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  1. blackheart_six

    Mission Editor in Console?

    Here here! But it will be.... Â on the PS3. Your best bet, buy a xbox360. You stand a greater chance of getting ArmA II for console. There are MANY waiting for the OFFICIAL announcement about the platforms. Which is coming soon, right BI? Â Â
  2. blackheart_six

    Mission Editor in Console?

    Learned today that the OFPDR mission editor is "Stand Alone" for the PC version . This could be one of the reasons "Why" it is not included in the console version. You can't run two programs at the same time on a console. You have to exit the game, and start the ME, then quit the ME and start the game to see the results. I am sure ArmA II will be integrated with the game, and not stand alone, like ArmA I.
  3. blackheart_six

    BI way ahead

    I am happy to see the amount of information on the ArmA II website regarding all aspects of the game. You guys are steadly feeding weapons, vehicles, and video. That is great.
  4. blackheart_six

    Mission Editor in Console?

    Never say Never. I don't think anyone saw CM dropping the editor from console. It was clearly said that there was very little difference between the PC and Console versions. Guess not. I am going PC version for ArmA II, I decided that awhile ago. I don't own a xbox360 now, just a PS3. I would be shocked, but very happy if ArmA II came to PS3 platform.
  5. blackheart_six

    ArmA II: Weapons Sections

    I am glad to see mortars and artillery being bought to bear, as an old 11C and 13B. Nothing would be cooler then doing a lazy W illumination mission for an advancing armor line, or laying down some willy pete, except doing a "Battalion Fire for effect" mission. Â
  6. blackheart_six

    Mission Editor in Console?

    I would love to know the "Why?" to this issue. I know that Sony allows you to create your own content and distro it. The whole premise behind LittleBigPlanet. Same would go for a mission editor. I don't know about MS, and their policy. I know they are more restrictive but how much? This would be a really good opportunity for BI to step in a capture a lot of this market on the console side. Strike while the iron is hot.
  7. blackheart_six

    My website and clan

    2nd Armored Division Gaming Clan This is my website for my clan. I am closed to recruiting at this moment. But feel free to register. This forums are being built right now, and will be open to everyone. I plan to open recruiting after ArmA II is released. We will support ArmA II (PC) and OFPDR (?).
  8. blackheart_six

    Mission Editor in Console?

    yea Although I have a PS3, and would LOVE to see ArmA II come to that platform, I don't expect it. I understand the reasons behind going with xbox 360. I believe that will be the next gen console the game comes out on. I am going with the PC version of ArmA II. Look forward posting here, and getting more involved. I play ArmA right now, just getting my feet wet. Love it. The editor is awesome.
  9. blackheart_six

    Mission Editor in Console?

    We don't know officially which console ArmA II will be released on, but whatever console it is released for, PLEASE include a mission editior/creator. This will be a huge selling point for the game. BTW, It's looking great! Where are the new forums? This is so 90's. LOL!
  10. blackheart_six

    What platform would you buy it for?

    I emailed 505games to find out about the PS3 release. The representative said, ArmA 2 will not be coming out on the PS3 Console. This makes sense considering the PC roots, the closeness the Xbox is to the PC in hardware terms, and the difficultly other developers are having porting games over to the PS3 due to the BE Cell processor and architecture. Hell, they can't even make a decent SOCOM game. So for BI to try and port to PS3, would not make sense for BI from a business standpoint. And they did not develop in parallel with other platforms. Maybe ArmA 3 when the 3D PS4 comes out in 8 years.
  11. blackheart_six

    ArmA 2 vs OFP 2

    Buy both! Really, I am in agreement with others. There just not enough information about either product yet. I am actively watching both. I think OFP2 will be releasing for the Playstation 3, and not ArmA2. Â Â I don't have a warm fuzzy feeling looking at the front page of the website. Next Gen Console (single) and TBD don't look good for the PS3 system. Shame.
  12. blackheart_six

    Clan Topic Area?

    Will we see a clan area open soon? If you are shooting for Q1 2009, then I would like to start recruiting as soon as possible. http://hq-2ad.org
  13. blackheart_six

    Playstation 3 Ideas

    Please included the following items..... Home Support - PlayStation Home is a community-based service for the PlayStation Network which uses 3D avatars for players meet up and game. Much like second life, but slanted towards gamers only. And this is NOT a game, it is a interface. In-Game XMB functions Trophy Support - Allow users to collect trophies, which will display in Home. Thanks
  14. blackheart_six


    Looking at the new website I noticed this....... "Platform: PC and Next Gen Console (TBD) Expected release date: Q1 2009" Interesting to see TBD for Next Gen Console. This looks like C.Y.A. and we'll only see a wii version and not a Playstation 3 version. Which I hope is not the case. If the devs are having trouble developing for PS3, call your brothers up at insomniac games, they are the gold standard for PS3 games now. BTW.. I am joking about the wii version. I really mean xbox.