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  1. If only we had a real President, not a socialist traitor whose destroying the country from within, maybe we'd back Israel and with a show of force and support we could avoid the whole situation.

    Yep, right in the middle of a recession, huge national debt and overstretched troops fighting on two fronts, what the US needs is a cowboy president to bomb another country and piss more people off.

    Oh, and unlike the Iraqis and Afghans, these ones have armies that won't keel over and die in an hour...

  2. lool isnt that the case with Arma OA?? desert?towel heads?:j:

    Point taken. I was being deliberately hyperbolic, and I was taking the piss out of the mentality of the games as opposed to Muslims or Vietnamese, if anyone interpreted what I was saying as such.

    are you kidding me? so games like vietcong and operation arrowhead ain't got shit on arma 2, being as arma and flashpoint concente on a non existant conflict that was so 1985.

    Well, I didn't quite mean it like that, but you have a point. Myself, and countless others from what I gather, are bored sick of the market churning out gazillions of generic WW2, Vietnam and Desert Storm/GWOT games. Now, obviously there are great games in these categories (the Hidden & Dangerous games, for all their bugs, were absolutely legendary), but you really need to go out of your way to make a good game set in one of these periods due to how clichéd they have become.

    at least games are now starting to get up to date with current affairs.

    Please tell me you're taking the piss. What current affairs? You mean like "FUCK YEAH AMERICA LETS CONQUER SOME OILFIELDS AND FUCK SOME BITCHES!!!11111(lololol)". If you think that video game plots are in any way remotely connected to reality, you're doing it horribly horribly wrong.

    sheesh, i can't believe some of the fanboys you get today, no game is ever good enough or meet anybodies minimum requirements anymore. You would all be whinging if game companies stopped all together.

    Again, you're putting words in my mouth. Thanks for your efforts, but I can speak for myself, and judging by your post, I'd like to keep things that way.

  3. Oh boy! Another game where we shoot at people in deserts who wear tea-towels on their heads. Almost as mind-destroyingly boring and clichéd as those games where you shoot at people in rice paddies who wear lamp shades on their heads...

  4. Does anyone know if they are going to remake the single player campaign on Goldeneye Source? I can't imagine it would be too difficult given that they have most of the maps anyway, and there's no spoken dialog or particularly dramatic cutscenes in the original game itself.

  5. It would be nice if it was ported elsewhere, but I don't suppose that's going to happen.

    The problem with reduxes is that there is an extraordinarily fine tightrope walk between taking a gigantic dump on a classic, and just remaking the old game with new graphics. Not that the latter is necessarily a bad thing, it's just that if you want to spice it up a bit, it's very difficult.

  6. The AI in the older games was ridiculous (although I was probably playing on the easier difficulties in fairness). In MTW, I once defeated a pretty sizable and well equipped army with two 3/4 strength units of spearmen, by luring them towards a forest-covered, hill, and then charging down said hill at their General. Once the general was dead, I was able to cause the rest to panic, and killed quite a few as they retreated.

  7. Ubuntu is a good starter Linux, but for serious stuff, it's pretty dire compared with the likes of Arch, or even Debian. I know a lot of people who've been using Linux for longer than I have, and wouldn't touch Ubuntu with a ten-foot stick.

  8. if this trend continues maybe they will remake Rome. or maybe make a GREECE: total war. that would be awesome

    They did have an Alexander expansion pack for RTW. Most ancient Greek conquests were fought in Greece and in the immediate surrounding areas, it wouldn't make for a particularly long game if you wanted to be in any way (even very loosely like RTW was) historically accurate.

  9. dude to be honest we are talking about french.is 1 of the best, probably 1 of the 4 nations,which makes the best military vehicles/jets/weapons in the world.and we are in 2010,is not possible that a vehicle such as amx10rc can't shoot while moving.

    This is truly the stuff of famous last words.

    well i have another conclusion since this vehicle was constantly updated from 1970,since was used as a "MBT" during the advance of the french foreign legion in desert storm i'm highly doubting that is not able to shoot while is moving...and even if is not written on your source,which i can't know and i'm not sure that is more credible than wikipedia(and wikipedia techincally is not a source but a collector of source..). that doesn't mean you are in true.means your source is not complete.

    Again, your point is basically "the French use it, so you must be wrong". So I guess in the absence of any proper argument I can fight fire with fire with two words - "Maginot line"

    and yes you are.as i said you are talking with the tpyical attitude of a cod 6 player.what you probably don't know,and i have to repeat it,a 105 mm is enough to disable even a challenger or what you want.you don't need to kill him.if you put a shell on the turret of the tank you have high chances to damage the thermal view/FCS or the movement capability of the turret.

    if you shoot on the left or right side of a tank you have many chances to

    block it.a 105 mm is enough to do these stuff.

    and 1 more time.the task of an amx is not to engage enemy MBT even if he can do that.

    I'm sure if I shoot an Abrams with a 9mm in just the right place I can disable it... I think DM's point is that there's a difference between something that can do something on paper or in certain lucky circumstances, and something that can do something consistently and reliably.

  10. Shell out a bit of money and use a good anti-virus instead, it's worth it if you download a lot of porn, believe me.


    Seriously, no AV is a substitute for having some cop on. A good free AV like MSE is sufficient for piece of mind, but I have ran computers without any AV protection for years and can count on the fingers of one hand the problems I've had, and most of those were due to me being silly (particularly with keygens...)

  11. From experience, MSE is far better at detecting viruses than AVG, Avira, McAfee, Norton and some others. The fact that it's free and non-intrusive is a definite bonus too.

    Really though, Common Sense Anti Virus is the best one of them all =P

  12. No.

    And limb\dismemberment wont be in-game. Was discussed like foreve before the mod release. Why not? There is the ethical question (same why theres no children on the game), people preferences but the most important: the game engine doesnt handle very well this kind of stuff. Can be done, but its hacky,resource hungry and doesnt looks real or anything like that.

    Yeah, I remember the dismemberment effects made by modders for OFP were pretty comical. Often you'd kill someone and they'd turn into a pool of blood with their guts spinning around and around in mid air.