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  1. cervomix

    Invasion 1944

    Nice! - Will Marfy's tank will be released in the Phase 1? Do they have customs interiors? - Is there an estimated release date (+/- 2 months)?
  2. cervomix

    two operation flashpoint 2s?

    OFP.info posted it last friday too Macguba, look here.
  3. cervomix

    VTV isn`t working

    Nah that's wrong and not funny Hellfish, you should not joke with this!! I've heard instead that OFP2 is in fact "Enemy In Sight", since both are from Czech teams, BI is just using the "Illusion Softworks" cover to get feedback from fresh and unbiased people and not hardcore OFP Fans.
  4. cervomix


    You can make tunnels within a 'hill' addon, limitation is just preventing going under the map gound level.
  5. ag_smith, I agree that constructive criticism can help to change things (like when I told you about Sharp and Smooth edges hehe), but not comments meaning that addonmakers work is shitty and useless, like this one: They just released their pack to have some feedback and list of detailed errors pointed out, it's not a fully playable mod yet as they clearly stated it... Their team is not really big and they need public betatesting. In my opinion having such a behaviour is a shame for a community. Instead of just bitching and throwing shit like some are doing some others are trying to help, like Denorc, which as a result is far more constructive and will help to see a fully playable mod. What's the point of mixing addons with completely different configs files, uneven damage and armor values...? To see again a Sherman destroying 5 Jagpanther as we already saw, because addonmakers didn't use same config values? I don't see the point in it...
  6. That's called an open beta, it's not supposed to be a final and complete product. I'm sad to read such comments, which are the first reasons why addonmakers stop and leave...
  7. There's also Remo's NVA Pack here!
  8. cervomix

    Operation Gulf War Crisis

    I 'm really impressed by this mod even if it is not finished, it has a great potential and excellent features, congratulations and respect to the team for what they've done! Too bad I can't say "Keep up the good work". ..
  9. cervomix

    Red Hammer Studios

    You call that crappy?? It looks great! And edited pics just hide the reality, it's more honest to post unedited pics, it's how the addon really looks like ingame!
  10. cervomix

    Mapfact discussion thread

    OFP.Info mirrors: From FTP #1 or FTP #2
  11. cervomix

    Because buildings excite me!

    Oh yeah i like that!! I'll do it ASAP!
  12. cervomix

    NVA Pack

    Very nice pack Remo! Good to see more Vietnam units in the game. Also big thanks to CSLA and FDF Mods for allowing him using their units!
  13. cervomix

    Modding tools like Oxygen for OPF2

    Maybe IceFire was just joking and trolling... How many addonmakers started with simple and basic models of an under average quality and were working out of a mod team...?Now they are creating truly amazing things because they trained and learned thanks to O2 public release... However I think an addon can really "live" only if it is included in a mod, like FDF did for MTLB, SZU23-2, for example.
  14. http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=5992&newlang=eng
  15. cervomix

    New UAZ Model!

    Yeah Status it looks like a fake, I removed it from the news.
  16. cervomix

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    Look how many active addonmakers are in the team... You can probably speed up the process by giving an helping hand.
  17. cervomix

    where is the promised su-34?

    Last time I spoke with Hudson (09/18) he told me that they're still working on it but they suddenly lost contact with Silesian so it's slowing down the project.
  18. cervomix

    Csla 2

    I'm for the Blured "real" aiming device, the other one looks great but it makes me thing about unrealistic games.
  19. Are you using a semi-transparent object put above the sea, or is it something working another way?
  20. You were looking for islands in the "addons" search, and islands are not referenced into addons, but we'll fix it, thanks for the heads up. About the conception mistakes on the site we're aware of it, you must understand that the first version of ofp.info was a simple hand-updated html page only in Czech then in php, then with several languages sections (and now php/mysql) so we're still trailing several problems and mistakes of the past. But if you're an php/mysql expert and you have a lot of free time we'd be happy if you'd offer your services. ;) I proposed twice to Tigershark from BAS to host their old site and addons so as people can download their ressources like before, but he never replied.
  21. cervomix

    Bas tonal-tango pack

    Try to get a newer version of Winrar or an updated version of your archiver program.
  22. cervomix

    Red Hammer Studios

    Have you tested it yet in multiplayer?
  23. cervomix

    Mapfact nogova released

    Mirrors here: FTP#1 or FTP#2. The mirrors are for people not understanding German, I suppose that Mapfact prefers that German speaking people register and download from their site (for stats probably) *Edit: links to fixed version*
  24. cervomix

    Finnish Defence Forces Modification 1.3

    It's fine, I suppose flashget messed up when resuming the download... I put the FDF_sfx.pbo and FDF_maldevic.pbo files in a .rar, you can get it here (ready in 1 hour after my post date).