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  1. Yeah that Spain v Portual game had it all,  France vs Australia- the french started quite well showing a bit of promise then seemed to lose their way! but got the job done in the end.

    Argentina vs Iceland- iceland are still surprising ppl. (would do a lil rant about Messi but...lol)

  2. 1st post on here for awhile- Looking forward to it!

    Thinking England may fare a little better having younger blood/not so oldstanding players?

    Not the usual go to old guard!


  3. Found this 1PARA:-

    To perform medical actions in-game you should bind two 'User Action' keys in your ArmA 3 controls. (Configure > Controls > Custom controls)

    User Action #1 - Self Interaction Menu

    This is for examining and administering first aid to yourself.

    User Action #2 - Others Interaction Menu

    This is for the examining and administering of first aid upon others.

    Default bindings exist as 'Insert' and 'Delete', further customization may be found within the userconfig file.