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  1. thx BOPMatt, I got a variation of that going. c_c
  2. Hello all. How would I get a list of the enemy that know about the friendlies when detected? Ultimately I am trying to be able to give the good guys about 15 seconds to kill the bad guy(s) that detected them, before the bad guys get a chance to call in re-inforcements.
  3. c_c

    Problems with cfgsounds

    ColdShine, In your 'description.ext' declaration, I think you need to put your sound class name in the sounds array of CfgSounds, like so... class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {S01v01}; ... ... } .. and the names of additional sound classes you add to CfgSounds. sounds[] = {classname, classname, ...}; lmk c_c
  4. c_c

    Stupid waypoints!

    carnophage9, I have the same problem. I noticed that if I start OFP and go straight into the mission editor there are no HUD indicators, but if I start a single mission then quit back to the mission editor the HUDs are back until restarting OFP. regards c_c