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  1. Thanks guys! biggrin_o.gif  

    The armedassault.info downloads will be moved on this server too quite soon.

    However since we don't want that armedassault.info become like ofp.info concerning the annoying advertisement popups etc we will probably open a donation page, that will help us to pay the two servers we are renting (armedassault.info website and forums on the first one, and armedassault.info ftp files + ofp.info addons files on the second one) and thus keeping ofp.info downloads alive as long as possible!

    Just a note if you don't undestand about ofp.info files and if you missed the news, our ofp.info host Allstar told us last year that they couldn't host anymore all the files stored on their FTP due to foreign traffic, so we had to rent a dedicated server to keep downloads available.

  2. Hey!

    Well actually the problem is not with the server, which is quite powerful, but with the internet connectivity.

    This server is hosted on the Iliad network, and there are trouble about peering transactions between Iliad and Teleglobe, and I guess that you guys are using this Teleglobe network to reach our server, can you confirm it?

    Click on start then execute, write CMD and press enter.

    Then in the command line, write:

    tracert www.armedassault.info

    And look if  there is "teleglobe" in the list.

    This information will be helpful to us to find a workaround, maybe we'll have to set up a ftp proxy on a cheap small server in the US, or worse, rent another big server elsewhere. Also, is the site's speed (other than downloads) usually acceptable?

    Thanks for info!

  3. Hey,

    We have some problem on the ofp.info server, sometimes the server crashes and all client's OFP too. Here's what I have in the logs:

    Quote[/b] ]Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0054695A

    Version 1.96

    Fault address: 0054695A 01:0014595A C:\Game-Servers\2302\server\OFPR_Server.exe

    file: co23@BAS black_hawk (__cur_mp)

    world: bas_i1

    I searched in the forums but didn't see a similar error code. sad_o.gif

    Did someone already experienced a such problem?

    Any help will be appreciated!