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  1. jackal, i saw something interesting at the armory yesterday, a UMP40 & UMP9, the 9mm version has a curved magazine; never really payed attenion & didn't know they existed, seeing as we never us the UMPs. seeing as you've made the UMP40 or 45, dont remember which, it would require minimal modeling to make the straight magazine curved, would it not? you should also consider making the HK416, it's what i carry as opposed to the m4. it's basically a high, match-grade copy of the m4, made by HK, but of course. a lot of guys i know are purchasing it on their own in our unit, but either way it will see action.

    A UMP-9 is no much for a good 'ol MP5, as for the HK 416, give me a Diemaco SFW anyday!

  2. Theres a couple of good addon replacements I thought up of, but i think I've forgotten most of them sad_o.gif The ones I remember are-

    1985 Pack -

    INQ M60A1 - http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=7441

    SJB M16A2 (the CSLA one looks nice but is soo inpropotionate)

    Martin_BM Mp5


    2005 Pack -

    SJB Mk.23 for specops

    m60a3 replaced with M1A1 (the US stopped using the m60 in '97)

    BAS laser designator

    SYF Hi-Power for resistance

    DKM Tunguska

    CBT Bradley-Linebacker instead of M163

    Asian Crisis-

    RHS type 69 insted of resistance T55

    Makarov for resistance troops (the makarov used to be used by the chinese)

    Theyre just some recommendations, dont change anything if its gona hold up the release of the pack for another 3 months! rofl.gif

  3. Steyrs

    Steyr IW

    Cav Steyr (short barrel)

    Steyr IW with Kite-Sight


    Spotter's Steyr with Leupold sight

    ARW Steyr

    ARW Steyr with Meprolight-Reflex sight


    a silenced Steyr for the ARW

    These will be compatible with JAM, BIS and ADF Steyr mags

    misc weapons


    Carl Gustav

    L96A1 and/or AWM

    Browning 9mm

    What about the ARW weapons such as the p226, the hk33sg1, minimi, the remington 870 mp5 etc. Also the M136-AT4 and the Javelin. Not much of an issue 'cuz all the above have been made.

  4. In other news, I should hopefully be uploading a few images of various weapons in short order. Expect to see the almost-finished WA200 and the G3. I might include some more shots of the FAMAS G2, but I'm not too sure yet.

    Cant wait for those G3 screenshots. smile_o.gif Meh, never liked the Famas anyway.... wink_o.gif

  5. I think it's fair to say that BAS's Pilots/Deltas/Rangers/Seals have been long outshadowed by Laser's excelent work.

    Okay, I wasn't dissing their work, I remeber full well first playing with their Delta/Ranger pack when it was first released nd having the same sense of amazement when I first tried Laser or RHS' units, what I'm saying is that they now look a bit outdated in comparison to more recent addons.

  6. I believe that the loading of only 29 rounds is due to the fact that they want to help prevent rounds from jamming, but if I'm not mistaken this is only done for the M16 "family," which may or may not include M4s and the like.

    As far as I know, other assault rifles DO have their magazines loaded up fully so that they hold 30 rounds.



    This is another SpecOps trick; if a fully-loaded magazine isn't fired regularily it will gradually begin to loose its 'springyness' (this is with most guns, not just the M16). This is necessary for SpecOps because they could go for days without firing any rounds, but for regular troops, it is not necessary.

  7. I know from many secondhand sources that many soldiers who have used ASSAULT RIFLES load tracer rounds near the END of their magazine, so that they have a visual warning that they need to change their magazine soon.

    Thats an SAS trick, they load a tracer into the 2nd last place so they now that they'll no they only have one bullet left (SAS always fire rifle/smgs in semi auto). I'd seriously doubt that the regular Russian/American/Guerilla troops would have the luxury/expertise to do that.