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    [SP/@] Strela! (RWO)

    Songs from Blackhawkdown theme. Abou thet mortar fire computer you have to change fire settings in order to shoot at greater distance. Convoy might be destroyed by satchel charge placed on the main road and rpg fire. Thanks for positive feedback.
  2. Great news mate ! Carry on the great work ! Hope to see new ingame screenshots soon... Cheers
  3. cimalex

    Project '85 missions

    Great work Dimitri! Those mission are awesome ! Any with DIH Africa ?
  4. The only Dakota available for ArmA was DLC's Queen's Gamblit example in civy colors but I don't think was ever released. A SAAF version was repainted by ObmaR for BWC Mod but again the Mlod was unofficial, for this reason was never released to public. Try with I44, they might have a C-47 in their inventory.
  5. For this issue ask to Foxtrop1. Some of the addons looks compatible with ArmA3 and he is also in connection with a dedicated team only for ArmA3. This mod is only focused on ArmA2. Your friend and her father will probably enjoy some Falklands/Malvinas stuff thanks to that guy (Foxtrop1). :)
  6. So do you think if I make a mission where Russian troops are involved in clashes with Ukrainian troops, this will receive a negative feedback by the community? About the compatibility with ArmA2 islands, in my opinion Chernarus is quite perfect, and for what I know, the Crimean landscape was more than a simple inspiration for BI authors... I would like to know if @TankisT_UA and his staff will release an english version of new Ukrainian troops and marines... In the original version I found nice quality troops and vehicles, but text is difficult to interpretate for people like me that don't know cyrillic alphabet. If I will release my wip mission about the Crimean crisis, will try to be as much politically correct as possible. Difficult task with the current situation I guess, but does worth to take a chance.
  7. Excellent work mate! Really glad you are growing up with your modelling skills making also AAA and vehicles!
  8. Hi gents, any release date planned yet? Awesome pics!
  9. cimalex

    Flag Pack for Project 1985

    Absolutely awesome! Great work Marseille!
  10. Ukrainian armed forces are available at the dedicated site and OA forum therad (discussion), updated version only in Ukrainian language, comprises marines, mechanised, recons, tanks vehicles etc... After the positive feedback, I will try to make a mission about a "scaramouche" (minor firefighting) between russian federation forces and ukrainians infantry in Elektrozavodsk, Cheranrus. Hope than in RL the thing will be solved peacefully.
  11. I wish to know what do you guys think about making now mission with new Ukrainian Armed Forces units against russian (I was able to find an updated link in the Ukrainian site) troops in Chernarus or alternative island. This beacuse it's difficult to make fictional wars while in the Real Life hundreds of people are potentially risking their lives or living their last days... What do you think?
  12. I wish to know what do you guys think about making now mission with these units against russian (I was able to find an updated link in the Ukrainian site) troops in Chernarus or alternative island. This beacuse it's difficult to make fictional wars while in the Real Life hundreds of people are potentially risking their lives or living their last days... What do you think?
  13. Wy don't you mirror the download link of Ukrainian troops in Armaholic? Deposit files have no links in english and is painfully long!
  14. Should be very useful for RWO developing missions about the real situation in Ukraine. Plausible scenario a preventive invasion of Crimea by Russian forces... Personally I hope that something like this will never happen. Great work anyway...
  15. As i wrote weeks ago we have no release date in sight yet, we have shortage on free time and resources, infantry and weapons are quite close to be finished, but need still some attention and Col Stagler, who is the artist of those addons, is really short on time actually. Will keep you update about infantry and weapons as soon as possible. In the meanwhile we are working hard on other assets. First of all our RL with jobs and families, then all the rest... Stay tuned!
  16. Hi miraoister, we have this stuff, but need some imrpovements and retexturing as well as reconfig for ArmA2 OA. We have limited resources and time... Sorry will need some time and dedicated team mates.
  17. Yes night vision devices were used by both argentines and british troops, mainly by special forces and infantry, like Paras, Guardsmen and RMs. British devices were mounted on L1 SLRs, while the argentine counterparts were of US origin and were lighter and smaller. Will keep you updated asap about this issue.
  18. About South Georgia I asked someone to help us modelling the island, even starting from old Ofp Flk stuff, but sadly no one wanted to take the challenge... Who knows, maybe in the future...
  19. cimalex

