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  1. ck-claw

    CO08 Saboteur

    We [CiA] managed to complete this one the other night-only got one of the helo's though , but nice mission thanks :cool:
  2. If you create a collection in PwS using A3MP- PwS with then make availible all the Arma2 islands to add :)
  3. ck-claw

    how do i question

    Drag/copy the mission into your arma3 directory MPmissions folder. Although i thought if they were in the MPmissions cache they would show up in MP?
  4. @GavC - Alduric answered you ;)
  5. Congrats Para/Sickboy/.kju and the rest of the team- On making our life a darn sight easier!
  6. On the 1st page .kju? they do for me.
  7. ck-claw

    Most Realistic Sound mod?

    Check This thread for SOS/JSRS comparision Edit:- lol just seen you've posted in that thread :)
  8. Thanks for the continued updates -Psycho- this is the only revive our unit will use as its as close to the Arma2 standard system :cool:
  9. I'm sure this was asked before? and Dwarden? said the feature had been turned off/removed.
  10. ck-claw

    FHQ TaskTracker

    Try:- resistance
  11. ck-claw

    Defuse the Bomb

    Hey Cobra,still not had chance to test in MP yet, RL shit in the way. Could you tell me how to have a trigger fire once the bomb has been made safe? Eg-the bomb has been 'defused' and i want a trigger to complete a task? Many thanks ck
  12. ck-claw

    Defuse the Bomb

    Sry to quote my own post but,what would be the issue in MP?
  13. ck-claw

    Speed Of Sound

    Jesus - wondered where the hell they came from!! lol Switched recently from JSRS and thought??? pretty sure i did'nt add a blood mod or something lol :cool: Btw loving the stuff soo far, especially the distant firefights.
  14. ck-claw

    Defuse the Bomb

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo lol -iv'e spent over 5+ hrs creating a mission that involves locating the 4 laptops spread out over Takistan to get the code to defuse the bomb in a place with 20 hostages! What is the problem with it not being MP compatible?? Btw nice bit of work you've done :cool:
  15. A dev already answered 2 pages back about the error :cool:
  16. It can be done-you just have to find all the scripts etc to place the mod class name etc-been along time since i edited warfare-best to ask in Benny's BECTI thread,he's most helpful.
  17. ck-claw

    Arma 3 Mod Preset Launcher

    Thats a nice touch -makes it easier to see what you've put in a preset. Thanks for the new version. Any chance of an 'update' option in the help tab in the future? Had to uninstall old version,losing my presets, not the end of the world i know lol Just an idea-thanks again :cool:
  18. ck-claw

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Welcome guys - Flannel,sounds like you've been busy :cool:
  19. ck-claw

    How to throw ir grenades?

    Thats strange, this happening in MP/editor? Even though you can't see the grenade type in the upper right menu, does pressing G throw anything?
  20. ck-claw

    How to throw ir grenades?

    Ctrl G to cycle through grenade types you have to IR Grenades then G to throw them.
  21. ck-claw

    Game Keeps Minamizing

    This happens to me too-i'm running 2 monitors, its like both monitors momentaraly switch off-2nd monitor comes back up but 1st is as stated above. Mainly happens in MP, sometimes it happens ,sometimes it doesnt-havent found a fix but then not really looked either.
  22. ck-claw

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Welcome back booradly60
  23. Anyone else having the issue of it works fine in the editor/hosted etc but then when you put the mission on a dedi server it does not work?