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  1. ck-claw

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Think that line was also on Koplic island Alwarren? Unable to test this mod as after an hr of d/loading links we're pulled.
  2. ck-claw

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Excellent!- i was holding out on making a mission tonight, hoping for this!!
  3. ck-claw

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Welcome to the forums - You just have to post a few more posts/replies :cool:
  4. Thanks for this-prob my 3rd fav island of all time after Sahrani & FDF Podagorsk :cool:
  5. ck-claw

    Sahrani for A3 by SMD

    My most complete map in the series imho, have followed your Arma2 version -be great to see it in arma3
  6. ck-claw

    FHQ Arma 3 COOP missions

    Been playing these on our Arma3 coop nights and are indeed well made missions :cool:
  7. ck-claw

    We need 64 bit support !

    Serious!!! But he pwns at BF3- surely he knoes better???? :p:p:p
  8. ck-claw

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Welcome to the forums both of you! :cool:
  9. ck-claw

    Game Freezes In Same Spot Over and Over

    If you haven't played for 2 months mate-then i expect alot of name changes/cfg/class name changes etc. Also do you have the latest Massi versions?
  10. ck-claw

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    Will be good to see you :cool:
  11. ck-claw

    The Mistery Box

    For the nay-sayers "Arma3 Goes Gold" :cool:
  12. ck-claw

    Operation Hush ( 1-12 player single/coop)

    Few more details plz? Is the co-op respawn/revive? :)
  13. ck-claw

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Lol Krems speaketh da truth!!! :cool:
  14. The one i use and does the job well! :cool:
  15. ck-claw

    Best Vietnam War FPS?

    Yeah- it was pretty good fun.
  16. ck-claw

    Battlefield 4

    The music from 1:20 reminds me of BF2142 :) Loved that game!!
  17. One thing -no 'spaces' between eg should be like this:- -mod=@CBA_A3;@jayarma3lib;@ACRE;@sthud But i'm pretty sure sthud is client side so no need to run on server.
  18. Thats good enough for me!!! Keep up the good work chaps :cool:
  19. ck-claw

    CSAT and NATO are not believable

    We know the past. Magically no but,not impossible?
  20. ck-claw

    CSAT and NATO are not believable

    Prehaps thats how things turn out in 2035? Hell-at this time of night, i believe all cider should be given free for medicinal purposes!!
  21. ck-claw

    Development Blog & Reveals

    They Do - And Will ;)