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  1. General Information Overview The Royal Air Assault Battalion was formed during November 2004 with the goal of becoming one of the premier British Squads for Operation Flashpoint:Resistance. We pride ourselves on our realisitic representation of the British Army slightly modified to suit ArmA and our members needs but like any squad we enjoy a good laugh aswell. As Armed Assault came around a number of changes where made and now RAAB is back again, with the same goal of becoming one of the premier British Squads for Armed Assault. RAAB is a fictional unit of 16th Air Assault Brigade who act mainly as a Quick Reaction Force, ready to deploy to on any operation required of us at short notice whether supporting other units during a large scale operation to operating without support behind enemy lines. Being an Air Assault Unit with 525 Squadron (another fictional unit) available to provide air support, RAAB has a large number of options available to undertake and successfully complete any operation they are tasked with. ----------------------------------------------------------- RAAB is currently recruiting, but has limited places left. If you want to apply then visit the forums at www.raab2.co.uk today! ----------------------------------------------------------- Structure The Royal Air Assault Battalion is broken down into different sections, currently these are: Battalion HQ Section - This section is the core of all operations. Containing the OC and Battalion Sgt. Major. All orders will handed out to others from this section. 1st Platoon HQ, 1, 2 & 3 Rifle Sections - These 3 rifle sections are made up of 8 infantry soldiers per section, each lead by a Corporal (IC) who is assisted by a Lance Corporal (2IC). There is also a Platoon HQ where the Plt Com. and Plt. Sgt are found. Currently, the below are not yet operational but will be shortly... 2nd Platoon Fire Support and Logistics - Responsible for all our heavy weapons such as Javalins, GPMG's, HMG's and ground transport. Sniper Recce - Responsible for all pathfinder activites such as securing LZ's and so on for the main force. Air Support Section - This is the AAC unit dedicated to RAAB operations. Providing transport and air support for the sections on the ground, this section is key to RAABs success. With more members more sections will open up allowing us to undertake more challenging operations. See our website (Coming Soon) for more information on these sections. Training In The Royal Air Assault Battalion we spend around 60% of our time training. This is broke down into Training Sessions and Tactical Exercises. RAAB's training program consists of 11 sessions which have been broken up into the following catergories: Current Military Syllabus Recruit - 5 sessions Current Military Syllabus Advanced Training - 5 sessions Parachute Training - 1 session Each member is expected to complete all the training sessions ASAP. More indepth information on training sessions is available on our website. Unlike operations, a Tactical Exercise (TacEx) is available to every member of RAAB no matter what training they have undertaken. The idea behind a Tac Ex is to allow members to learn the basics of training sessions they have not undertaken while allowing NCOs to see which area's people and the squad as a whole need to improve on. Respawn is used during these to allow members to gain full experience from the exercise. Tac Exs are done very often. Operations These are live sessions in which all the training and hard work will come together. There are two types of operations RAAB deploy on, both played without respawn, which are known as Single Operations and Tours. Single Operations These are exactly as they sound, a single operation which is completed in one sit-in. Usually lasting 2+ hours these can be anywhere doing anything. General information and intel will be available to RAAB members a few days before hand to allow us to work out a time to deploy that suits most members. These are the most common type of operation RAAB undertake. Tours Made up of several operations in a certain area (island) with a fictional background from the Operations Team, tours last around a month and are very demanding. Members are given the chance to earn Campaign Badges, invaluable experience and respect for getting through alive. These are to be announced months before hand to allow the Training Wing to provide build up training and to allow members to gain the qualifications needed to attend. Joint-Ops RAAB like to do operations with other like minded squads. It allows us to take on larger scale operations and work with new people. If you believe your squad may be interested in a joint-op feel free to contact us via. our forums. Fun and Games Although we take what we do seriously, we like to have a laugh. We allow our members to use the server for things other than coops. This is good for team building and light stress relief after your parachute failed to deploy at the beginning of the last operation. ----------------------------------------------------------- Testimonies Name: 2Lt SasyBoy Rank: Bat OC Serving: Since time was time Been in RAAB for ages and it’s always been a hard core co-op squad based on real military tactics and effective team play.  The founders of RAAB (Cpl Chris (VCB) and Lt MunkD (Rtd)) set the blue print of things to come.  We’ve had so many changes over the years but we’ve kept a strong emphasis on keeping it real and fresh. Recently as I’m sure you’ve read we’ve moved to ArmA which is a really exciting time for our squad.  The battle field is so much more beautiful and developments in ArmA are coming out all the time.  It’s all good. We’re redeving everything from OFP making controllable parachutes, new training systems, tactical exercises and a wide selection of operations.  Being part of this happing and active squad is brill (but then I would say that).  