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  1. caveman

    AA and AMD X2

    is this game going to support dual cpu? the reason i ask is i have a AMD X2 4400 as i use the pc for more then just gaming and wonder if the game will support the X2
  2. caveman

    AA and AMD X2

    Well the way guys keep talking in other forums like 2 months to go till AA is here i thought someone might have a slight idea.
  3. caveman

    AA Specs?

    i know this is a early post but i`m sure u have a slight idea someone of what the system spec will have to be as i`m upgrading my pc soon and dont want to find that its gonna have to be upgraded again
  4. caveman

    AA Specs?

    thats can be classed as sexist, but shes sees it as playing ofp a way to chat to me when i`m spending something like 20 hrs a day in the game....
  5. caveman

    AA Specs?

    i upgrade my pc every year as i want the games to run smooth and not sluggish, when u look at say far cry that required what i have now, so i expect AA to require that bit more. Also i need to have two pcs at the max specs so my wife can also play AA as shes been playing ofp on a amd 2000xp which ive tried playing on and i cant hit the alot with as i find it to sluggish
  6. caveman

    AA Specs?

    my specs at present are amd64 3000, 1gb ram, geforce 6600gt but i will be upgrading to a amd 64 3700 or 4000 (both san diego) not sure yet if i get 3700 i`ll have 2gb ram and if i go for 4000 i`ll just have 1gb
  7. caveman

    Armed Assault Anticheats!!!

    i think people that say dont add punkbuster to AA have something to hide. i do think that AA needs something to stop cheats as this is probably they main reason i have left ofp as its ok having filechecks but when people get by those and still cheat u think to urself why have i wasted the pasted 30min - whatever playing that map....
  8. yep i`m using the -nomap
  9. caveman

    St George's Day

    Well i`m not a racist, but i cant see why we would offend the Non British people the way i see it is simple u dont like it why did they choose england as a place to live. We didnt ask for them to cram the beleafs down our throats at school so why we have to learn about them i dont know. I know alot of racist within ofp and i`m sure they would have voiced what i said alot stronger,
  10. i have started to get a error also in 1.96 stating my machine is out of memory yet i have 1gb of ram and then it crashed my video drivers making me have to reinstall them again
  11. caveman

    Awesome Realistic Online Combat!

    but its only the same if u rent a server in ofp u still have to pay,But in WWII online its not as much as a server rental, so i dont see what ur moaning for,