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  1. Alright fellas another set of screens. This time better suited model for the Early War 1965 troops. Here are a couple of US Army 1st Cav 1965 and USMC 1965 Riflemen types. Enjoy: http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/Wendell_C_Stone/library/?view=recent&page=1
  2. Alright guys here are a couple more pics for your enjoyment. Added ui pics for the USMC and US Army troops in arsenal. Also a new uniform type for the 1stCav. 1st Cav has two sets of flak types. One set colored 1stCav patch with colored chevrons and the other set in subdued patch with subdued chevrons. Cheers http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/Wendell_C_Stone/library/?view=recent&page=1
  3. Thanks guys glad you like the screens. Yes the team is an awesome set of guys. We are moving forward with the alpha soon. So just sit tight. :P
  4. OK we do not have a early war US Army soldier model yet, but here is 19 new pics for you "We Were Soldiers" fans to enjoy: http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/Wendell_C_Stone/library/?view=recent&page=1
  5. OK here are more pics... 18 new pics.... A SFtroop(Need Green Beret hat with 5thSFG flash on it though), 9 different US Army flak unit types, and pic of Marine with flak. The reason I threw in the Marine with flak, is to see the comparison of the US Army and USMC uniform texture and of course the helmetband differences. Gonna add 1stBrig 5thID Flak uniform set as well. Enjoy Cheers! http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/Wendell_C_Stone/library/?view=recent&page=1
  6. Thanks glad you like them. Thanks to Razorback our Island Maker for the new webgear, hats, and helmets. We have over 22 M1 helmet variations so far. :D
  7. Alright guys here are more pics for your enjoyment. I am going to add flakvested US Army uniform versions as well into arsenal for the 23rdID, 25thID, 11thACR, 9thID,101stAB , and 4thID. As of now it is only the USMC that has flak vest. Once we get a flakvested model for the US Army guys I will implement the new US Army flak vest unirforms into arsenal as well. OBTW looking for a 3D Artist who can make a early war period US Army soldier model that can wear the Type 1 OG-107 uniform. PM me if you can. Thanks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OG-107 Oh here are the new screens on the uniforms in arsenal: http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/Wendell_C_Stone/library/?sort=3&page=1 There is mostly US Army and some Marines here and there. Mind you it is going to be a vast array of uniforms to choose from, simply because of the ranks made for each uniform.
  8. Way before X-Mas buddy. B)
  9. Thanks glad you guys like it. Remember it is going to be an alpha.... Basically bluefor and opfor infantry units with the common nam weapons. Basically something to keep you guys happy with playing Nam in Arma 3, while the Team works on other ports tanks, apc, jets, planes etc etc... Pretty much what you guys seen in UNS 2.6. Right now just waiting on the US Army Divisional and Brigade patches and the implementation of enlisted and officer ranks for the US Army troops.
  10. Alright fellas here are some ingame pics of US Army and some USMC troops. You can see the difference with the US Army and USMC M1 helmet bands. The US Army has the thinner OD green helmet band and the USMC troops have the thicker black helmet bands. Enjoy: http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/Wendell_C_Stone/library/?view=recent&page=1
  11. Well I say the complete mod sometime in 2016 and or early 2017. IDK for sure, but I reassure you it is going to be an awesome Vietnam mod. As for AiA... I use this: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/171988-all-in-arma-terrain-pack-aia-tp-a1a2oa-terrains-from-bi-in-a3/
  12. Yes a Alpha Release of the ported UNS 2.6 Opfor and Blufor Infantry with the common Nam small arms will be out soon. I can't say the exact day, but lets say way before X-Mas 2015. Sit tight fellas. ;)
  13. OK here are more pics of the USMC troops. http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/Wendell_C_Stone/media/arma3%202015-11-03%2009-46-15-05_zpsignbbl4j.png.html?filters[user]=144215345&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 So for the alpha release it will only be USMC infantry and VC infantry.... Once the VC port is done I will post a link for you guys to have fun for the meantime. For now no more questions in regards to when will we see this or that etc etc OK. If you are willing to give a helping hand just PM me. Thanks :) http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/Wendell_C_Stone/library/?sort=3&page=1
  14. Well from my testing I see that the old Unsung 2.6 Maps do work in Arma 3 if you have the allinarma mod. For the Unsung 3.0 Mod we have one map that was made for Arma 3.
  15. Well for now it is just going to be a basic port of USMC, US Army, VC, and NVA troops with the common Nam small arms. It pretty much boils down to this. Something to keep you guys going, until new stuff comes in like Tanks, APC's, artillery, helos, and what not gets ported over. etc etc....
  16. Alright guys development for Unsung 3.0 is still in progress. I am hoping to release a alpha version soon. So for the meantime here are some USMC pics of what has been ported into Arma 3. Enjoy http://s1166.photobucket.com/user/Wendell_C_Stone/media/arma3%202015-11-01%2023-11-22-26_zpsqbkqhatx.png.html
  17. OK Sav I will read my pm's LOL!!! Sure if anyone is interested in helping us out please PM me. Cheers :D
  18. Thanks Foxsch for uploading and posting for the community to enjoy!!![biggrin]
  19. @ReconTeam... I am awaiting for some old mod members from 2.6 to jump on board and get the ball rolling faster. OK;) Thanks for your enthusiasm, but it is a long process to complete a mod to its full potential. Take a look at how long it to from 2.5 to 2.6. So for the meantime just sit back and relax and enjoy 2.6.:cool:
  20. OK eggbeast will do thanks.
  21. @Zukov I agree with devilslayersbane... We do need 3d and texture artists. PM me and we can take it from there. Thanks
  22. Sorry fellas for not showing any WIP pics atm... We are in a slow grind and it may come to a halt. So for now just enjoy Unsung 2.6. If things pick up again we will post more WIP pics.
  23. Hello Arma 3 community. Here is a video of a ported PBR WIP into Arma 3 by Unsung 3.0 team member TeTeT. More videos and pics will come along . Enjoy
  24. No problem pookie I understand. @Beazley check your pm.;)
  25. Hi Drow09, Glad that you are excited about the mod. Sgt Sav passed the torch to me. As it stands right now we need more 3D Artist with experience in making vegetation and porting stuff over from Arma 2 to Arma 3. Please PM me when you get a chance and give me your skype name. Anyone else that is interested in giving a helping hand let me know your skill set through PM thank you.