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  1. Hi Gents, despite I was absolutely contrray to Steam 1.63 patch I have to say that after a long and painful downloading session I found a smoother and better verision of the game. I know that I'm offtopic but my question now is: "How to" make mod folders working ? What is that path to work for example CWR2 or Unsung with A2/OA Steam version ? By the way, actually the few addons I made for Project82 are not affected by any serious change change after 1.63 patch was installed.
  2. I agree with sorophx, but mine are obvious personal points of view consequence/based on bad feeling from ArmA2 addons/mods artists that will no more work on this platform (and last but not least poor/slow internet performances in downloading with steam). These "bad decisions" from Bis have the consequence of impoverish the developers world on this platform, if Bis had made a different solution, replacing GameSpy with another "friendly DRM", things would have been very different now, even with ArmA3. I fear the golden period started from Ofp, moved to ArmA and then ArmA 2/ OA is going to another direction, but probably I'm getting old and this is the natural progress of things. After two-three days of hard downloading I'm going to convert to steam too.... Will let you know how I will feel with it.
  3. Will you release Unsung 2.6 patched to A2/OA 1.63 ? Please don't do that ! Many usuers are still playing with 1.62 and refuse to "convert" to Steam !
  4. You are doing a great work ! Nice to see you are preparing an Isonzo map with mountains. Will you include also some italian infantry ? They were (apart from the scruffy colors of the uniforms) quite similar to french soldiers, equipped with same Adrian helmet. Carry on the great work guys !
  5. Which map would you like to suggest (apart for those released in the mod of course) to make a couple of good missions with your mod ? Too bad no handgrenades were released, I need to use Bis standard grenades, or Marseille77 german weapons pack... Anyway great mod, carry on with other addons please !
  6. cimalex

    MAFCExt Release 4.0

    Great work ! Please contact Gogus, we would be very pleased to see his 1954-1978 era french soldiers to a renewed status. With a few hints and config updates also those old style french soldiers would be quite perfect !
  7. See project Green sea islands. Chechenia has been released as a terrain months ago.
  8. My actual two Wip missions: * Ukraine crisis Part 2 * An episode of the Algerian liberation war (Using recently released Franch Army units 1954-2013) Sadly old french weapons are a bit out dated. And need to use P85 vehicles (eg. Jeep and MAN truck) Will use Napalm script and Fouga Magister attack plane.
  9. Any future update of Lynx pack ? After the update on Puma should be more than welcome !
  10. Awesome ! Great work Foxtrop1 ! Looks greatly improved, with fully working cockpit, nice job indeed !
  11. For config issues ask to Colonel Stagler, he has got much experience on this issue. Great work mate ! Amazed you did it alone !
  12. Hi gents ! RWO_DIH Operation Mar Verde is out at the dedicated thread !
  13. AAN Breaking news AAN war reporter Peter Harris, Toady at the Donetsk region in Eastern Uktraine: After the recent peacetalks in Geneva many pro-russian militia in Eastern Ukraine surrendered to regular armed forces and halted occupation of police stations, airfields and public buildings. Kiev's army want to make a display of strength to show the world the situation is under control. Early on Wednesday a column of six armoured personnel carriers trundled through the town of Zelenogorsk, in eastern Ukraine, Donetsk region. Some 24 hours earlier Ukrainian soldiers had recaptured a small disused aerodrome, those operation have been a partial success, with the loss of few Ukrainian soldiers and dozens of militiamen of the Donbass People's Militia. In reality the Zelenogorsk mission has just been forced to flee the town by an angry crowd, and large chunks of the east of the country are now in open revolt despite government warnings and military action. Ukraine is rapidly vanishing as a sovereign state, with its army falling apart day by day. What happens next is unclear, the Kremlin can either annexe the east, as it did in Crimea, again shrugging off western outrage. During last hours some well trained Ukrainian army and marines brigades are sent to fight the pro-russian militia off from Donetks region, giving a clear message to the rest of the country, and to the russian president Mr Putin that Ukrainian soveiregnity is not under discussion. Today, UA forces will launch a large scale assault against the militia-held town of Zelenogorsk, combining tanks, APCs and motorised infantry. Donbass militia chaps will curse the day that they stood up against the best units of the Ukrainian Army! New mini campaign by CimaleX: A new mini campaign is work in progress by CimaleX, using Tankist_UA excellent Ukraine Armed Forces addons, and @ACE and @CBA with Chernarus terrain as background. This mini-campaign will be part of RWO missions, depicting really plausible operations (and close to what is really happening) in the East Ukraine front. Want to think that these events will never happen as I shown in my future release campaign. http://i344.photobucket.com/albums/p356/alexcimenti69/AAN_news_Harris_zpsa5d17afa.jpg (114 kB) First mission of the mini-campaign will be released soon (pic of the incoming mission)
  14. cimalex

    [SP Campaign] Proxy Wars: Moschnyi

    Great work mate ! Will give a look to this campaign soon !
