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    Guerra do Ultramar

    About the FN-FAL series there are some mods (like Vilas' or mine P82 for example) with various examples of the weapon, so you have only to ask. About the paras, you could only make some soldiers with proper camo pattern fatigues, and the usual M1 helmet (already used by your mod with Opfor soldiers) and some more stuff typical of paratroopers. Should be nice to find a FAP C-47 (from Invasion-44 Mod ?) as well as the Noratlas (French mod?) while for the AR-10 and Breda mounting for the Willys you should ask to old Ofp Colonial wars their old Mlods, and possibly try to adapt them to modern ArmA2 world. Last but not least, you could include some more better african civilians (ask to Icebraker for his Duala civvys...) and make two more extra squads for Bluefor units: SADF of the seventies (a section of regular infantry for example) and Rodhesian of the seventies (a section of Rhodesian rifles or SAS), they cooperated a lot with portugese forces especially when incursions in Rhodesia and Namibia stared from Mocambique and Angola. I have the basic Mlods of both with proper camo fatigues, they both used FN-FAL and GPMGs, and their mount was the Alouette III, this juts to revitalize a bit the old good friends. Let me know with PM if you need some help with these issue, and yes, the Willys Jeep with an MG42 or HK21 or M2 would be more tha enough.
  2. cimalex

    Guerra do Ultramar

    Great mod and excellent work Dimitri. I Hope for a possible update future release, where you should add some custom made FN-FAL rifles as well as Portugese paratroopers with US M1 steel helmet. Any hope to see an armalite AR for flechas ? Should also be nice to see a C-47 for paras in FAP colors, and a Willis jeep armed with breda mg. Apart for these little things that I miss, you did a very nice and complete work, the Gina is simply fantastic ! Well done.
  3. cimalex

    Guerra do Ultramar

    Great work Dimitri ! Just downloading it now, as I promised, when I have time I will try to port into your beautiful mod some of the missions I made for Bush War Mod years ago. The terrain you made for the mod reminds me a lot our old good Angola bush terrain, so it not might be too difficult... I will have only to change factions (SADF to Portugese and SWAPO-Angola to FRELIMO or UNITA, RENAMO etc...) and voices, the story is always the same, some indipendentist guerrilla are stryking and the security forces are stryking back, there are a lot of similar reports between SADF or Rodhesian and Portugese forces about Fire Force/COIN missions in the bush. I just have read with disappoint on Flypast magazine an article made by a former Rhodesian SAS officer about how the Portugese forces fought the war... Simply ridicolous... Carry on the great work mate !
  4. cimalex

    Guerra do Ultramar

    Hi Dimitri we are getting close XMas, have you planned a release for that time ? Let us update with some news and screenies. Cheers
  5. We have old CBFASI Hermes and Invincible carriers from the Flashpoint in the FLK mod, but need a huge amount of work from a dedicated developer, considering that the carriers should result only as static objects like with the USNavy light carrier in ArmA2. I did a big reserch and development work for the mod but actually only Colonel Stagler is the only member (of course with the exception of Foxtrot1 who is making very good argentine planes) capable of finishing his job from beginning to end at a level/quality ready to be delivered to the community. If someone else is keen to give a hand to this, well is more than welcome. We have a lot of work to do and under development, (units, vehciles ships and islands) finishing addons is not easy, be a little more patient and in the next two months you will see something ingame like a mini-mod, or a mod at stage 1. Stay tuned...
  6. This depends if Colonel Stagler (the actual main troops and vehicles developer) will port the S.Har from CWR2/BAF expansion (he is also leader of BAF/CWR2 expansion pack). He could do this sure, changing a bit textures and weapons config (adding an AA version for example). Who knows, but is probable we will have such an iconic aeroplane. Just need some time, we are busy but have limited time and resources.
  7. cimalex

