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  1. Quote[/b] ]But do you plan to make an FFUR WWII huh.gif It could be nice... But not neccesary

    No , as I explained a few weeks ago , we won't do it for simple reasons , how could we replace the choppers for a WWII conversion ?

    Stick a teutonic cross on a hind and hope for the best rofl.gif

    Seriously though, it would be interesting idea, but would it be Russian vs. Germans, America vs. Germans, Russians vs. America?! crazy_o.gif You'd never be able to substitute WW2 units into a 1980s war.

  2. Has it not occurred to anyone that WHEN the FFUR Pack is released, according to custom you will find out about it in ADDONS & MODS: COMPLETE?

    If TB84 has anything to say as to when he is releasing it, it will appear here, but not links to the actual download when it is ready.

    Yeah, thought of that, thats why I check BOTH forums everyday rofl.gif

  3. It would be nice to have deployable bipods that would help help stabalize the gun and could be deployed on windows and walls ect.

    This could be done quite easily. If youve ever played Raven SHield, youll notice that your operative automatically deploys his bipod when he goes prone. You could have this system in OFP, and then have a setting in config that sigifcantly cuts down recoil when you're prone.

  4. Ok, in OFP1 the secondary weapons slot was restricted to Rocket launchers, I think it should be expanded to weapons like regular grenade launchers, shotguns, SMGs etc. Another thing, there should be a quick change button to secondary weapons, like the way you press 'Y' to bring out your sidearm. If there was a function like this it would be very handy to quickly bring out your RPG if you see some incoming armour.

  5. Another one -> the way disposable rocket launchers like the LAW or RPG-18 are dealt with. Currently theres only two options. One is the unrealistic way in which its treated like a reloadable launcher. This is the only way we can have multiple shots. The more relaistic way is if the soldier is scripted to drop the launcher after hes fired but in that way he only can have one rocket. So, what we need is a combination of the both ie. the launcher is diposed of, but the soldier can then pull out a new one. I think this could easily be solved by a better inventory system, as I suggested in the Inventory tread, something like H&D2's system would be good.

  6. I dont think BIS should be working on more guns, I mean; OFP started out with only the basic American & soviet weapons now thanks to Flashpoint's skilled and dedicated modders, we now have practically every gun you could want. I think BIS should work on making weapons handling more realistic.

  7. per weapon stance specific recoil modifiers. ie. less recoil in prone than standing. this is a big one to me. no reason a weapons recoil while standing should be the same when prone/ supported.

    I dont know if this is the case in the original game, but I know that in Mods like FFUR the recoil is significantly lower when prone.

  8. No matter how many MiGs there are, all of China's MiGs have outdated hardware. The only thing that would probably work would be their guns since the F22 is stealth and has paint which reduces it's heat signature. That makes radar-guided missiles and heat-seekers useless. Plus, don't forget about the B-2. It takes luck just to see it at night.

    If a MiG got close enough to an F/A-22 it would easily be able to get a lock. With the wide proliferation of modern manerouverable missiles such as the AA-11, it wouldn't be impossible to shoot down an F-22. The Raptor isn't invisible, it just merely has a higher chance of getting the first shot, which is really what air combat comes down to. As for the B2, the newest Russian SAMs are aparently able to get a lock, and they'd be dead meat if they were intercepted by fighters. Thats why the US only use them at night.

  9. I just couln`t find anything on google, but about a month ago, I saw on an aviation magazine the testing of a F117 oriented on the bombing in the daylight; so it wasn`t a Nighthawk serie and had a Blue/Grey pattern.

    Had anyone else seen this plane, and above all, Jen would you

    be interested in making that version?

    Rumor has it that they are thinking of going to USAF Grey/Blue scheme soon. Maybe it was a test plane?

    that said, pastel grey, blue and white is the one that they origanly used on Have Blue( prototypes) as seen in previous pics in this thread, it proved to reduce visibility at night better than black does. But as everyone knows real men don't fly pastel color planes rofl.gif Offical Reason. To make it look more intimidating (ie like Darth Vader's hemlet rofl.gif ).

    Sorry forgot to mention how cool this plane is looking so far! Can't wait to see what you end up doing to this beast! Dynamic destruction of planes is what you are developing? And Dynamic Reflective Glass? notworthy.gif

    Youre quite right -RuN-, the USAF tested out a grey camo for its F-117s for day time raids, I'm not to sure if they actually adopted it, but I say they will eventually. Heres some pics -



  10. But you can be sure you won't miss it in ofp.cz once the whole stuff's online.

    Well Ofp.cz isn't working for me. So just maybe.....they could be working on releasing it! biggrin_o.gif

    Yes, to accomodate the huge file, the boys at OFP.info have had to make a couple of compromises, first off; taking down their website.... rofl.gif