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    Caucasus crisis k.i.a :(

    It is a real shame this mod had to go. I was really looking forward to the bmps and the T72 tanks coming out, hopefully one day someone will release them.
  2. belgerot

    Tank foxholes

    Looks pretty good
  3. belgerot

    USCG Pack Release

    This is one hell of a fun addon. It adds alot of authenticity to OFP, it especially opens doors to alot of good mission-making. Something somewhat funny happened with a crew from the M68A, I'll try to get a screen shot of it. Thanks for putting so much work into this addon.
  4. belgerot

    Spetznaz MVD

    I wanted to apoligize for not thinking before and praising these units. I knew I saw them before somewhere, especially those vests. I've removed them and the basic infantry pack from OFP, because it really does look like they were stolen, just from the last picture posted.
  5. belgerot

    Australian SASR

    Kick ass progress on the troops and the M4s. Those are some great looking textures on those guns, looks very authentic, especially the camouflage versions. These troops will be a great addition to the modern OFP scenario, especially Iraqi front.
  6. belgerot

    Spetznaz MVD

    Incredible addon, it is good to see MVD addon to the previous Russian troops released. This is definately staying in my Addons folder for a very long time
  7. belgerot

    My first addon Attempt, the M548...

    Hah I just went to a Military museum today and saw a tracked vehicle just like it. Good job on the model so far.
  8. belgerot


    Amazing addon!
  9. belgerot

    ToW = Everon 2004 Island

    Looks really good, it's about time Everon has had a facelift Right now I have the Everon with Resistance object but this one looks more promising.
  10. belgerot

    Red Hammer Studios

    I hope the dust problem is fixed soon. It would be amazing to see one of those Ukrainian made T-80s in OFP
  11. belgerot


    Sorry to go off topic, but here is a link to Russian weapon arsenal. If you scroll down, you can see both RPG 22 and RPG 26. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums....1d25796
  12. belgerot


    Thanks for the link, I guess I will stick with those GROM units for now
  13. Hello, I have recently downloaded the Vilas Polish vehicles pack version 1.25 and it will not work in OFP. The other versions have worked fine, but with the new one the game crashes every time I want to either drive one of the vehicles or have an empty one in Editor. I don't know if it is a problem with the config file, because my ofp is version 1.94 and works with every other addon. I hope someone can help solve this problem **EDIT** Good friend Kuba helped me figure it out. Sorry to take up space on here..
  14. belgerot


    Indeed those trucks must have taken a long time, the Polish trucks are amazing in detail. It is good to see the Soviet Kamaz released not long ago. I hope that there is a Honker still in the works? I hope some of the Polish Mods start working on desert units after their current projects are completed.
  15. belgerot

    Sea demon mig29 v2.02

    It is good to see this amazing plane updated. I do hope with a few others that a Serbian/Yugoslavian version as well as a Polish version of this amazing plane is released. In my opinion, this is still the best Mig OFP will see. I cannot wait for the release Polish Versions http://acn.waw.pl/karol1/polmigi3ang.html