  15. Hi gents, I repeat myself: To play this mission you MUST downlload the Ukraine full version of the UA mod here: http://mod-ua.at.ua/ The file to download is here: http://vk.com/public8624345 Do not use (I repeat, do not use) the english version, because it contains only troops (incomplete) and not vehicles, that were used in the mission. Waiting some fedback about the mission now (No complaints and political issue please). Anyway, the link was listed in my Readme file inside the zip file. Enjoy
  16. You have to download the Ukrainian version of the mod, not that in the English section. Anyway I will try to speak with Tankist_UA if he has available for release an english language version. I downloaded the UA mod a dozen of days ago an it works perfectly. Must have not only troops but also vehicles (T-84, BRDM2, BMP2, Urals etc....) For what I kwow the english version has only troops.
  17. Hi gents, my apologies (I wrote this also in the readme) for having troubled your feelings with this mission (if you had any negative feedback of course...). That's TRUE I really don't have any idea what is the real situation there. I don't have any political issue or preference (russian or ukraine) about the various contenders, what is clear is that the situation is dramatic and complex. Foreign governments (EEUU, USA, Russia) are making the whole thing extremely dangerous and dirty, they are doing their (economical) interests regerdless what the whole Ukrainian people thinks about... I will carry on to develop these missions, my aim is to let people think that war is a dirty affair... It's good that people (like you) is starting thinking about palying this game with a different point of view, now related to real facts. (I knew that my mission release could have started negative feedback, but it was my choice...) Finally, about the Ukraine mod I simply downloaded the last updated pack, link inside the readme file (instruction are in Ukrainian language). Download the UKRAINE LANGUAGE version of the mod, not the english one that is incomplete. Yes Kommiekat, I will try also playing the mission with JSRS, let you know what about. Regards
  18. After the mini-preview with video here's the release of my announced mission related to Ukraine fightings. Hope this will end asap, no political or racial issues, just my fantasy about sad and real events. I want to apoligise if someone, Russian or Ukraine will feel offended by this mission, I realise that speaking about real things like these could hurt. Anyway here's the link: http://www35.zippyshare.com/v/58748009/file.html With one more screenie: Needed addons: ArmA2 OA version 1.62 @ACE; @ACEX; @ACE_RU; @ACE_SM @CBA UA Mod by Tankist_UA (See Readmefile inside the .zip) Based on real facts, mission by CimaleX, with the help of Zipper5 (template scripts and other stuff) Enjoy!
  19. I think my incoming mini-campaign is quite close to th real think. Covert ops, unkown masked mercenaries from both sides, assaults and ambushes, occupation of public buildings, and of course, a lot of action and firefight. Here' s a brief video taken from AAN world news footage. Stay tuned...
  20. Thanks a lot mate ! Will let you kno what I think about... And if I can make a sequel...
  21. This mission is no more available... Any possibility to receive an updated link ? Cheers
  22. Great work Kommiekat... Just downloading now. Will let you know my feedback. Intro screenshot is promising !
  23. Awesome work Foxtrop1 ! Looks like very realistic now that are complete with textures. You are making huge progress since you started the first work on the mod ! Carry on this way mate !