    Guerra do Ultramar

    Hi Dimitri, I'm very happy you have ben able to finish your work at least. Can't wait to test and why not, make some good missions as well. Old Tonal (Ofp era), or better BWC mod (Good old ArmA 1) are coming back ! Carry on the great work mate !
  8. The Dagger and the Mirage III were at their limit combat radius when over the Falklands area, they had just three or four minutes to spend over the target, they performed quite well with several hits on royal navy ships (actually no ships were sunk, but several found hit and damaged, basically for bombs unexploded due to fuses failures), with no radar and no moder ECM they were able to pass through the air defences of the fleet (Sea Dart, Sea Wolf, Sea Cat, plus various AAA) and did something, see the famous pictures of Dagger flying at deck level over RN ships. In the air superiority role the topic is different, with limited time and speed (they came over the area with 1300 ltr drop tanks that limited speed) and no efficient AAM (first version of israeli made Shafrirs for Daggers, Matra 530 and 550 for Mirages) and probably with insufficient air combat training (almost compared with excellent AA training of the british pilots) they performed badly, almost 12 were shot down by Sea Harriers and air defence. Anyway a nice addon for the mod !
  9. Really a nice Mirage III EA in fighter version mate ! The IAI Dagger might need to move the roundel a bit forward as well the Mirage III, but apart this and some little hints, the camo looks perfect... Carry on the good work !
  10. cimalex

    German Misc Pack released

    Good work Marseille, some good stuff for missions in Schwemlitz terrain. Cary on the great work !
  11. Hi think that those tanks on the north do not move properly for an issue related to Bis desert terrain (a sort of a grey area on the map), some time go I also made a mission using OA desert and the troops or vehicles that were too far from the oil filed did not move, the same for helicopters. The same thingh\issue could affect AI Bradly IFVs or troops as well as the A10 if they go in that "grey area" of the map. Try to place those northern Opfor tanks closer and things might be better. Carry on your great work buddy !
  12. Glad you already probably fixed them... Jut remember when your house has been moved and everything will be OK, release the Lynx update, the way you fixed the Puma eliminated the problem of wrong flying path on AI choppers and other issues reported when OA\CO was released. And keep on the good work ! Cheers
  13. Hi Rock, is still planned an update of RKSL Lynx series ? After the update of HC1 Puma and RKSL core, I know that a final upgrade of Lynx TOW to OA standard (actually with final RKSL core and flares doesn`t work) have been planned. Regards
  14. Hi mate, looks a great project, from my side I will be more than happy to participate with our developing Project82 Falklands\Malvinas mod, I have already some missions ready for old ArmA mod, and once units and map will be ready should be easy to convert the old missions with the new terrain\units. Will let you know.
  15. Great work Colonel ! I can see proper troops and their weapons with amount of details typical of the conflict, SAS with their characteristic bergen, Paras with fibre helmet and foliage camo, argentine Unimog truck, and an argentine soldier with Mauser sniping rifle.
  16. Simply great ! An entire East Falkland map with all the main areas of operation ! Can't wait to see some more screenies. Carry on the great work !
  17. The only other option is to create an East Falkland Map as Bushlurker suggests, otherwise try to import (Travis aka Dragula made an effort last year) old good ArmA Nicholas Bell Port Stanley/Porto Argentino map, replacing old Ofp era huts and houses with ArmA2 chernarus wooden houses (similar in some ways to those present on the Falklands) hemps, grass etc... Typical and not replacebale objects/buildings (Saint Mary's church for example) cannot be replaced in a short time, so might be retained as they are, or rebuilt from scratch. I'm also sure that Jakerod totally knows what he's doing, so I'm kore that confident of the good quality of work we will see.
  18. Great news ! I will see if will be possible adding Konyo's CH-47 (UK and argentine) already completed but with proper pilots, and Foxtrop planes (IA-58 Pucara and Skyhawks). Hope also some P82 guys of the "first hours" will find time to work again for this mod in the next future. Thanks again Colonel !
  19. For what WE have available at the moment (lot of Mlods mainly of old Ofp era), the amount of work to do (Huge amount, due to retexturing, scripting, editing etc...) and the artists involved (a handle, but basically now just Colonel and another guy who is making a beta Lively island) in the relatively short period we could have a mini mod, with a complete individual weapons pack (comprising for the first time after Ofp the Blowpipe portable SAM and the argentine Instalaza Super Bazooka), british and argentine troops, a few aircraft (Konyo' CH47s, Foxtrop IA58 Pucara and A4 Skyhawk, maybe a retextured UH-1H), some vehicles (according to CWR2 permission, the whole CWR2/BAF series with Scorpion, Scimitar, FV432 Ambulance, Landrover and Bedford, while the argentines could have the "Canadiense" 5T truck and the Mercedes jeep) and some static weapons (BIS M2 Browning mgs with P82 crew, 81mm mortars, L119 Lightgun for british, D30 for the argentines simulating the Citefa howitzer). Other stuff (Like the C-130s, Harrier series, Mirages, Super Etendard, SA330 Puma, Alouette III, A109, Scout, Gazelle, Sea King, Phanard, Unimogs etc...) and ships (HMS Hermes and Invincible, Type 21 and 42, LCU, ARA Guerrico, ARA Santa Fe SSN) are at early stage and need a lot of work. For this I invite again who can and want, to give some effort. The Project is very promising, the mod is involved in an interesting historical background not sci-fi, we have a lot fo stuff and good ideas do develop, old Ofp missions ready to be imported and so on, what we lack is time and manpower. Who would like to give a little effort is more than welcome... Stay tuned gents !
  20. Hi domokun, in fact I realise that ArmA 2 have still a lot of "charme" and potentiality, I/We want to continue play it and develop what I/We can... Now it's up to the community boys to give that help we need, according for what they can do. The idea is good, the work to do is a lot. Thanks for supporting.
  21. cimalex

