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  1. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Excellent job, always a new little addition with each release. Good work!
  2. Apart from those nations already mentioned, I do not think so. I was hoping to see a German version but the only foreign make used that I could recall was a Peugeot in the Saarland region.
  3. Excellent quality, the vehicle really stands out.
  4. That's pretty cool! Some handheld SMGs and we've got a good 007 mission in our hands :D
  5. Awesome job on that model, looks pretty good from those screens!
  6. belgerot

    Map: Favslev, Denmark

    Very nice to see more European scenery :)
  7. Very nice and clean model Vilas, looks great! http://www.timawa.net/forum/index.php?topic=24615.0 http://www.airliners.net/photo/Polizei/PZL-Swidnik-W-3A-Sokol/0759026/L/ http://www.jump-community.de/contents/2/4/5/6/3/0/0/0/0/0/picture/17481.jpg
  8. Watch out for mirrored textures such as in the Glock's case, but very nice job :)
  9. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Looks excellent, very nice job on the new objects and buildings. I'm looking forward to seeing more
  10. I would like to request two weapons: DSR-50 / DSR-1 Rifle Ruger Mini-14
  11. Oh the contrast seems pretty high against the terrain.. any chance to make it more deeper burgundy?
  12. belgerot

    Female Soldier (beta wip)

    Nice to see something new from you, excellent work as always. I'm pretty interested in seeing just how you expand this addon.
  13. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Great to see an update, how many buildings do you plan to make for the barracks? Can't wait to see this one in game.
  14. Ei8ght, thank you :eek::eek::eek:
  15. That Chevy looks great, top notch job on the model!
  16. ?? I was under the impression that at this point the mod was focusing on a particular scenario set in the third quarter of 1944?
  17. I'm very glad to see this island ported over to Arma2, Martin. Looking forward to the custom buildings :)
  18. Weapon models look very nice, looking forward to the finished product as always with the BWMod team.
  19. That's a pretty good attempt. I would concentrate more on making sure the faciar hair pattern 'faced' the correct way. An option is starting with a mustache, goatee and maybe working your way from there to create a more natural look.
  20. Indeed that seems to be the case. I tried only Vilas' pack and his Mi-8 turns up with a deformed model while playing Combined Operations. Besides that, all else looks good :)
  21. Looks top notch Topas, excellent job on reviving the pack and clearly well worth the short while it has been since you first announced your work. In following with tradition, if you are in Northeastern Poland I owe you a beer too :) Has anyone else had the issue with the Mi-8 model in Joint Ops?