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  1. I think the problem with these discussions is that no one outside of BIS really knows or appreciates what the engine is capable of, or not as the case may be. This leads to lots of "HURR DURR CRYSIS ENGINE" posts which are entirely pointless. Similarly, while the main underlying engine mechanics have remained the same since OFP came out, it seems to me that lots of things have been changed or tacked on successfully... I really doubt that much of the graphics code from the OFP days is still kicking around in OA.
  2. I haven't played anything after Raven Shield, and I have absolutely no intention of doing so... The concept of those games was simple, yet almost infinitely replayable, and they pissed on it to turn it into another boring console FPS, sigh...
  3. The lulz I'd imagine. On a similar vain but from a different perspective, if the thread and all it's posts are going to be deleted, does it really matter if people reply to it?
  4. I have my doubts. I have the funny feeling that the sequel is going to be "tight" and "focused" in the same way that Rainbow Six Vegas was more "tight" and "focused" than Rogue Spear...
  5. No flamebaiting here bro, just agreeing what that poster's excellent assessment of the situation. I wonder what percentage of BIS' income comes from VBS relative to the consumer games. I'd be willing to bet that they make more money on VBS than the games, and if so, the deciding factor on whether or not the engine needs to get replaced is whether the engine is capable of handling simulations. Things like graphics and physics are only issues insofar as they affect the utility of the software, if it's only for aesthetics then it's not worth rewriting the whole thing over. Besides, in the wonderful world of corporate/government software, customers tend to like stuff that has been in use/development for a long time - not only for backwards compatibility, but for stability as well. Rewriting the main part of your software for the lulz is the easiest way to scare serious customers off.
  6. I'm glad you agree. We need more people like you on this thread.
  7. Thankfully the game doesn't implement broken scopes, and couldn't do so in a meaningful way. Unless of course, BIS should completely rewrite the engine from scratch to implement that.
  8. Newsflash - Poll shows 56% of people have no idea what they're on about.
  9. Does this sort of thing actually happen in real life? I'd imagine that weapon attachments would be added and removed back in the base, and not whilst out on a mission.
  10. You'd be better off with a Phenom II. Quicker, and the future upgrade options are much better.
  11. echo1

    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty released

    That, and lack of LAN.
  12. In before someone suggests using whatever latest engine Crytek has in a non-ironic way. *deploys parachute* Congratulations son, you understand the realities of software development... Now, if only everyone could follow suit...
  13. Do you have anything to qualify how this particular information is a threat to people's lives, or are you just barking like a rabid dog?
  14. My opinion is that little green men killed them all. Anyone who disagrees is disseminating propaganda and bias. This is what I feel.
  15. Are you saying that the Taliban and NATO agendas are morally equivocal?
  16. That said, I am looking forward to it for one very important reason - Remember the epic flamewars on both forums? *nostalgic grin*
  17. Same studio? Does this mean we have to endure more "Imma cool gangsta" videos of Sion Lenton with M4s with the carry handle mounted backwards at the front of the rifle? I'm not sure I could take more of that - I was left in a pretty fragile psychological state by the last ones...
  18. The problem is that no one is really in a position to make an objective decision on such things. The public will blow the whistle for the lulz, and the military will hide everything up to protect it's own ass. Bit of a lose-lose situation really.
  19. Except for when it is stuff like this -
  20. What make is the PSU? And +1 for the GTX 460.
  21. It's almost definitely a PSU problem. If you want to be particularly sure, download memtest86, burn it to a disk and boot into it and let it run. Should show up any possible RAM failures. I wouldn't bother with PSU testers, most of them are junk, and the ones that are not are probably more expensive than a good replacement PSU. With a system like yours, I would recommend something like a 500-600W Corsair PSU, which you can get from most decent online retailers. What sort of PSU do you have currently?
  22. I remember this was a big problem in Windows Vista when MS started enforcing access control, but I have had no issues with it in 7.
  23. echo1

    Questionable video on war.

    What's your point? There's quite a lot of people who come out of military service with a strong anti-war stance.
  24. All of these things don't really mean anything... what OEM makes them? EDIT: A quick glance through some reviews suggests they are decent but not spectacular. Better off with some Seasonics really.
  25. echo1

    US Government to consider flying car

    I think you'll find that an awful lot of things are vulnerable to fire...