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  1. Ingenious, the way you've implemented the school into the game looks incredible.. and authentic. Very good job so far!
  2. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Damn good job, your skills have improved greatly and it is very evident with the most recent releases!
  3. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Here's a screenshot. The bug seems to stem from the back of the helmet though the GSG-9 units have no such issue (compared on left)
  4. belgerot

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    If only it were possible to 'borrow' certain elements to upgrade the model a bit, very good job bringing this together nonetheless :) I used to (and just may still) have some good photos of M93 'Jigsaw' camouflage used by the Serbs. Let me know if you're interested and I will send a few photos of a collection I sold long ago.
  5. All I can say is.. I'm buying it when it becomes available. Eager to see exactly how this whole setup works.
  6. I like the renditions of what people have come up with so far, pretty interesting
  7. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Big improvement with the new additions! The only issue I have is a strange shadow emerging from the rear of the helmet. Maybe make the visor semi-transparent as well? Great job otherwise :)
  8. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    In my opinion, this new pack is a must-have. Looks great so far, I'm very pleased to see a wip of the new policemen this soon!
  9. I like the scheme, still nice to see the green/silver in some regions. Looking forward to having this beaut in game sometime :)
  10. I really like what I see so far konyo, the A319 textures could be easily converted to those of British Airways, AirBerlin, Scandinavian Airlines amongst many others. Great job so far :)
  11. belgerot

    September 1939 Mod

    Wonderful work Topas, I am glad to see this mod revived to the standards of Arma 2. We need an early-war mod!
  12. What's a road in Europe without one of these barreling through? :) Good progress so far
  13. belgerot

    The Lost world Mod - jarrasic park

    I'd welcome any news from the mod team, regardless of game. It was pretty fun, just a shame that such creative mods didn't expand into A2.
  14. I'm glad to see the Zastavas expanded to include such an arsenal, good work Vilas. Do you plan on making units to complement the weapons or only the weapons for the time being? Looking forward to future updates as always.
  15. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Very happy to see the Barrack pack released!
  16. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Very good so far, both on the P88 WIP and Federal Policemen. I'm not sure if it's my computer screen, but the uniform still looks a bit high saturated.
  17. belgerot

    SARMAT Studio Train

    Excellent feat by the team nonetheless, I hope they do mull over a release of it sometime in the future. Makes me wonder what other goodies they've made that the community is unaware of :)
  18. Having watched the video posted, I would prefer the Inv'44 configuration to the standard FOV.
  19. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Excellent job, always a new little addition with each release. Good work!
  20. Apart from those nations already mentioned, I do not think so. I was hoping to see a German version but the only foreign make used that I could recall was a Peugeot in the Saarland region.
  21. Excellent quality, the vehicle really stands out.
  22. That's pretty cool! Some handheld SMGs and we've got a good 007 mission in our hands :D
  23. Awesome job on that model, looks pretty good from those screens!