst dilemma is for the upgraders.... :( If you need to upgrade your system and stay up to date, it is wiser to upgrade to new socket system Corei7 motherboard. But an i7 compatible CPU (i7 940) with the same specs as Q9650 is 2 times more expensive. So if you are tight on budget, you may want to go for a low-speed-new-technology solution at the start with the hope of upgrading in a year to a faster CPU which will probably run ArmA2 better. If you are really really tight on budget, and have a very old system, you may upgrade to an old system with 775 socket motherboard and Q9650 quad-core cpu which will easily handle everything for at least another 2 years with some overclocking. I think this setup should run ArmA quite good if coupled with a decent Gfx card and a small fast SSD as stated by Ohara
  3. Not sure if this is the case for every setting....well "shadow settings" confirmed by Suma though.
  4. Arma works really strange....you may get better performance when shader & texture settings are @ high / very high than set to low/normal. Seems like sometimes it is harder for the system to downgrade the quality probly due to maps in the models.
  5. cross

    CO 60 - Operation Mongoose

    Somehow it crashes the server when we restart it by going back to missions list. Server crashes at the start when you get dropped from the plane. If it does not crash it plays fine.. Tt is unclear what the cause is atm..it may be due to misson, ace or the island ... We'll post more as soon as we find out more info. cheers..
  6. cross

    Server Peformance Increased with Block

    lol this works :confused: Thanks.. Cross
  7. cross

    Server Peformance Increased with Block

    Strangely, eventho I have reportingIP="" in my test config, the dedi arma_server I create is listed in the MP list. It has either something to do with it being on my PC and having many ports open or something else. Maybe this works different on servers as most of the ports are blocked there by winserver & firewall. I think he is talking about activey blocking gamespy & related ports by firewall settings in order to make it really "private"
  8. Well you gotta be thankful that he did not swear you back after being treated as a complete-PC-illeterate-5yr-member ... :D Sorry for the OT..couldn't help myself
  9. Here is the mirror for latest Avgani & Afghan Village from Kelly's Heroes. http://www.kellys-heroes.eu/files/addons/opx.7z cya [KH]Cross
  10. Nice Job Opx...waiting for the last version to give you a mirror ;)
  11. Listen to [KH] Radio with WinAmp-> http://kellys-heroes.eu:8000/listen.pls or Play it on our on-site player @ http://www.kellys-heroes.eu We hope you like it :) !
  12. cross

    Signature check timed out

    It is related to signature check. If it is your server, adding regularcheck="{}"; to your server config will probably help. If you are having this problem with other servers, there is nothing you can do other than taking off some addons/mods. Maybe you are running too many mods etc and taking too long and timing out. At "waiting for host" again there is nothing you can do..it's about that servers responsiveness and performance. connecting/disconnecting time after time only worsens it.. cheers
  13. Having celebrated our 2nd birthday as Kelly's Heroes, we have upgraded our dedicated server to a L5420 2.5Ghz Quad-core Intel Xeon processor & 4MB Ram with further expansion capabilities, which host our Arma server and forums and hopefully ArmA2. We are proud to provide this unique community a good public server featuring major add-ons and modifications with well mannered admins. Visit us at http://www.kellys-heroes.eu Play on our server at * Join our teamspeak at: *kellys-heroes.eu:8767 Password: bigjoe or connect using : http://www.tsviewer.com/ts_viewer_connect.php?ID=22337
  14. Pls report any bugs/suggestions here... http://dev-heaven.net/projects/ace-mod/issues/new You can view the list of existing issues/bugs and their status in the issues tab. You can filter to your liking http://dev-heaven.net/projects/ace-mod/issues Ace Mod main page; http://dev-heaven.net/projects/show/ace-mod
  15. cross

    Proposed Global Ban List

    I'm not sure whether it's a good idea to publicly disclose lots of legit user IDs and maybe usernames. Eventho you work with "registered" admins, there is no guarantee that they will not hand all the IDs over to someone else. I don't know how exactly they can be used but I just wanted to voice a question/issue I had in mind. cheers
  16. ************ACE 1.05 & 1.06 Update Mirror on Kellys-Heroes************* You can download the latest 1.05 and 1.06 Updates from Kellys Heroes http://www.kellys-heroes.eu Yoma is not yet updated. Direct link to files below: ACE 1.05 UPDATE ACE 1.06 UPDATE/HOTFIX happy gaming !
  17. cross