Maybe just give us a go we’ve got some really skilled people here creating interesting and upbeat content weekly. If you're a dever, leader, player, team worker or a fantastic bloke in GMT +-2 we need you Name: LCpl David Rank/Possition: 2IC - 525 Squadron Serving: Longer than Cobra. I joined RAAB god knows how long ago not long after I had bought Operation Flashpoint. I was looking for a good, tactical squad to join with a good structure and good cooperation. I soon found RAAB, a rather small and new squad. However, under the excellent leadership of Munk and Sasyboy, RAAB quickly grew and became an excellent squad that was highly professional and fun to play with. Since then the squad has been through its ups and downs, as well as many changes (both good and bad). During my time in RAAB I have served in many roles; starting off as a LAW soldier (and proving I can't hit a thing), a UGL soldier and a rifleman. However, one of the highlights of my time in RAAB was when I managed to get into the AAC arm of RAAB (525 Squadron) and eventually ended up as 2IC within the squardon 525. During this time I somehow picked up a seemingly unshakeable reputation for crashing into trees (something I actually rarely ever did). Name: LCpl Greg Rank/Possition: 2IC - 1 section Serving: Bloody ages I started playing OFP since its release date way back when, but never actually joined the comunity until about 2003. Before then I had never installed any user addons or missions, and most of the time OFP sat ignored on my desk. However, upon joining a missions making team, we were aproached by a RAAB member, telling us about the clan. I joined the forums, signed up, and booked my BAT. Having never used PUKFs weapons or units before, I had barely an hours practice, had just installed TS2, and set off on what actually was my first online gaming session. Ever. Yet I passed, the lads taking the session told me what I did well, and what I was to improve, and then it led on from there, training and ops weekly, and great laughs too. ----------------------------------------------------------- What is The Royal Air Assault Battalion? RAAB is a British Coop Squad for Armed Assault which prides itself on realistic game play and our 'im too hard for the SAS' 'taches. What makes RAAB different from other squads? Unlike other ArmA clans, RAAB is a squad which is highly trained in tactics closely related to those used by the British Army. We spend most of our time training in these tactics so we're ready and able to deploy on operations when required. How often do you play? There is normally something happening with RAAB daily, whether its a training session, an operation, a tactical exercise or just a few of the lads having a laugh. RAAB normally deploys on live operations around once every week. Why do you not accept every application? To be a member of RAAB people need a certain abilities and mentality. In a squad which requires 100% teamwork to reach our goals it would not be good for the squad as a whole to accept somebody who wont follow orders. I dont have much free time right now, should I still apply? Unless you will be fully available within around a week we ask you do not apply. Having people without much free time join the squad means that they are holding up a slot which could be filled by a more active member. We do not expect you to be available all the time and as long as we are informed before hand do not have a problem with members taking leave. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time then we will remove you from a section and reassign you once you return. Im not British, can I still apply? Yes, aslong as the time difference doesn't stop you from attending sessions then you can apply (normally people outside GMT+/-2 have trouble with this) and you can speak English clearly. If I apply for a certain role will I get it? No, we will try and assign you as close as possible to the role of your choice but it all depends on what the squad needs. Is TeamSpeak really important? Not being able to use teamspeak will hinder your chances of being promoted above the rank of Private. Communication is a key part of any military operation and waiting for somebody to type out orders whilst under fire will end up getting people killed. You will however definatly need the program even if you dont have a mic. I’m an ex reg how can I help? By telling us how we could improve. We might think your ideas are shit but we always appreciate anything you suggest.  Please help us. I’m an ex reg do I need to train? Yes, ArmA is different to real life and we may not use the same training you have. Besides, it's important you are operating on the same level as other members so it’s best to sit in, at least then you can comment on what we do. Do I have to pay for the server? At the moment, no. Donations as beer money are always welcomed by the senior staff though.  :P Im a mission editor, can I help out? We have an inhouse operations team who design all our operations which you could join. All we ask is that you be patient, complete basic training and get some operational experience. Im an addon creator, can I help out? Yes, Armed Assault is a very new game and at the moment RAAB is having to create almost all of its content ourselves. So, as an addon creator you would be vauled. However, this is most definatly not a requirement. Where can I get the British Addons from? RAAB is developing a number of UK addons such as weapons and units under the RAABOpen. This is a free to modify collection of work as long as you follow the instructions laid out in the read me for crediting and so on. This addon is semi-public, instructions on obtaining it will be given to you upon notification of your interest. Is Queens Gambit (Expansion) required? At present, no, however the odd mission may be run on it from time to time. How do I apply? Before deciding to apply you should read through all the information on our site and decide if this is the right squad for you. If your not a person who can live with a structured squad with ranking and heavy teamwork involved then you need not apply. After reading through our recruitment process you will need to fill out the form for your application in the Applications thread on our forums.
  2. cobra@pulse