  24. A new RWO mission has been released: (RWO) WakhanCorridor Part2 link: http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/27295873/file.html An RWO new mission by CimaleX. Continuation of RWO_WakhanCorridor_Pt1 made by Kommiekat, thanks for his great idea about this possible situation. The Plot: February 2014 - Wakhan corridor, north-east Afghanistan. Wakhan Corridor is commonly used as a synonym for Wakhan, an area of far north-eastern Afghanistan which forms a land link between Afghanistan and China. The Corridor is a long and slender panhandle or salient, roughly 140 miles (220 km) long and between 10 and 40 miles (16 and 64 km) wide. Since last January the chinese government wanted to stop once and for all the continuous intrusions into the Xinjiang region from the Tegger Mansu area in the Wakhan corridor, these activities are claimed as illegal and potentially dangerous by the chinese, while afghan authorities deny anything more than ordinary movements of livestock and traders from the tribal areas of the corridor to the bordering Xinjiang region. Smugglers, common criminals and drug traffickers make their trips from the corridor to Xinjiang under the eyes of the afghan autorities (according to the chinese) causing more than a headache to the central government in Peking, last year chinese border police arrested a dozen or so of terrorist linked to the Taliban insurgency network, and asked afghan government and ISAF to intervene immediately. ISAF and NATO responded involving the afghan government, who simply ignored the chinese requests and asked instead China to open the border in the Wakhan Corridor for economic reasons, or as an alternative supply route for fighting the Taliban. Tired of their incompetence the chinese leaders asked PLA to occupy a little strip of land in an area named Tegger Mansu, taking control of an old but still functioning oil rig. The chinese claim the oil rig is used mainly as a support base for smugglers and traffickers, but the afghan government deny this allegations. The truth behind all, is that an american oil company has secretly discovered consistent oil and natural gas reserves under the Tegger Mansu soil, and the chinese govt. aknowledge the potential of the corridor and starts discussing the disputed borders between Afghanistan with the purpose to seize its underground natural resources. Now the oil rig is occupied by a company of the PLA 191st Division - 17th mechanised Rgt, afghan and CIA intelligence spotted well trained and equipped troops, supported by several offroads, trucks and APCs (ZBD-97, Type 99, Type 90 etc...) The following weeks were characterised by intense but fruitless diplomatic actions between the afghan government and Peking, chinese authorities declare that now thanks to the chinese military presence the disputed area is clear of illegal and potentially terrorist activities, but the afghan president Mr. Karzhai wants the chinese out of the Wakhan corridor soon, and mobilised ANA (Afghan National Army) best units, among these the 207th Corps (Herat) – 1st Brigade from Herat, 2nd Brigade from Farah, and elements (two Kandaks) from Shindand (including commandos). A number of APCs and old MBTs (BPMs, T-55s and M-113s) plus several modern wheeled vehicles (armed Humvees and pickups) with a number of combat helicopters (Mil-17 and Mil-24) arrived in the corridor for the confrontation with the chinese. Operation Tegger Mansu Thunder is going to start. Overwiev picture: Addons needed: ArmA2 OA or combined Operations vers. 1.62 vme pla mod SGW_Afghan (ANA and Afghan National Police) @CBA ACEX_SM (Optional)
  25. Hi Dragula aka Travis. Yes that's true, during early hours of 2nd April 1982 argentine marines launched Operation Rosario, in their minds the recovering of the islands back to argentine soveiregnity from 1833, when the islands were occupied and settled by british forces and then, civilian settlers. During 1982 the argentine junta wanted the islands back, launched a recovery (or invasion, according the british point of view) operation followed by a brief and intense war between the two armed forces. The islanders and not only the military involved, were among the main victims of the war, at the end of all over 1000 victims, and three civilian islanders (three ladies) killed by a friendly fire accident. Hope this will never happen again, and the two peoples involved will live in peace. Carry on the great work on this mod guys !