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    What weapon/vehicle

    the brdm is just like the hummer, no more no less. But i think that brdm2 will be used to create SA9 gaskin (it's the same hull)
  2. yes it'll look quite strange but your idea is quite good, i'll use this for the moment! Thank you a lot!!!
  3. because in a mission when a fuelstation explode i inserted hidden inflamed campfires to simulate burning. But when player is next the action command show "turnin/turnout fire". Any ideas?
  4. cervomix


    can't you just create an explosion in the town? or you can create a scud in altitude over the town with setdammage 1 in order to make it explode when reaching the ground (but i'm not sure that the top of the scud will face the ground)?
  5. cervomix

    What weapon/vehicle

    a BTR 80 because there is no russian vehicule similar to M-113 in the game (bmp is like bradley and brdm2U like hummer)