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  1. Well for the US, 101st, 82nd, 1st ID, 29th ID, 4th ID, 90th ID, 2nd Rangers, and 5th Rangers camo netting for most of the troops.

    British Paras, 50th ID, and 3rd ID (camo netted helmets)

    Canadians 3rd ID (camo netted helmets)

    That would add realism for the mod. I know you guys do not have a Utah map, but the 4th ID and 90th ID would fit well for that.

  2. The only prop fighter US used in Korea was Mustang. There was some arguing that Thunderbolts should have been used for the ground support but they were retired or given to national guard at that time. Thunderbolt would have been more suitable for that task. Many P-38 units shifted to other planes already at the end of the WW2.

    Not true you had the B-29 and A-1 Skyraider as well.:D