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  1. I can also confirm not working at all for me on main branch and using latest dropbox version and latest CBA.... Mod seems loaded on map screen but startup hint does not show, and no part of the mod is working in game.
  2. Thanks Cheesy.. Great mod, keep up the good work :)
  3. The error is related to the new CBA Keybindings..... Check out CBA thread... Reverting to older CBA version gets rid of problem. Can OP fix this please ?
  4. cub1

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Rydygier... Sorted my save game problem. I had the @african_conflict mod enabled but not its dependency mod - @nato_russian_sf_weapons which gave me an error, but I couldn't see it as I had "No Logs" in launch parameters set. All is now well, save games work. Great mission btw... subscribed and voted !
  5. cub1

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I am using version 1.85c and have a problem with savegames. I know about the steam workshop not saving games so I downloaded from Armaholic. Played for about an hour and got shot, so reloaded my latest autosave from the menu. But instead of the save loading, I had the setup menu come up for the mission and had to start over. Now, it may be my mod soup which is as follows : @cba_a3 @TPW_Mods @african_conflict @asdg_attachments @asr_ai3 @caf_ag @ryd_incognito @speedofsoundv2 @tort_dynamicweather @tpwcas_a3 @unlocked_uniforms and a few other smaller mods like @l_twitch etc Has this happened to anyone else ? Thank you. FIXED SAVEGAME see below...
  6. Maybe because... I quote "Weapon Selection Menu • This menu will be available as an action on player within the first minute upon activating this mod. This allows the possibility of fully customize your initial loadout before commencing your mission. A mission can often feel drastically different when playing with different kind of weapons"
  7. I use "GlovePie" for this exact reason. Changed win left to use win right using the script : Key.LeftWindows = Keyboard.RightWindows http://glovepie.en.softonic.com/
  8. Fantastic.. Thank you so much for this... Downloading now.... Cheers.
  9. Hi Mikey, Nice to see your working on another version of AISS, but while I wait, is AISS2 compatible with ASR AI by Robalo, and if so, do you need to alter either or both userconfigs to suit ? As I notice ASR AI has a radio range parameter similar to yours to enable the AI to communicate with each other on the battlefield. I am talking about using both of these mods together in singleplayer. All the best on your surgery... regards, Cub 1.
  10. Great mod 2fast.. Just wondered if we could change key binds using a userconfig file. I know you can edit the hotkey.sqf which I did but messed the whole thing up ! I also haven't got a Win left key only a Win right key on my keyboard. Thanks. EDIT: Now using "GlovePie" for the above. http://glovepie.en.softonic.com/ Script : Key.LeftWindows = Keyboard.RightWindows
  11. Whoa Mikey... What's happened. I for one love the mod and really appreciate all the effort you have put into it, don't give up. I use this along with FFIS, JSRS and Blastcore - can't live without these. Just wanted to say thanks and don't let the b'stards grind you down !
  12. Sproyd... "Let me know if you'd like me to release this version." Yes please release as I need something to take my mind off the in-laws over Christmas ! Merry Xmas to all :)
  13. Suppression effects on player seem to work in singleplayer and the squad hud, however the voices of your squad have been muted (obviously for multiplayer) so no target call outs. I know singleplayer isn't the purpose of this game mode but was just curious.
  14. Hi Guys, loving the mod and gameplay. Is there any chance this mod could be converted to suit singleplayer as you have done wonders with extras like suppression, first aid and the squad hud etc. Just wondered.........
  15. Thank you Kronzky. Was just playing with your old version of this mod combined with the Firefight Improvement System and was using the recruit nearest soldier option to keep my squad together when they all panic and leave the group. Gonna try new version now....
  16. cub1

    WW AICover

    Yeh, very annoying all the calling "ready, waiting" etc. I tried installing the "MRB A3 Voice Stop" mod but it made everyone totally mute. We need someone to make a reduced voices mod. Time to visit the request thread.... or maybe Windwalking or TPW can help ? :pray: Keep it up guys - loving the mods.
  17. Commo Rose addon will not reload when reloading a saved game that has the addon in it. This may be the way with other addons as well. L etranger can you fix this when you have a minute please, or is it a BIS bug ?.
  18. I'm with Kremator on this one. I also use Commo Rose all the time in singleplayer and would love more features/updates.
  19. Thanks for quick reply.......... yes. Running CBA_A3, dfs_3rdperson_A3, Babe_midtex, JSRS2.0Alpha, TPW_FALL_v112, TPW_LOS_v103 and zooloo75. Hmm maybe a conflict ? Will try running separate. Ta.
  20. Hi, When hit by AI gunfire in singleplayer I get knocked to the ground -works fine, but I thought some versions back you made it so the player (me) stays on the deck. Lately I noticed I automatically go back to kneeling or standing position and then as a result get hit and die while recovering my position. Prefered it before -when hit you stay prone. Just my opinion. Thanks.
  21. Loving this one Zooloo75. One thing I have noticed is AI tend to jump or bunnyhop all over the place.... just like COD multiplayer ! Both enemy AI and my team AI. Running your mod plus TMR, JSRS Sounds and VTS Gesture.
  22. Thanks tpw, that works perfect. Much appreciated. Still getting the grit out of my teeth !
  23. I was just about to post exactly this request. Player state should remain prone after hitting the deck. Great addon btw.
  24. Yes, I know it overrides the difficulty settings in Profile.cfg, but what about when AI is configured within the mission, which takes precedence ?
  25. Does this mod overwrite the AI difficulty that is set in the mission by the mission maker. For instance, I am running this mod and playing Soak's mission "A Whole of Stratis" in singleplayer, and he has set the difficulty within the mission himself. So, if I lower difficulty using Zeus AI Skills Mod will it work properly ? Thanks...