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  1. The same voice actor voices Terry Graves in OA. He's in many of BIS' (and even Black Element's) games. His voice is probably the most bearable of the current voice actors. :p

    It's not as much the accent as it is the way he talks - he's trying to sound like a 'Hoah' tough guy and failing miserably. There's a particularly bad example of this in Coltan Blues in OA (not sure if it's the same guy) - when you clear the mine and receive your next orders, your character questions whether he will be able to hold off the Takistani aircraft with the militia weapons. The reply from HQ is horrifying... it really sounds like whoever said it was going out of their way to take the piss.

    Voice acting is, like the name would suggest, acting. Being able to talk in the right accent isn't sufficient, you have to be able to deliver the lines in a convincing way.

    Some may accuse me of being anal, but I think it can be difficult to take a game seriously if you want to face palm every time some dialog comes up. That said, it's the only real gripe I've had with an otherwise exemplary game so far.

  2. Ran into an annoying bug with the game towards the end of the mission -

    So, I decided to use the AA missiles in the crate to take out those Su-25s. I dropped all my weapons so that I could hold 2x missiles. In the time before the first jet came, I had taken the Igla out of the box and dropped it and its ammo near the ZU-23, ran back and take the Strela and got ready.

    So, with the Strela, I knocked out the first two jets no problem. Then I go to switch to the Igla. But when I had the Strela out, I could not select the dropped launcher in order to pick it up. In fact, I couldn't select the ammo box, or even the ZU-23 when I had the Strela out. So, what I had to do to kill the third jet was to drop the Strela and then pick up the Igla then take out the third jet. This was a cumbersome process, and it took about three tries to get it right...

  3. I was shocked that any of the special forces had a medic. It has been something that has been left out of all the games up until this point with the exception of you have a corpsman for the FR. I don't think the spetz or MVD had it in ArmA II. In OFP the spetz and SF didn't have it. In ArmA the spetz and SF didn't have it. I was happy to see that the KSK and DF got it.

    Do SF units really have dedicated medics wandering around them? I'd thought that their training would give them some degree of self-sufficiency.

  4. Granted the voice acting isn't great. In fact, I am annoyed at the fact that there are still British accented Czechs (according to the credits :eek: ) doing fake American voices for the campaign. However, I don't know how expensive professional voice acting is (and I doubt you do either, unless you can prove you do) but I'd much rather see the money spent elsewhere in the game. Oh, and despite the nostalgia we all have from OFP, the voice acting wasn't that great. It was good, served it's purpose just like these do for the most part, but wasn't great. BIS also had the financial backing of Codemasters back then, and we all got a taste at how the big name, mainstream gaming corporations like to f*ck over their developers (and then f*ck themselves over ;)

    Yeah, the voice acting is pretty terrible alright. The tanker in the second mission has the weirdest accent, it sounds like an Eastern European trying to do a subtle American accent and failing miserably.

    Could be worse, the voice acting of "Coops" in ArmA 2 made me cringe every time he opened his mouth.

  5. Yeah, I remember reading somewhere or other that RPK gunners in Chechnya would swap their 45-round mags for the 30-round mags of the other troops, because the longer mags made it difficult to lie prone with the weapon...

    Speaking of Russian weapons, has anyone else seen that AK-200 rifle that they are thinking of adopting?

  6. Sorry, I thought you were talking about the SCAR. Yes, the Army is getting the M110.

    The USMC is fielding the M39, which is just a pimped-out M14, to replace the DMR. Which is also a pimped out M14... just not to the same extent.

  7. The Designated Marksman rifles are going to be replaced with the M110 a 7.62 DMR version of the M16. So they are going after new battle rifles rather than making more M14.

    Other way around, they're buying a variation of the Mk. 17 called the Mk. 20 to replace the SR-25, M110, M14 and other such semi-auto sniper weapons.


    Compared with -


    My point of view is that IAR is a attempt to get new carbines without big debates and dipsutes in ministries and congress. Because nearly all IAR "relatives" like PRK or SA-80 LSW proved their inability to be used like machinegun because of their magazines. And now nobody uses widely any kind of this type of firearms like RPK, SA-80 LSW, M16 LSW, FAL 50.41 & 50.42 or MG-36. All of them were replaced either by Minimi or PKM.

    Have the Russians got rid of their RPKs from regular service?

  8. What rig recommend me between this two rigs for run the ArmA2 OA with all in high, PP off, visibility 3000 mts, 1600x900 resolution:


    i7 920 2.66ghz @ 4ghz

    4 gb RAM DDR3 1600

    HD 640 Caviar Black

    P6t Mobo

    ATI HD 5970 2gb

    Win 7 x64



    i7 920 2.66ghz @ 4ghz

    6 gb RAM DDR3 1600

    HD 640 Caviar Black

    P6t Mobo

    ATI HD 5870 1gb

    Win 7 x64

    Thanks in advance

    Second one.

    Dual GPU cards, such as the HD5970, cause all sorts of problems, especially with the BIS game engine.

  9. There are a lot of viable alternatives to oil for transport and possibly electrical production... Maybe all this wankery with crazed Islamists will possibly convince the powers that be that the prerequisite time and money should be sunk in.

  10. I was referring to SWT_Janowich's comment about Mexicans and blacks before he editied it and I'm a catholic in name only. I havent been to church in over 10 years.

    Whoops, misread!

  11. Try reading again i said its run at 3ghz, stock is 2.4ghz for a Q6600

    I assumed you hadn't given that you were thinking about buying a Q9650, which has pretty much the same performance as an overclocked Q6600. If you're going to upgrade the CPU, you'd be better off going for an i7 to get a worthwhile increase. In that case however, you obviously will have to ditch the motherboard and possibly RAM too.