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  1. Hi Trouble,

    Thanks a lot for the reply, anyway I explain briefly what I am trying to do with this minimod:

    As tou know Flashpoint in the Falklands and MLV Mod are no more on the scene, most part of the members left and just CbFasi and LoRo have some interest but don't have too much time for doing something for ArmA2

    I wish, if only you want and have time, to retexture and edit both Gazelle and Scout in Falklands camo pattern (sadly wasn't Green and Black) and making some possible improvements for the two models, Both Gazelle and Scout were painted in dark green, anyway if you want to help me making or better, updating these two addons, let me know, the new minimod name is Project82 (P82) and the credits of the addons you will make will be only yours.

    Sadly I am not a modeller, and I would need too much time to do.

    If you want any other reference about the two choppers in the Falklands (Pdf or jpg files) please contact me at