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  1. cobra@pulse

    OFP : Happy Birthday 5 Years

    To OFP, the most enjoyable game i've ever played.
  2. cobra@pulse

    Mission editor help

    for 3 you could just use a guard waypoint for the enemy soldiers, does the same thing Set yourself captive and walk past loads of em on guard waypoints and you'll see what i mean
  3. cobra@pulse

    Mission editor help

    for 3 you could just use a guard waypoint for the enemy soldiers, does the same thing Set yourself captive and walk past loads of em on guard waypoints and you'll see what i mean
  4. cobra@pulse

    ArmA mod listing thread

    Placebo, the sasmod links wrong mate: http://sasmod.ofpcentral.co.uk/
  5. cobra@pulse

    Black Ops in ArmA?

    This is BIS though guys, something for everyone. I expect they'll still be there, but looking at the stuff we've seen about the campaign so far doesn't look like there will be many as if any black ops campaign missions. Either way i dont mind, it'll break the campaign up a bit, so its not too repetitive.
  6. cobra@pulse

    Facestex2.pbo update

    I personally think they look quite realistic, at least compairing them to BIS's ones anyway. Top show lads
  7. cobra@pulse

    Ironsight's Addon Projects

    Sounding good mate, also looking forward to a L118, would be nice. Blasphemy! Welcome to the CVR(T) series of some of our older APC kit. In this case its: http://www.army.mod.uk/equipment/av/av_str.htm Ofcourse theres the US Stryker, thats much newer US kit, which looks like: http://www.army.mil/fact_files_site/stryker/index.html
  8. cobra@pulse

    Stargate Mod Released

    I expect its a done when its done issue. No one is going to post new information if theres no new information to post. People on these forums these days need to respect its the authors and mod teams choices when they release/tell people about things. Quit your moaning and things are likely to get done faster instead of them wasting time doing an update every other second. Just put up with it. Anyway, looking good lads even though it was quite a while, almost 3 months, hanging in on the limit in the board rules there mate.
  9. cobra@pulse

    A couple mod ideas.

    With the car thing it was also done with the DMA toyota's where you could stand in the back and use all your weapons.
  10. cobra@pulse

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Fantastic work mate, fantastic
  11. cobra@pulse

    CBF Projects - Tristar

    Mmmm, incrediably nice plane, taken a few rides in one before with 216 Squadron, whom my squadron in the ATC has good relations with (also designated 216). Good work mate.
  12. cobra@pulse

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    God damn you Parvus, that is too good a frigging graphics card Which card are you actually using?
  13. cobra@pulse

    Project UK Forces

    I'll take the 100% and 90% please
  14. cobra@pulse

    Just how much has OFP affected you?

    I was supposed to have got a job about 2 years ago...still haven't, need I say more:
  15. cobra@pulse

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Dont worry jackal, wasn't expecting you to bother with any of that at all, was pointing out that its quite simple to do to write your own scripts for MM.
  16. cobra@pulse

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Aye, I suppose it does. I suppose this sort of script would be useful for multiplayer for example you want to change weapon in the midst of a game, unlikely and bloody dangerous yes. Oh well, was just a thought, but for one wouldn't even attempt to make that work
  17. cobra@pulse

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Yes, yes it does With some cleaver scripting it would quite possible to add the option to "mod" your weapon in game, especially if Jackel carrys on the way he is. For example you have a standard SOPMOD M4, you script it so that you can replace that weapon for example you choose to mount a ACOG, you swap the weapons for the M4 ACOG model. You could do this at an armoury I suppose, or unless your fealing very clever script it so you can do it "in-field" and it remembers the ammo count. Anyway...Looking and sounding awsome Jackel, good luck and keep up the good work
  18. cobra@pulse

    Addon suggestions

    - Hawks C-130 for transport - Vit's F16 as a fighter - Vit's F15 as ground support or what ever. - Or you could be rediculous and take the B52
  19. cobra@pulse


    Make sure that your using the JAM weapons and that it is loaded with JAM mags as it doesn't just replace the BIS weapons. Also, if its in your res addons, it shouldn't need to be in the ecp addons. (Read about mod folders for more info)
  20. cobra@pulse

    Latest screenshots available

    The format article mentioned some lighting problems that have now been fixed, I think thats what we saw, the lighting problems, that have now been fixed
  21. cobra@pulse

    Project UK Forces

    Sounds great. Make some nice scenareos with the Pulse. News from UKF is always greatly accepted
  22. cobra@pulse

    old skool player coming back

    Practically, all clans requier you to apply, they wont come after you, take a look in the squads and fan pages section for some squads, such as the one im in, RAAB. British based, take a look. Posting here btw is only for OFP news. You wanted to post in squads and fan pages Â
  23. cobra@pulse

    Project UK Forces

    Aye, I noticed em aswell, theres also a new shot of the Chally from what I can see. From the shots of the troops I see a new head model (possibly Llauma's head) and new DMP texures I think. The GPMG the guys holding in one of them looks "re-vamped" aswell.
  24. cobra@pulse

    will you play co op or ctf etc

    Co-op clan sided hopefully
  25. cobra@pulse

    How do you make a unit addon?

    Dont necessarly reach for the google all the time, in this thread mate, look above. Or if you're felling lazy