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  1. belgerot

    War with Iran.

    Iran? Give me one good fucking reason.
  2. Waste of money and resources as I see it. Crap that will never be on my HD, for certain.
  3. belgerot

    New planes for Arma 2

    Wings of Russia is composed of more than one person, so certainly they'll release more frequently than a single person :rolleyes:
  4. Bullpup version of the new MSBS is an ugly bastard, but it will be a welcome addition into the arsenal :) Vilas, do you plan on adding the new features such as flashlights to some of your weapons in an update, or simply making certain they work for OA users? I'm very interested to see what will come, WWI and such!
  5. Been looking forward to these!! :D
  6. I'm pleased that you've chosen the battle of Staszow to center the mod on, it's not a very known topic but very interesting how things played out historically for both sides. As far as I know :confused:, the closest SS were divisions Totenkopf and Wiking several hundred Kilometers to the north, outside Warsaw as part of IV. SS-Panzerkorps.
  7. Thank you, this is one reskin I'm happy to see.
  8. belgerot

    Charon Urban Pack

    Indeed, very nice. Now it won't be long before we have western-style city maps :)
  9. Excellent job on the Opel Blitz model, do you plan other versions or simply as infantry carrier for the time being? Details in these addons are clear as day, top notch!
  10. belgerot

    FDFmod for ArmA II

    Nice job, as expected from FDF ;)
  11. Great work on those units, it's clearly well worth the wait to see these screens.
  12. Pretty clever use of that bus, good job :)
  13. Great job, textures look nice and clean. Looking forward to trying these out!
  14. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Indeed, it is great to see an expansion to the existing units. Good work! :)
  15. belgerot

    US buildings project

    Looking forward to seeing more updates, especially on those highway signs. A simple parkway would fit in nicely.
  16. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Very nice M., looking forward to seeing the next update!
  17. Very nice work so far, leaving them generic easily allows for a variety of uses.
  18. A real beauty, not only is the model superb but the performance is outstanding in game. Congrats on the release!
  19. I too am hoping to see more from you in the future, very nice job on the additional soldiers!
  20. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Very nice M! I'm happy to see the GSG-9 in more modernized form, nice job on the helmet in particular. Will you continue this modernization or does it end there? Will you create a sniper variant for '90 as well?
  21. belgerot

    German Special Forces

    Good to see you're still working on these :)