    Proposed Global Ban List

  18. cross

    "Wait for host" problem

    It takes more time for teh server to respond when restarted.. It needs to load the map for the first time etc... Once you load a mission, this problem should go away and it should respond more quickly..ie for the ones trying to connect to an existing mission.
  19. That is true, but not fun. I don't like playing like a Rambo. I encourage team play. But still I don't like this as much. Since the AI knows your not dead, they will just circle your position and kill ether your medic or you when you come to yourself again. Well, now I have mentioned it. Just my feedback on such a great Addon. BTW: The more exessive you fire your gun, the higher probability for a JAM I think. I was pinned down, but I had much ammo. Then I started "suppressing" Â and then after 4-5 clips I suddenly got my first jam, then 2 clips after that I got another jam. Never had it before, but it was a real cool feature. Use norrin's latest ACE revive script. Script takes out the ACE unconscious and uses only the known revive wounded screen with camera etc..
  20. cross

    1.15 Beta Server Crash

    Does anyone have some info on what this error is related to ?? BattlEye? (BE Turned on the server) Server kicked me after (or just before) giving this error. 2009/03/04, 15:09:28 NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel #1519006315, users.card=7 2009/03/04, 15:09:28 NetServer: users.get failed when sending to 1519006315 2009/03/04, 15:09:28 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 1519006315 ([KH]Cross) TY
  21. Our server Kellys Heroes Quad Core has been crashing multiple times running Domination. Below are the info about the crash in case it is related to a faulty code in Arma_server.exe Rgds Cross Kellys Heroes http://cross.kellys-heroes.eu/ArmA.cfg http://cross.kellys-heroes.eu/arma_server.bidmp http://cross.kellys-heroes.eu/arma_server.mdmp ======================================================= Date: 03/02/09 Â Time: 20:31:33 ------------------------------------------------------- Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00577209 graphics: Â No resolution: Â 160x120x32 Addons: Â Datsun_armed_DBE1 in CA\DBE1\datsun_armed\ Â ace_config_core_ai_hearing in ace_config_core_ai_hearing\ Â ace_config_useractions in ace_config_useractions\ Â ace_fx_cartridges in ace_fx_cartridges\, ACE_Island_Sara in ace_island_sara\ Â ace_model_infantry_weapons_common in ace_model_infantry_weapons_common\ Â ace_model_vehicles_planes in ace_model_vehicles_planes\ Â ace_sys_attachments in ace_sys_attachments\, ace_sys_heliwind in ace_sys_heliwind\ Â ace_sys_muzzleblast in ace_sys_muzzleblast\ Â ace_sys_sight_adjustment_gl in ace_sys_sight_adjustment_gl\ Â joh_armysf in joh_armysf\, CTI_buildingsBmp2_hq in ca\cti_buildings\bmp2_hq\ Â CTI_buildingsM113_hq in ca\cti_buildings\m113_hq\, DBE1 in CA\DBE1\ Â CA_Hotfix in ca\hotfix\, SaraLite in ca\saralite\, ace_anims_jump in ace_anims_jump\ Â ace_markers in ace_markers\, ace_sys_displayEH in ace_sys_displayEH\ Â ace_sys_engine in ace_sys_engine\, ace_sys_overheating in ace_sys_overheating\ Â MatH_ArmAEffects in math_armaeffects\, RAS_Parachute in RAS_Parachute\ Â Zakladna_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\zakladna\, Desert in ca\desert\ Â CAIntroAnims in ca\introanims\, ace_anims_weaponsway in