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  1. @icmspectre


    Jesus, Mary and Joseph... There is NO SHORT SLEEVES (THATS 0 SHORT SLEEVES) on any of them..... just sayin'

    P.S get salty over a question, expect a salty response, smart arse.


    Yes there are a couple of USMC short sleeve and T-shirt flak versions as well.  Here are some pics:


    So for a total of 7:
















    Hopes this helps.  Cheers

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  2. They wouldn't, right. It all depend on several things - altitude they were flying, temperature, humidity and a few other things. Have you ever heard the story about Hueys which had to hover a little above ground (they couldn't take off vertically) then were gaining speed while their crews were chasing them on runway to jump into the heli on move? Of course, after fuel was burnt, they could land, take wounded, fly back to an airbase and land vertically without major problems. That's why they started removing side doors and pilots doors from Hueys. The CH46A were worst in terms of underpowered engines so don't expect 17 troops onboard unless wheels up is conducted at both very low altitude and temperature (which is nonsense in that climate, btw). So, yeah, realistically I would expect 12-man squad capacity in good conditions at most. Introduction of CH46D in 1967 was a remedy to some extent for that situation but I've never read that they had been flying with full capacity of 25 pax. Sorry for too long story, but wanted to assure you that I know what I am doing (in most cases lol).

    Also the Marines were combat ladened with their webgear as well...  So I would assume a squad of 12 to 14 Marines would be the max for a CH-46...  OTH I read about the 173rd AB in Vietnam using CH-47's for major air assaults.  In one of the air assualts that included huey's for troop transports, they also had a lift of x6 CH-47's carrying 33 combat ladened troops in each one, basically shuttling a rifle company in that CH-47 lift.

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  3. Where are all the different uniforms with different chevrons coloured patches and subdued? Like 196th subdued with SSG chevrons or with private chevrons. There appears only to be just a few different units inside the game. I think they dissappeared after the last patch.

    Hi Cullin,


    Like opendome said, you would have to download the uniform pack as it is a separate "optional" supplimentary set for the Unsung 3.0 mod.  There will be an updated set with more USMC uniform types as well in short sleeve flak and 3rd Pattern tropical uniform without the flak jacket.  Also for the Marines(More M1 helmet types, more USMC webgear, and more USMC backpack types......  Cheers

  4. Hi fellas I am glad you guys are enjoying the "ALPHA RELEASE"..  OK now that being said...  From the beginning this is just an ALPHA for you guys to enjoy for the meantime, to let you know that Unsung is still going to be ported into Arma 3, while the team works on the other stuff to be ported ie CH-34, Hueys, M113's, and what not etc etc....  So we can eventually have a stable Unsung 3.0 Mod for Arma 3.  Also if you do not see it ingame....  It means it hasn't been included into the Alpha, Beta, Charlie, 300.....   Cheers.