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  1. These look much better imo, thank you for releasing :)
  2. The beat goes on.. I'm looking forward very much to this mod myself, the word 'dynamic' is perfectly fitting with what it does in game.
  3. belgerot

    General Guba & Angelina Addon

    Hahah Prof! Good job M, very nice to see something creative as this!
  4. belgerot

    Mexican Conflict Mod

    Cool idea, I like!
  5. Agreed, looks spot on when comparing with the real thing: http://www.army.cz/images/id_12001_13000/12042/v_jezd_patroly_20.jpg
  6. belgerot

    RH wip thread

    Agreed, always fun seeing what new projects you're up to. We can always expect a certain standard :)
  7. I don't believe it's tied to 1.05/1.07 either, as I had reinstalled the game and patched up to 1.05 and continue to experience that same issue. Is the .p3d the same for all three versions or do each have a separate one? I noticed that unpacking a pbo can sometimes corrupt the .p3d where it will not load in game as in this case.
  8. I have to say this building does look great, do you plan on any more?
  9. I would like to see an independent Mig-29
  10. Good work so far, excellent field of operations for ISAF units.
  11. This is one I am really looking forward to, excellent work so far!
  12. belgerot

    German Special Forces

    :eek: Nice! Additional schemes for the weapons look great. Looking forward to seeing these units!
  13. belgerot

    Veni Vidi Vici Mod (Romans and Barbarians)

    Glad to hear you were able to contact him! It's a small treasure trove I bet of what you received :)
  14. belgerot

    New public police cars!

    Excellent work, you see too many of these in my parts :cool: May I request a Sheriff's version?
  15. belgerot

    German Special Forces

    I am impressed, good variety! Very nice job so far :)
  16. Thank you for this addition! Very pleased with the quality as always.
  17. Great! I'm really looking forward to seeing these then! Even in Arma it felt as if something was lacking texture-wise. Thanks for your efforts :)
  18. Will similar skins be available as before, with French, German, etc. marking?
  19. Looking forward to this update :)
  20. belgerot

    Island Jade Groove

    You know looking at this map/concept brought Mad Max to mind immediately for me.. it is amazing to see your version of the MFP vehicle with familiar looking drivers :) If only the Interceptor were possible.. :butbut:
  21. A big thanks to the team! Top!!
  22. belgerot

    Kudi Island (WIP)

    I found this island to be great as well, much improved from the initial screenshots. Good job!!
  23. I certainly hope that there is still the chance this island will be released some day.. even in it's current form if need be. Judging from the last screens, it looked excellent, it would be a true shame if that is all we are left with.