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  1. Soz your 2142 patch!!!!!

  2. Heya matey ,hows it going?

    Pop on over say hello:-


    The usual suspects are still with us,but we're more of a multi-gaming now and just get on for fun!


  3. Lol - muppet,aint worked last few weeks and OA has just sucked me right back into it!

  4. Thats who were with! :) Well worth it mate,the c-panel for controlling it and ease of use to add mods/change command line are great!

  5. Yeah having fun on OA server! :)

    Running bloody well considering tis a game server!

  6. Desktop aint the prob atm-getting broadband here at mates!

    If im working in somerset i'll get on it!,but if back up north soon,hardly worth it fo 2 days a week!

    We shall see cunto!