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  1. @ ch 123:

    I got the motherboard, rocessor, graphics card and power supply.

    I just need the hard drive, disk drive, computer case, memory, speakers and monitor.

    However, I got a 19" plasma screen TV that I'm using as monitor. It's set 720p. Would i be able to use it for the gaming PC?

    AFAIK, plasma screens can get some nasty screen burn-in (i.e. a still image will burn itself into the screen that you constantly see it). I'm not sure if that is still the case, but you might want to read into it first.

  2. Interesting fact I saw the other day, not sure if it's been pointed out, or whether it was blatantly obvious to people more perceptive than I am -

    The ominous, deep-pitched, slow music played at various points throughout the film is the introduction of the Edith Piaf song slowed down.

  3. Hi Baff1

    Ahah you are talking about HARM missile targets! Which are probable targets of UCAVs in the first place.

    The whole idea of the UCAV is to take control of the enemy airspace by removing all its assets. EG, Jammers, Radars, Radar controled missiles, Radio attenas and pilot in the plane type aircraft.

    When they turn on to Jam or to hack the enemey system you become a target and they just send a simple stupid anti radiations missile down the track to the source and BOOM! No more jammer.

    As I said do you realy think the Pentagon is that stupid.

    As to cracking the command codes well there are million dollar prizes for the person who comes up with a method of cracking commerical code algorythms.

    Just do a google search for: prize for cracking encryption algorithm

    Government signals encrytion tends to be even tighter.

    Like I said Governments tend to be all over this.

    Kind Regards walker

    Wasn't it reported a few months ago that insurgents in Pakistan or Afghanistan were hacking into UAVs and watching their video feed?

  4. I've never had any trouble on the CM boards either.

    Threads like this just ran and ran and ran and went on for hundreds of pages.

    And then you would have guys on this board quoting them here and guys on their boards quoting posts from over here...

    Sometimes such threads their boards would reduce into a miserable fanboy flame fest, and othertimes the equivalent thread on this board would.

    Broadly speaking I find the moderation on both to be excellent.

    You must have missed the disappearing threads... literally.

  5. I wonder just how easy it's going to be to design an engine that would offer a worthwhile increase in efficiency and scalability over the current one.

    It's very easy for people to say "Game X looks better than ArmA 2 and yet it runs better on my machine." The reality is that you have to consider the scale of what BIS' engine is generating. Things like the Source engine, championed as the wonder engine that runs great on the slowest of PCs, would shit itself over half of what the BIS engine has to do (case in point - Garry's Mod will eat a well spec'd computer on big maps with lots of objects) Hell, I'm sure there's probably an argument to be made for BIS' engine being the most efficient computer game engine out there. Who knows? Certainly not going to be simple to improve on it in a way that justifies the years of work and millions of euros that a substantial rewrite would take.

    As for SLI. Last time I checked the Valve hardware surveys, only 2% of Steam users (which I would consider a good representative sample of PC gamers as you will ever get) have SLI systems. Should BIS go to all that effort to cater to them? I'm not so sure.

  6. MP suffers drastic engine limitations, and so does the addon management. Thankfully BIS is trying to fix some of these problems.

    Wait, if it's an 'engine limitation', then it cannot be fixed without rewriting the engine surely?

    And what problems with MP/addon management are caused by actual engine limitations?

    There's lots of people who throw this phrase around, but don't have the facts to back it up with.

  7. Going by this your suggesting they stick with the current engine forever and never bother creating a new one. Can they really survive by keeping the same engine and never starting again? I dont think so.

    As one other poster said, sooner or later they need to create a new engine.

    Could you qualify why the engine must be replaced with your obviously excellent knowledge of the limitations of the engine?

  8. I think the problem with these discussions is that no one outside of BIS really knows or appreciates what the engine is capable of, or not as the case may be. This leads to lots of "HURR DURR CRYSIS ENGINE" posts which are entirely pointless.

    Similarly, while the main underlying engine mechanics have remained the same since OFP came out, it seems to me that lots of things have been changed or tacked on successfully... I really doubt that much of the graphics code from the OFP days is still kicking around in OA.