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  1. I have my doubts.

    A World First preview of Operation Flashpoint: Red River is contained in the pages of the all-new Official Xbox Magazine - and the publication is impressed with what it's seen.

    The title's name was outed yesterday by CVG - but very few further details are known, save an approximate 2011 release date.

    However, OXM - which is with some subscribers today and in stores next week in the UK - has seen the game, and believes it's a "tighter", "more focused" games than predecessor Dragon Rising.

    "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was tremendously ambitious, but struggled to deliver," OXM editor Jon Hicks told CVG.

    "So we were pleased to see that the sequel is a tighter, more focused game that's nevertheless still striving for a more realistic recreation of warfare."

    Dragon Rising got a decent critical reception on its release back in October, 2009 - but some of you had issues with it.

    I have the funny feeling that the sequel is going to be "tight" and "focused" in the same way that Rainbow Six Vegas was more "tight" and "focused" than Rogue Spear...

  2. No flamebaiting here bro, just agreeing what that poster's excellent assessment of the situation.

    I wonder what percentage of BIS' income comes from VBS relative to the consumer games. I'd be willing to bet that they make more money on VBS than the games, and if so, the deciding factor on whether or not the engine needs to get replaced is whether the engine is capable of handling simulations. Things like graphics and physics are only issues insofar as they affect the utility of the software, if it's only for aesthetics then it's not worth rewriting the whole thing over.

    Besides, in the wonderful world of corporate/government software, customers tend to like stuff that has been in use/development for a long time - not only for backwards compatibility, but for stability as well. Rewriting the main part of your software for the lulz is the easiest way to scare serious customers off.

  3. In before someone suggests using whatever latest engine Crytek has in a non-ironic way.

    *deploys parachute*

    So the more I think about the sheer cost of rewriting the engine from scratch, the more I derail from my vote and end up more on the "keep updating it". Some parts can be fully replaced, but why reinvent the wheel if all you want is make the wheel more round and maybe add one?

    Congratulations son, you understand the realities of software development... Now, if only everyone could follow suit...

  4. IMHO you should put yourself in the shoes of an informant or cooperative Afghani who may be shot very soon.

    This is TREASON folks. Nothing more, nothing less. You can spout all the poetic Bullshit you want about the person leaking the information being noble, and fighting for the greater good, but in the end it's exactly that - bullshit.

    I have friends in Afghanistan, not just American soldiers either. This leak is putting their lives in danger, and the lives of countless others, as well as many Afghan civilians who just want peace, and have cooperated with us to further that goal.

    If you think I am going overboard by wishing that this sonofa***** get's executed, maybe your right. How about we tie them up, and leave them in a room with the widows of the dead. Is that better? :angryfire:

    Do you have anything to qualify how this particular information is a threat to people's lives, or are you just barking like a rabid dog?

  5. It is intuative to recognise that we kill more Afghans than Afghans kill us. The firepower advantage is ours.

    Obviously anytime a civilian is killed by a Taliban bomb we will spin that story as Taliban deliberately targeting innocents.

    Just as any time one of ours does, they will do the same about us.

    Again this is just obvious. There will be fanatics on both sides who will be unable or unwilling to recognise this of course but I feel for most moderate people this is pretty intuative stuff. What we are broadly expecting to occour.

    Are you saying that the Taliban and NATO agendas are morally equivocal?

  6. I don't like this. This could be very dangerous for the troops there. I know they are withholding some time critical information until it is safer to release but i hope they didn't make a mistake while sorting these out.

    There is a reason why these things are secret and it's not just to keep curious people out, but to save lives.

    Except for when it is stuff like this -

    The documents released by the Wikileaks website include details of killings of Afghan civilians unreported until now.

  7. thanks for all your replys

    i have a 850w psu BUT ive found the problem at long last lol it was the graphix card

    i took it off to look at it and found 2 of the 3 barrel shaped transisters or capacitor on the circit board had blown apart

    so now im looking to get a new card but have a budget of 180-200 pounds so what do you all recommend i go for ?

    What make is the PSU?

    And +1 for the GTX 460.

  8. hi everyone im new to the forums so please go gentle :)

    where do i start ? well i play ARMA 2 and OA religiously day in day out

    but have expeirienced a problem and i need to eliminate it

    about 4 days ago i heard a pop snap sound come from my machine then within 24hrs further more gaming the machine switches off and restarts automaticly

    and now im lucky to get like 3 hours arma gaimng till it switches off again

    i dont get any blue screen so im safe to assume my ram is good

    and i guess if it was to be a motherboard problem i wouldnt be able to switch the machine on let alone play games

    my graphix card does get hot i done atest and its peaked around 79-80c whilst in game

    finger maby pointing towards the power supply box perhaps ??

    i have my side case opened ive cleaned out any dust present and now blowing a 12" desktop fan into the case but i still get the shutdowns

    has anyone had simular issues or any experience in what it could be before i spend cash on replacements ?

    my machine is a i7 quad core i have 6gig ddr3 ram motherboard is P6T-SE and my graphics card is a NVIDIA 9800GT

    sorry if post is in wrong location but im new to the site and learning to find my feet :)

    kind regards SASsnipey

    It's almost definitely a PSU problem. If you want to be particularly sure, download memtest86, burn it to a disk and boot into it and let it run. Should show up any possible RAM failures.

    I wouldn't bother with PSU testers, most of them are junk, and the ones that are not are probably more expensive than a good replacement PSU.

    With a system like yours, I would recommend something like a 500-600W Corsair PSU, which you can get from most decent online retailers.

    What sort of PSU do you have currently?

  9. I was going to go on a long winded rant about how since he had the choice to not join the military, but did anyway, his complaints are rendered invalid,

    What's your point? There's quite a lot of people who come out of military service with a strong anti-war stance.

  10. Suggest Ultra X4 series power supplies. They have a "real" active PFC, high class capacitors, and also warrant a lifetime warranty as most only warrant 3yrs with limited support. You pay more for it, but you get what you pay for, my previous Ultra lasted over 5yrs....still works but 550watts has limit of what it can support. I went with the X4 850watt. Has plenty of Amps down the 12v rail and will provide enough wattage in case you wanted to Xfire or SLI.

    Also its the only power supply out that is truly modular (basically you plug in and use what cables you need instead of the thread of spaghetti coming out the of the power supply) as they hold the patent, all other manufactures either state "modular" but have the main thread of cables still coming out and have a couple cables modular or they paid licensing.

    All of these things don't really mean anything... what OEM makes them?

    EDIT: A quick glance through some reviews suggests they are decent but not spectacular. Better off with some Seasonics really.

  11. Well, if the weapons cannot leave the premises, does it matter?

    I think the argument that people would make are that they want to collect or tweak the weapons, and don't want to use some weapon that everyone else is going to use and abuse.

    I guess what I'm talking about is a range, except you have to keep the weapons you own in it.