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  1. OK fellas thanks for the replies. It is still a cool map regardless!!!
  2. Hey guys where is the Korengal Valley on this map? Also do you have the Pech Valley? I am assuming Pech would be the valley up north running west to east and Korengal would be the valley going south that has the Restrepo OP? Tell me if I am wrong...
  3. Awesome map man and like the rest waiting as well... OBTW how many villages do you have in this map? I want to take a platoon of 173rd Sky Soldiers on patrol LOL....
  4. I say Kandahar for Canadian and USMC missions... And Kunar for US Army missions
  5. Hi guys have any of you managed to remove the smoke grenade toss.... It is a FPS killer.... I would like to disable it...
  6. Thank you and now I have GL4 and COSLX working with my Unsung Mod!!!
  7. bigstone

    SLX Mod WIP

    I am running combined ops... It seems the mod works with other troops like modern troops and even ww2 troops, but with Unsung mod it is not working??? Yes I have this -mod=@CBA;@SLX in my exe target line....
  8. bigstone

    SLX Mod WIP

    Thank you for your reply, but the wounds files are in the SLX addons folder? I think I may have the wrong @CBA.... Can you guide me to the ight download sites or pm them to me. Thank you I tried SLX before on the Unsung mod and now all of a sudden no more gore???
  9. bigstone

    SLX Mod WIP

    Man my blood and dismemberment stopped working???
  10. Try this waypoint transport unload careless....
  11. bigstone

    Predator Mod

    Great mod man have you thought about making xenomorphs?
  12. bigstone

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Just finished watching the HBO mini series "The Pacific"... Man soo looking forward to this mod just like the rest LOL...
  13. Hey guys when I make a mission that has helos in it. The game freezes within 1-4 min of game play. I have a GTX470 with the latest drivers???
  14. OK so they were apart of the 50th ID until June 10 and then went to the 7th Armoured and then went back to the 50th during the Normandy campaign....
  15. Are those British troops 50th ID or 3rd ID?
  16. I had the same problem. Make a new install of Arma2 1.09 and Arma2 OA 1.59. Install I44OA/CBA. You should be good to go. Rename your other Arma2 folder to something like Arma2_Old so you can still play with the other mods you have. After the fresh install add other mods one by one to see if they effect the grenade selection when you press F. For me SLX, War FX, Lost Keys work for me and I can still throw grenades.
  17. OK is there a command line I can place in the ini for example this addweapon "throw"; etc??...
  18. Removed ACE and still can't access grenades....
  19. Can any of you guys throw I44 grenades? If so how are you accessing the grenades?
  20. bigstone

    SLX Mod WIP

    Hi I get this message when I try to use SLX: Warning CBA requires extended eventhandlers (@XEH) AT version [3,0,6] (or higher). no valid version info found. So in other words SLX will not work without it?
  21. I have SLX.... OK let me check if that will work....:) Took out SLX still can't throw grenades...
  22. As Raptor 6 Actual stated... I have the same grenade problem as well.
  23. Still can't throw grenades though?