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  1. Yea the A10 is a fine plane why would you want to take it out?

    The way I read it was that thunderbird wanted to replace the A10 LGB not the regular one. I love the A10 but I think something like the F16 would be more suited for the bomber role.

    BTW thunderbird, in the 2005 version are you going to replace the green camoed A10 with the modern grey camo?

  2. The daisy cutter bomb dropped by the Mc-130 flies in the air and doesnt explode. Certain guns use incorrect ammo/mag types eg. Enfield with 5 round 7.62x54mm instead of the real 10 round .303, or the Mas-36 SMG with an AK mag. I noticed recently in RHS t-55 pack that they have some nice looking NVA t55s. They'd be cool n this mod. So would INQ's M60A1.