    2PARA Units

    Do you think is possible using DLC BAF paratrooper beret for our P82 british paras ? It's the only available correct para beret in colors and shape...
  22. Hi Gents, here are some pics of argentine troops beta stage from Colonel Stagler showing P82 weapons pack: Some argentine infantry troopies trying to make friendhip with kelpers in the islands: Then argentine Cab601 commandos with Instalaza super bazooka: Argentine navy/marines commandos during April 2 invasion of Port Stanley: Argentine troops waiting british landings at dawn: Finally argentine infantry patrolling Port Stanley streets: Please note that argentine troops are in alpha stage, they need a new US M-1 helmet, but suit camo pattern and webbings are very realistic and reflects the equipment of that era. According Clonel Stagler, with the new P82 weapons pack, our units will not be dependant upon either cwr2 or p85. With P82 weapons pack we can see FN-FAL rifle series, FN-MAG, M3 grease gun, Blowpipe missile (for the first time in ArmA 2!) Instalaza super bazooka etc... Next release of the weappns pack might have Mauser sniping rifle, and FN-MAG mounted on tripod. Next step for Colonel will be making an alpha pack of british troops, that in my opinion is quite 90% done, using the same P3d winter soldiers model, and commonality in equipment and weapons. ---------- Post added at 11:09 ---------- Previous post was at 11:08 ---------- Sorry guys: Here the first correct pic. Hi Gents, here are some pics of argentine troops beta stage from Colonel Stagler showing P82 weapons pack: Some argentine infantry troopies trying to make friendhip with kelpers in the islands: Cheers
  23. Who knows mate, actually the mod developing is proceeding slow, but Collonel Stagler gave us a help with a beta version of argentine troops using baiscally CWR2 weapons. I will upload some screenies asap.
  24. Hi to everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to see ingame the CWR2 round parachute instead of the ArmA 2 standard. I would like to make a mission with new BAF UK Paras making a massive paradrop from a C-130 or a Chinook. Any idea ? Thanks
  25. Great work guys ! I noted tracked vehicles updated with better realistic textures. Great choice to add the Paras as well as Chinook HC-1. Weell done !