ace_anims_weaponsway\ Â ace_code_common in ace_code_common\, ACE_Config_Core_AI in ace_config_core_ai\ Â ace_config_core_ai_engagement in ace_config_core_ai_engagement\ Â ACE_Config_Core_FX in ace_config_core_fx\ Â ace_fx_environment in ace_fx_environment\ Â ace_island_desert_island in ace_island_desert_island\ Â ACE_Island_saralite in ace_island_saralite\ Â ace_model_infantry_weapons_g36 in ace_model_infantry_weapons_g36\ Â ace_model_infantry_weapons_shotguns in ace_model_infantry_weapons_shotguns\ Â ace_model_men_iraq_army in ace_model_men_iraq_army\ Â ace_model_men_iraq_civ in ace_model_men_iraq_civ\ Â ace_model_vehicles_static in ace_model_vehicles_static\ Â ace_sys_backblast in ace_sys_backblast\, ace_sys_bearing in ace_sys_bearing\ Â ace_sys_destruction in ace_sys_destruction\ Â Ace_Sys_FixedWing_Reverse in ace_sys_fixedwing_reverse\ Â NWD_ScopeFix in nwd_scopefix\, OFPEC_LightBulbs in ofpec_lightbulbs\ Â SPON_Rangefinder in spon_rangefinder\, OPXplants in opxplants\ Â WarfareBuildings_TOW_Tripod in ca\cti_buildings\tow_stat\, CASounds in ca\sounds\ Â ace_faces in ace_faces\, ACE_Island_Desert in ace_island_desert\ Â ACE_Sys_Smoke in ace_sys_smoke\, ace_sys_vehicles in ace_sys_vehicles\ Â ace_ui_background in ace_ui_background\ Â Extended_Fired_EventHandlers in Extended_Eventhandlers\, OFPEC_ILS in ofpec_ils\ Â PROPER_Gameplay_Object_SupplyRadius_Expanded in proper_gameplay_object_supplyradius_expanded\ Â avgani in avgani\, Roads_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\roads\ Â Pila_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\pila\ Â WarfareBuildings_T72_RACS in ca\cti_buildings\t72_racs\, DBE1_UI in CA\DBE1\ui\ Â Desert2_Buildings in ca\Desert2\build\ Â CA_Missions_Armory1 in ca\missions\armory1.intro\ Â CAweapons3_m107 in CA\weapons3\m107\ Â CAweapons3_m16a4_acg in CA\weapons3\m16a4_acg\, CAWheeled in ca\wheeled\ Â ACE_Config_Vehicle in ace_config_vehicle\, ACE_FX_Plane in ace_fx_plane\ Â ACE_Targets in ace_model_targets\, ace_sys_radio in ace_settings\sys_radio\ Â ace_sys_airFCS in ace_sys_airFCS\, ace_sys_missiles in ace_sys_missiles\ Â ace_sys_roundcount in ace_sys_roundcount\ Â ace_sys_sight_adjustment in ace_sys_sight_adjustment\ Â ace_sys_tracking in ace_sys_tracking\, Desert2_Objects in ca\Desert2\objects\ Â CA_Missions in ca\missions\, CARoads in ca\roads\ Â CAWheeled3_TT650 in CA\wheeled3\tt650\ Â ace_config_core_ai_radar in ace_config_core_ai_radar\ Â ACE_Config_Men in ace_config_men\, ace_minimal_ui in ace_settings\minimal_ui\ Â ace_sys_map in ace_sys_map\, ace_sys_network in ace_sys_network\ Â ace_sys_sight_adjustment_at in ace_sys_sight_adjustment_at\ Â ACE_Sys_Stamina in ace_sys_stamina\, ace_sys_tailrotor in ace_sys_tailrotor\ Â ace_sys_tracers in ace_sys_tracers\, ace_sys_weaponrest in ace_sys_weaponrest\ Â UH60Desert in DBE1\Models_DBE1\uh60desert\, CAAir in ca\air\, CA_Anims in ca\anims\ Â MK19_Tripod in ca\cti_buildings\mk19_stat\, CAUSMCD in ca\usmcd\ Â ace_config_core_view in ace_config_core_view\ Â ace_model_crewserved in ace_model_crewserved\ Â ace_model_infantry_weapons_javelin in ace_model_infantry_weapons_javelin\ Â ace_model_vehicles_cars in ace_model_vehicles_cars\ Â ace_sys_addons in ace_sys_addons\, ace_sys_dogtag in ace_sys_dogtag\ Â ace_sys_penetration in ace_sys_penetration\ Â ace_sys_rocket_ballistics in ace_sys_rocket_ballistics\ Â ACE_Sys_Suppression in ace_sys_suppression\ Â six_weap_files_m14 in six_weap_files_m14\ Â Mercenary_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\mercenary\, Models_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\ Â Anims_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\anims\ Â Prisoners_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\prisoners\, NPCs_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\npcs\ Â CAAnimals in CA\animals\, CA_desert2_Characters in ca\Desert2\characters\ Â CAUI in ca\ui\, CAWeapons in ca\weapons\, CAweapons3_m16a4 in CA\weapons3\m16a4\ Â CAWeapons3_ammocrates in CA\weapons3\ammocrates\ Â ace_models_infantry_weapons in ace_models_infantry_weapons\ Â ace_model_vehicles_helicopters in ace_model_vehicles_helicopters\ Â ACE_Sys_CrewServed in ace_sys_crewserved\, ace_sys_shotgun in ace_sys_shotgun\ Â SPON_Core in spon_core\, Kamenolom_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\kamenolom\ Â Sara_dbe1 in DBE1\Sara_DBE1\, CAAir3_Su34 in CA\air3\su34\ Â CACharacters in ca\characters\, CA_CutSceneAnims in ca\cutSceneAnims\ Â DC3_DBE1 in CA\DBE1\dc3\, DBE1_Hotfix in ca\hotfix\dbe1\, CASigns in CA\signs\ Â CAFonts in ca\UIFonts\, CAweapons3_m16a4_gl in CA\weapons3\m16a4_gl\ Â CAWeapons3 in CA\weapons3\, CAWheeled3_M1030 in CA\wheeled3\m1030\ Â ace_config_core_ai_spotting in ace_config_core_ai_spotting\ Â ACE_Config_Core_Damage in ace_config_core_damage\ Â ace_model_men_iraq_ins in ace_model_men_iraq_ins\ Â ace_model_men_us_army_woodland in ace_model_men_us_army_woodland\ Â ACE_Config_Core_Sound in ace_settings\config_core_sound\ Â ace_sys_thirdperson in ace_settings\sys_thirdperson\ Â ace_config_men_hide in ace_settings\config_men_hide\ Â ace_settings in ace_settings\ Â ace_sound_voices_russian in ace_sound_voices_russian\ Â ace_sys_crewprotection in ace_sys_crewprotection\ Â ace_sys_huntir in ace_sys_huntir\, ace_sys_nvg in ace_sys_nvg\ Â ace_sys_sight_adjustment_rifle in ace_sys_sight_adjustment_rifle\ Â ACE_Sys_Wound in ace_sys_wound\, six_weap_files_m16 in six_weap_files_M16\ Â SLX_Isl in SLX_Isl\, afghan_village in afghan_village\ Â opxbuildings in opxbuildings\, opxroads in opxroads\, CAAir3 in CA\air3\ Â DSHkM_Mini in ca\cti_buildings\dshkm_stat\, CAMisc in ca\misc\ Â CAPlants in CA\plants\, CAVoice in ca\voice\, ace_model_ruck in ace_model_ruck\ Â ACE_Sys_Eject in ace_sys_eject\ Â ace_sys_missileguidance in ace_sys_missileguidance\, ACE_Sys_Ruck in ace_sys_ruck\ Â ACE_Sys_Targeting in ace_sys_targeting\, Vysilac_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\vysilac\ Â CAData in ca\ Â WarfareBuildings_Stinger_Twice_static in ca\cti_buildings\stinger_stat\ Â CALanguage in ca\language\, CAWater in CA\water\ Â CAweapons3_aks74pso in CA\weapons3\aks74pso\ Â ace_sys_explosives in ace_sys_explosives\, ace_sys_grenades in ace_sys_grenades\ Â ace_sys_grenadethrow in ace_sys_grenadethrow\, CA_QGClutterHotfix in ca\hotfix\qg\ Â CA_Anims_Char in ca\anims\characters\, WarfareBuildings in ca\cti_buildings\ Â M2HD_Mini in ca\cti_buildings\m2_stat2\, CATracked in ca\tracked\ Â Warfare in warfare\, CAweapons3_ksvk in CA\weapons3\ksvk\ Â ace_anims_movement in ace_anims_movement\ Â ace_model_infantry_weapons_east in ace_model_infantry_weapons_east\ Â ace_model_men_iraq_rg in ace_model_men_iraq_rg\ Â ace_model_vehicles_tanks in ace_model_vehicles_tanks\ Â Ace_Sys_Autorotation in ace_sys_autorotation\ Â