    MAG 58 with ACOG (M240)

    For the same reason the Brits call it a GPMG or L7A2, and the Canadians call it a C6, and Estonia call it a Ksp 58, and Indonesia call it a SPM2-V2 GPMG, and so on... Nice addition mate, always welcome.
  3. cobra@pulse

    Cant order AI to an exact spot. Frustrating!

    You should be able to select the AI and then use the action part of the command menu to tell him to "Heal squad leader 1 o'clock" or along those lines and he should come to you.
  4. cobra@pulse

    Interview with Ondrej Spanel ( Suma )

    File open URL in windows media player and paste in: http://sahraniradio.armedassault.eu:8000 Works at my school and we can't download any codecs or anything. Try that.
  5. cobra@pulse

    "I think i saw hopper"

    I can't comment on the current situation at Sahrani radio. Until I am allowed to make an official statement you'll all please have to wait. The radio station should broadcast any news about this "possible" kidnaping. Stay tuned. On that note, if you have any ideas how we can improve please send us a PM or e-mail.
  6. Good tutorial buffy, just gonna give it a go. Problem though, save my terrain in Wilbur, its 1025x1025 try to resize it in photoshop but its locked and I can't do it, can resize but then it doesn't let me re-save it as a PNG. What the hell?
  7. cobra@pulse

    ArmA Addon request thread

    You knows it bro  Tis a bitch and theres no smoke but it works. That'll be your left nut then please
  8. cobra@pulse

    Sahrani Radio in 2008

    Yay, whoo again. Good to have you back matey. Give us a buzz on MSN mate, still up for it like old times and the such
  9. cobra@pulse

    Project: UK Forces

    And my mission begin's I shall endevour to find one for you, however it seems the lilt supply has become somewhat short over here these days. Bottles are plentiful, cans, a struggle.
  10. cobra@pulse

    Tornado f3 & gr4

    Mavericks can't be fired from a Tornado, take it from someone who spent a week at RAF Marham with the engineers. But hey, taking first hand knowledge on isn't your strong point here is it. Believe something from Google or from someone who did work experience on the aircraft for a week, and trust me, the large amounts of tea breaks leads to lengthy discussions. But what ever. Websites also say that WW2 never happend and the moon is made of cheese... Stop with the pompous attitude yourself, your not doing yourself any favours as by now, im pritty sure not many people care about your addon its self, more just your shocking attitude.
  11. cobra@pulse

    Backpack idea

    Bill mate, long time no chat, hows things? Aye we ported a version over to ArmA from OFP. Slightly different from our OFP ones cause of ArmA script nature, however ours still carry extra magazines, AT Rocket, some strobes and flares, a first aid kit and a parachute (cause we cant be bothered to model it )
  12. cobra@pulse

    Project: UK Forces

    Beautiful guys, just, marvelous. Good luck with it all. Looking forward to the old friend the lilt can, ahh I miss it so. Top job and happy new year to you as well.
  13. cobra@pulse

    Customizing character skin/voice?

