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  1. Hey brians is there a way to place an ied via marker and have it a chance that it is real or fake? Edit:- Not to worry, i'll just place normal editor items down ;)
  2. ck-claw

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Yeah i'm not sure where this AiA is coming from? If you want to try an Arma2 island into Arma3? Just run @A3MP -copy & paste any of your island mod folders(our d/load) from Arma2 to your Arma3 -run em as mods and your good to go. The only issue ive seen so far is the floating water bug in FDF Padogorsk :cool:
  3. ck-claw

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    My thought too -thats why i never bothered to look at it :confused:
  4. Not had chance to test yet but, That there is what all other systems have been lacking! :cool:
  5. ck-claw

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Fixed that for you Krem ;);)
  6. ck-claw

    Arma 3 FPS optimization thread?

    @Harry - Have a little looksy Here
  7. Your finally getting there with this SB-Well Done , keep it up! :cool:
  8. ck-claw

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Have you tried it? Most maps ive tried running along side @A3MP work :cool:
  9. Or you could try Ammo Crate Utility Edit:- Plz ignore ,just realised you wanted soldier loadouts.
  10. Not if its on PwS - then you just d/load the changed files :cool:
  11. ck-claw

    Neo's Revive Script

    That would be great- we at CiA don't do respawn, so something like the standard arma2 setup is acceptable. We've yet to find a revive script that actually has the chance of out right death from a critical shot.
  12. ck-claw

    Neo's Revive Script

    Hey this looks as close to the Arma2 standard setup - not had chance to test yet but, is there a chance of dying out right/bleeding to death like in Arma2 ?
  13. ck-claw

    What's the story behind your username and avatar?

    Many moons ago-56k dial up i picked 'the hooded claw' from a cartoon 'Penelope Pitstop' Awhile later couldn't remember it and they offered an option? ck-claw Which my 2 daughters names are Cerys & Kaiya so they're initials+ = ck-claw :) The Hooded Claw
  14. ck-claw

    Kradnostrov Map for ArmA 3

    Ooo yes please :)
  15. ck-claw

    Sangin WIP

    Looking great smoke!- love the new rock formations and tunnels etc
  16. ck-claw

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Welcome finally to the forums! And Ho Ho Ho -Merry Christmas!!!
  17. ck-claw

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    No amount of testing this in the editor does this justice!! Played a few co-ops last night with the chaps and when the shit hits the fan -wow thats when you realise the impression this mod has on the game!! Thanks LJ and all envolved!! :cool:
  18. ck-claw

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Works fine here -UK
  19. ck-claw

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    Great news!!! Man- look at the join dates of some of the replies- you don't see that very often in a gaming community! :cool:
  20. Yepp many a time we're fighting as Brits against USA cause they lost the plot ;)
  21. ck-claw

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Or PwS -As much as i dislike it atm-its there period!! Really Alduric- i sometimes wonder why ppl actually bother to mod these days the hassle you/they get :j: And the amount of same questions asked when they only had to look above for the answer let alone maybe a (god forbid) page before!!:rolleyes:
  22. ck-claw

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Pretty sure they mean saving issues in sp.
  23. ck-claw

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Armaholic homepage has links up!! :cool:
  24. ck-claw

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Yepp- was posted in Koplic thread -just rechecked that thread.