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  1. The French, the Russians, the American's and perhaps even the Chinese launch our satelittes for us.

    Someone correct me if I'm horribly wrong, but it seems to me that a lot of US satellites and spacecraft, and those from other countries, are launched by the Russians because the Russians do it cheaply, and part of the reason why they're cheap is because they have a load of decommisioned ICBMs that they have converted into launch craft...

    I'm not sure how far the art in nuclear rocketry technology can advance, I mean, most of the major nuclear powers can put a nuke on any point in the globe.

  2. North Korea has been testing the waters (to pardon the unfortunate pun) for years with all sorts of border clashes, incursions of saboteurs and even an almost-successful raid on the presidential palace back in the 60s/70s... I think they're probably thinking that they can get away with anything.

    Then again, given the fact that they aren't taking responsibility, perhaps some half-wit low-level commander thought he could get his 15 minutes of fame by sinking a South Korean ship, and his superiors weren't very amused.

  3. mmm coool i would be so happy if....

    however,since you guys have talk about the javelin,i saw years ago a video about the javelin and is obviously a fake...you can never imagine how many times i've flammed with self-proclaimed wannabe weapon expert...there is alot of people thinking a javelin can have this effect on a t-72...

    lol....plastic tank.

    I read somewhere that there were explosives inside the tank to enhance the effect of the explosion, although I have no idea how true or not that statement was.

  4. Guys, I have the most bizarre problem with my display:

    Yesterday when I jump started my rig I noticed it had lost the driver for the display (Benq G2400W 24") and the resolution had gone awol...

    In a nutshell: The screen is 24" but the desktop in it is approx 32" and I can only see a part of the desktop.

    I can scroll it with the mouse though.

    Tried uninstall/reinstall couple of times but the problem remains... Any ideas?

    ps. I think I checked that the nVidia scaling settings were ok

    That sounds like the resolution of the screen is set higher than what it can support. What is it currently set to?

  5. Universities (at least good ones) don't teach specific software because it can go out of date so easily. What matters is the skills you acquire which can then allow you to pick up the stuff you actually have to deal with.

  6. A lot of China's success is down to things that aren't really sustainable - currency devaluation and turning a blind eye to the occasional sweatshop or two, or three, or a thousand.

    I don't think "communist China" will last forever, it might last longer than the USSR did, but eventually when you let people become wealthy and educated, they're going to start asking awkward questions, and all the brainwashing in the world can't stop the inevitable.