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  1. Quote[/b] ]M240 is the Stupid Yanks way of saying MAG 58, the rest of the world Calls it the MAG 58 why carn't they?

    For the same reason the Brits call it a GPMG or L7A2, and the Canadians call it a C6, and Estonia call it a Ksp 58, and Indonesia call it a SPM2-V2 GPMG, and so on... mad_o.gif

    Nice addition mate, always welcome.

  2. I can't comment on the current situation at Sahrani radio. Until I am allowed to make an official statement you'll all please have to wait.

    The radio station should broadcast any news about this "possible" kidnaping. Stay tuned.

    On that note, if you have any ideas how we can improve please send us a PM or e-mail. smile_o.gif

  3. on the subject of Lilt cans - if anyone who lives in the UK, and has a craving for the glow in the dark sugar syrup that is lilt aaaand owns a scanner, would like to help us out - buying a 330ml can of Lilt (no refund available from UKF) and cutting the top and bottom off, cutting along the side of the cylinder thats left and flattening it out onto a scanner would be very helpful (as well as the top and bottom) - apparently they don't sell Lilt in Denmark


    And my mission begin's tounge2.gif

    I shall endevour to find one for you, however it seems the lilt supply has become somewhat short over here these days. Bottles are plentiful, cans, a struggle.

  4. Mavericks can't be fired from a Tornado, take it from someone who spent a week at RAF Marham with the engineers. But hey, taking first hand knowledge on isn't your strong point here is it.

    Believe something from Google or from someone who did work experience on the aircraft for a week, and trust me, the large amounts of tea breaks leads to lengthy discussions. But what ever. Websites also say that WW2 never happend and the moon is made of cheese...

    Stop with the pompous attitude yourself, your not doing yourself any favours as by now, im pritty sure not many people care about your addon its self, more just your shocking attitude.

  5. Bill mate, long time no chat, hows things?

    Aye we ported a version over to ArmA from OFP. Slightly different from our OFP ones cause of ArmA script nature, however ours still carry extra magazines, AT Rocket, some strobes and flares, a first aid kit and a parachute (cause we cant be bothered to model it tounge2.gif )

  6. You are planning to do 54 divisions worth of re-skins?!

    Good god man, the pbo size would run into the GB's to do that. One texture file for a rifleman for example is about 1.3mb on its own. 54 of them, plus 54 of all the other tpyes, machine gunner, sf etc...

    Better thing to do is to wait for the tools so you can have it so the user can add the division badge by setobjecttexture. Dont think you can do it atm the moment though, not without the long awaited tools.

  7. Good point, try rolling back the drivers maybe to an earlier version to see if that helps, it may be that the more advanced card doesn't like the current drivers.

    Oh and I this helps for anyone suffering from the problem indicated in the start of the topic. I highly doubt Kevlar will be able to understand this as help and will just moan again.

  8. You know what, shut the hell up mate.

    One thing, you aint gonna get any useful help when as soon as someone tries to help you, you bite their fucking heads off. Grow the hell up for god sake. Yes its incredable frustraiting when things dont work, switch off the computer, calm down and try again in a bit and try not to be so much of an ass.

    This community is very different from a lot of other ones, it doesn't take too kindly to pathetic posting when something doesn't go your way.

    Put it simply, the games engine architecture can not completely guarentee a fully supported game when running a Dx10 card or software thats too advanced. OFP for example I lost performance when I upgraded my GPU.

    It'll be driver issues with back compatability as it has already been pointed out to you, countless times and is obvious through out the forum.

    Patience is the name of the game here, not rude and pathetic comments posted with poor judegment.

  9. Aye the 2 will work fine mate.

    Open My Computer and find your directory ArmA is installed. Usually its on the "C" disk, then the folder program folder, Bohemia Interactive folder then the ArmA folder and then in there find the addons folder, put the .pbo file which you'll find in the rar once you've extracted it. Put this pbo file in your addons folder and then run ArmA.

    The addons are then found on the BLUFOR side. smile_o.gif

  10. Woooohh, Bloody hell.

    Take it somewhere else please. I'm pritty sure it was an innocent phrase, but christ mate, calm down, and at least do it over PM so not to clutter the thread with offtopic mess.

    On-Topic now, still working on getting it all uploaded and sorted though and hopefully we'll get the final stuff out soon.

  11. Okay then, due to a Sasy style FUBAR  tounge2.gif Only joking mate, the wrong version was uplaoded using the old textures and the like. So until we can get the raabaddons.rar changed. I've thrown it up in a rar.

    The changes are basically some newly textured units thanks very much to Jonny who helped me out with them, and all the fixed changes sasy mentioned earlier.

    So, enjoy, oh and a photo at last.



    Hopefully we're gonna have a new SA80 sorted out as well soonish which we'll bang in there, as a seperate addon (as that wont be open source) in the RAABAddons folder. Will give you a heads up though once thats getting closer.

    p.s. The helmet guy was just me messing around so dont go mentioning that its not the correct Mk.6. I just threw it in for the hell of it.