Extended_EventHandlers in Extended_Eventhandlers\ Â Extended_Init_EventHandlers in Extended_Eventhandlers\ Â six_config_headmovement in six_config_headmovement\, Roads2 in avgani\roads2\ Â HMMWV_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\hmmwv_h1\, CAA10 in ca\a10\, Porto in ca\Desert2\ Â ace_config_core_movement in ace_config_core_movement\ Â ace_fx_explosions in ace_fx_explosions\ Â ace_model_vehicles_atv in ace_model_vehicles_atv\ Â ace_model_vehicles_wheeled_armor in ace_model_vehicles_wheeled_armor\ Â ace_sys_infrared in ace_sys_infrared\, ace_sys_irstrobe in ace_sys_irstrobe\ Â CMCD_101 in CMCD_101\, joh_usmc in joh_marines\, OPXmisc in opxmisc\ Â Music_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\music\, 6G30_DBE1 in CA\DBE1\6g30\, Sara in ca\sara\ Â CAWheeled3 in CA\wheeled3\ Â ace_model_infantry_weapons_mp5 in ace_model_infantry_weapons_mp5\ Â ace_sys_camshake in ace_sys_camshake\, ace_sys_crew_dmg in ace_sys_crew_dmg\ Â ace_sys_flashbang in ace_sys_flashbang\, ace_sys_magazines in ace_sys_magazines\ Â ACE_Sys_Viewblock_Smoke in ace_sys_viewblock_smoke\, ACE_UI in ace_ui\ Â six_weap_files_hk in six_weap_files_hk\, SIX_Weap_pics in six_weap_pics\ Â ploty_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\ploty\, CABuildings in ca\buildings\ Â Hilux_armed_DBE1 in CA\DBE1\hilux_armed\ Â CA_Hotfix_vez_ropa in ca\hotfix\vez_ropa\, CARocks in Ca\Rocks\ Â CAweapons3_m16a4_acg_gl in CA\weapons3\m16a4_acg_gl\ Â ace_anims_fastswitch in ace_anims_fastswitch\, ace_anims_turn in ace_anims_turn\ Â ace_config_weapon in ace_config_weapon\, ace_fx_recoildust in ace_fx_recoildust\ Â ace_model_magazines in ace_model_magazines\ Â ace_model_vehicles in ace_model_vehicles\, ace_sys_canister in ace_sys_canister\ Â ace_version in ace_version\, six_weap_files_misc in six_weap_files_misc\ Â Misc_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\misc\, UI_DBE1 in DBE1\Models_DBE1\ui\ Mods: CA;dbe1;beta;@DurgsVegetationFix;@Avgani;@ACE; Distribution: 1287 Version 1.15.5268 Fault address: Â 00577209 01:00176209 E:\Programs\ArmA\beta\arma_server.exe file: Â Â MP750co@30_Domination_3_27_West_ACE (__cur_mp) world: Â Â Sara Prev. code bytes: F6 74 03 FF 46 04 85 F6 89 75 10 74 75 8B 7D 0C Fault code bytes: 8B 07 8B CF FF 50 2C 84 C0 74 12 8B 07 6A 00 56 Registers: EAX:1916CA10 EBX:12C47018 ECX:168E6180 EDX:18D2E6CC ESI:1916CA10 EDI:00000000 CS:EIP:001B:00577209 SS:ESP:0023:0117E810 Â EBP:0117E81C DS:0023 Â ES:0023 Â FS:003B Â GS:0000 Flags:00010202 ======================================================= note: Minidump has been generated into the file Server-KH\arma_server.mdmp
  22. cross

    Server VS Ace Mod

    Why didn't the signature check work? It should kick people with unapproved addons. With signature check enabled...you need to put bikeys to "Keys" folder of the server for every single mod you want to allow on your server i.e. you need to put keys for FDF, VOP, HiFi, Chammy's , Fromz, ArmaEffects etc...
  23. try not to go prone just as much...cleaner you keep them, less they will jam...or just pick rocks or grass ground to deploy them  Â
  24. I had the same issue... You don't need to go that far... use rahmadi... If you shoot M203s to close ranges they sometimes do not explode..I guess their impact degree is important... If teh angle is too acute they may go pffff where as when the angle is closer to 90 they go boom