    [SP/@] Strela! (RWO)

    Hi Variable, glad you completed the mision successfully and with some fun. Next mission will be Operation Mar Verde 1970, a night mision by portugese forces into Conakry Guinea. When I will release it, I will also make some updates as you suggested in your last post, as well as new mortar managment, now that I learnt how to manage it... And no more stupid useless animations. Cheers
  20. cimalex

    [SP/@] Strela! (RWO)

    Hi gents, I added a spare Strela missile to my n°2 (check well the DIH_weapons.sqs script inside the mission) so once player missile is fired, there's stilln°2, check better please. Once the jeep is passed unschated (if you destroy it a dense arty barrage will hit your positions killing most part of team mates and maybe yourself) and if anyone will open fire (you have to set your chaps with order "don't fire" otherwise the convoy will warn an ambush and stop, or run away) a convoy (two military trucks and a bus) will come to the road; place a satchel charge, stop one of them then start opening fire to the survivors. Next target is reaching Strike position n°1 or n°2, get a mortar (a script file will place a mortar if comrade n°6 will come close that position alive) then opening fire to the outpost, in order to achieve the task, destroy the chopper line facility first, in the immediate vicinity of the FOB. Once you did that, escape from that hell, but in the meanwhile try to shoot down almost one of the aircraft and choppers (Alouette, Cessna185 and G-91R) that will come to the scene. Also team Bravo (the other 5 chaps in the second Zodiac) have a Strela launcher, but no spare missiles, so it's up you you making good use of those two SA-7. Enjoy!
  21. cimalex

    Guerra do Ultramar

    Hi miraoister, great work, doesn't matter what kinda weapons you have used... Raod kills!
  22. cimalex

    [SP/@] Strela! (RWO)

    I simply did this simple trick: Place yourself and comrade n°6 close the Attack position 1 or 2 (with n°6 alive), then an assembled mortar will appear automatically (I simulat the disasembly operation in that place with a simple mote to Pos. script). Then move yourself inside the mortar as gunner and use "computer mortar manager" or something like this, a map will appear with the possibility to send coordinates and mortars salvo pressing coords first, then press Fire... There's also a box with 82mm mortars round but I am not able to reload the mortar once I finish the 8 or so shots. Simply aim well at the desired coordinates, then once out of mortar ammos attack the outopost with your men. At this point the survivors of squad B will join you and your chaps in the seize of the outpost. Primary target of the outpost are the choppers line, with its repair/refuel facilities. I will later learn how to manage and carry the mortars... Enjoy
  23. cimalex

    [SP/@] Strela! (RWO)

    If you fire the jeep the survivors call in for accurate mortar firing (thanks to their radio) and might be no escape for you and your chaps... As I wrote in the readme file, you have to comply strictly (as it was in the real life for african marxists gerrillas) with HQ orders and briefing plan. Remember you have no support and no radio to call HQ or other. Just a bunch of comrades waiting for you in a far safe sanctuary at the end of the mission. Remember do not waist Strelas (you have just two of them, one with you and the other with your n°2) and keep alive your n°6 that have a portable mortar on shoulders, when at Firing Pos.1 (or 2) you have the possibility to engage enemy targets with it.
  24. cimalex

    [SP/@] Strela! (RWO)

    Very strange, it arrives after 1 or 2 minutes, try to restart the mission again. But if someone of your chaps will start firing, the convoy escape away or stop. This is one of the characteristic of the mission, try to think it in the real life... Enjoy