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  1. Taken from http://www.taos-inc.com/atwpns.htm -

    "The AT-7 can be fired from the shoulder as well as from the tripod but this requires a great deal more skill."

    Well, I suppose the East side could do with some equivalent of the American's guided missiles, eve if they aren't as good. You're right though, all other AT missiles are tripod or vehicle fired.

    Edit: The AT-7 was developed from a captured M47 Dragon and was designed for the same role.

  2. The only bug i have noticed is if you are looking at a dude who is wearing the NVG's and looking through his bino's the bino's are replaced with the NVG model so you can see four green dots peering at you :ghostface:

    What? The Binocs are the same as before unless you replaced them with NVG's.

    Thats a common bug that affects the game anyway even if you have the default model AFAIK

  3. Ok, I know very little about using O2, i was messing around with a model and I wanted to make it smaller, I read you needed to use some scaling tool, but I dont know where this is or how to use it, can anyone give me some help?

  4. In the eighties a regular Russian RPG Grenadier would have been isssued with a RPG-18/22, not the RPG-7 as in older versions of the mod. Could this be changed for the latest version? Also, IMHO SYF's Browning HP would be a much better sidearm for the FIA as opposed to the CZ-75, I'm not sure what anyone else thinks about this.