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  1. Hes got a point, I dont like those orange AK-47 mags, I much prefer the traditional Metal ones.

    They're not AK-47 mags, but AK-74 mags IIRC...

    Newer ones are made of plastic to reduce weight.

    No, theyre Bakelite AK47 magazines. In Afghanistan, the Spetznaz used the AK47 over the AK74 because they'd wear the heavy metal mags over their chest as a form of body armour..

  2. Okay, RHS is definatly at the top

    ORCS has several guns that RHS doesnt

    The Polish Mod have the best Dragunov and PKM, IMHO

    Vilas Mod has a good AK104

    The texture quality of Hoyts weapons isn't great but it has some good guns

    E&S have some fancy customized Spec Ops guns

    and INQ has the only RPK-47 that I know of

  3. I plan to expand the content of the pack, hopefully including a few AK variants

    If you do plan to make any Russian weapons, dont make AK-47s or AK-74s cause theres plenty of them already. Instead you should try making some less known weapons. like the Bizon, PYa Yargin, SV-98 etc.

  4. Hi thunderbird84,to be frankly I shall draw a negtive response to the idea of Asia MOD. mad_o.gif CYCLE6,a number of VME,asked whether you've got the permission to use PLA as the opponent side,what's worse,against Japanese.The nowaday relationship between China ,my motherland,and Japan is not the same as that of France and Gemany.You may worsen that among the civilians both of China and Japan.

    I think three things should be pointed out here -

    1. In the original game, the Russians are potrayed as opposition (even to the extent that in the Russian campign, you end up fighting against the Russians), yet do you see any Russians complaining about this fact?

    2. In the original VME version, the chinese were on the 'opposition' east size, I dunno why any member of the VME would find this suprising.

    3. (most importantly) THIS IS A GAME! If you dont like it, no-ones forcing you to download and play it.