    Top left of the splash screen where theres a icon of a mans face and your name next to it. Click that
  14. cobra@pulse

    How To Retex unit

    You are planning to do 54 divisions worth of re-skins?! Good god man, the pbo size would run into the GB's to do that. One texture file for a rifleman for example is about 1.3mb on its own. 54 of them, plus 54 of all the other tpyes, machine gunner, sf etc... Better thing to do is to wait for the tools so you can have it so the user can add the division badge by setobjecttexture. Dont think you can do it atm the moment though, not without the long awaited tools.
  15. cobra@pulse

    British Royal Marines

    Should have a rather nice SA80 on its way very shorty, just need the SUSAT mapped and we're away, unfortunatly it'll be part of a larger addon though, tis basically the RAAB Open pack Sasy did a while back, just been upgraded somewhat. Looking good though mate
  16. cobra@pulse

    My New ArmA with 8800 GTX 768!

    Good point, try rolling back the drivers maybe to an earlier version to see if that helps, it may be that the more advanced card doesn't like the current drivers. Oh and I this helps for anyone suffering from the problem indicated in the start of the topic. I highly doubt Kevlar will be able to understand this as help and will just moan again.
  17. cobra@pulse

    My New ArmA with 8800 GTX 768!

    You know what, shut the hell up mate. One thing, you aint gonna get any useful help when as soon as someone tries to help you, you bite their fucking heads off. Grow the hell up for god sake. Yes its incredable frustraiting when things dont work, switch off the computer, calm down and try again in a bit and try not to be so much of an ass. This community is very different from a lot of other ones, it doesn't take too kindly to pathetic posting when something doesn't go your way. Put it simply, the games engine architecture can not completely guarentee a fully supported game when running a Dx10 card or software thats too advanced. OFP for example I lost performance when I upgraded my GPU. It'll be driver issues with back compatability as it has already been pointed out to you, countless times and is obvious through out the forum. Patience is the name of the game here, not rude and pathetic comments posted with poor judegment.
  18. cobra@pulse

    UK Weapons

    Aye the 2 will work fine mate. Open My Computer and find your directory ArmA is installed. Usually its on the "C" disk, then the folder program folder, Bohemia Interactive folder then the ArmA folder and then in there find the addons folder, put the .pbo file which you'll find in the rar once you've extracted it. Put this pbo file in your addons folder and then run ArmA. The addons are then found on the BLUFOR side.
  19. cobra@pulse

    UK Weapons

    Woooohh, Bloody hell. Take it somewhere else please. I'm pritty sure it was an innocent phrase, but christ mate, calm down, and at least do it over PM so not to clutter the thread with offtopic mess. On-Topic now, still working on getting it all uploaded and sorted though and hopefully we'll get the final stuff out soon.
  20. cobra@pulse

    UK Weapons

    Okay then, due to a Sasy style FUBAR Â Only joking mate, the wrong version was uplaoded using the old textures and the like. So until we can get the raabaddons.rar changed. I've thrown it up in a rar. The changes are basically some newly textured units thanks very much to Jonny who helped me out with them, and all the fixed changes sasy mentioned earlier. So, enjoy, oh and a photo at last. http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/1623/newdpmua8.jpg DOWNLOAD Hopefully we're gonna have a new SA80 sorted out as well soonish which we'll bang in there, as a seperate addon (as that wont be open source) in the RAABAddons folder. Will give you a heads up though once thats getting closer. p.s. The helmet guy was just me messing around so dont go mentioning that its not the correct Mk.6. I just threw it in for the hell of it.
  21. cobra@pulse

    Squad arm badge in multi?

    Oh sorry mate, I thought you meant you needed the .png file. My bad
  22. cobra@pulse

    Squad arm badge in multi?

    Much appriciated mate, like you said though, still doesn't work in game, gives me the same error again. http://www.raab.co.uk/raabweb/xml/sqd_logo.png
  23. cobra@pulse

    Squad arm badge in multi?

    Take a peak mate, that'd be great. http://www.raab.co.uk/raabweb/cobra/raab_logo.zip Cheers
  24. cobra@pulse

    Squad arm badge in multi?

    Aye it is mate, It's all up on a webspace and the such, dead wiered cause everything else works, like all the information and such. Just the logo doesn't show up. Anybody know about size limits etc that it might be? http://www.raab.co.uk/raabweb/xml/squad.xml
  25. cobra@pulse

    Squad arm badge in multi?

    Guys having a problem with our XML logo. Upon connecting to a server this error comes up (obviously its not Nick for them but you get the idea) Any help would be greatly welcomed.