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  1. Stunning work! Can't wait to cause hell in customs :D
  2. Same here, of all user-created maps this one particularly feels most like home. I'm really looking forward to how the map will expand with the addition of national military units and so forth.
  3. Agreed, looking forward to this one
  4. belgerot

    GermA WIP tread

    Agreed, the units are coming along nicely.
  5. belgerot

    SBP Slovenian Soldiers

    Nice addition :) I'm looking forward to the next update!
  6. Absolutely brilliant! I've been using the prior version of SLX for quite some time, so the new additions and tweaks are quite noticeable while playing your updated version Günter. An example; I'm a passenger in a blackhawk that engages the enemy over Tora Bora much too late and is hit by AA fire. The chopper goes does down, but not with enough force to be destroyed. All crew and passengers survive, and after a quick regrouping we head towards the village where the enemy is situated. I receive a direct hit and go down, incapacitated but to my surprise one of the heli crewmembers come to my direct aid. I'm dragged several meters behind cover (in this case a large rock) where the pilot applies first aid and I'm revived. All this, single player amongst regular AI. Excellent work!
  7. belgerot

    September 1939 Mod

    Nice, looking forward to the upcoming news :)
  8. belgerot

    GermA WIP tread

    Excellent work, I'm pleased to see the Austrian police expanded, with further additions planned. Also, the new objects look great so far, always something to look forward to :)
  9. belgerot

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Looks excellent, nice to see the mod expanding.
  10. belgerot

    Whisky on the rocks!

    I've anticipated this since the initial release of the units, excellent!!
  11. I've got the same issue with my ATI Radeon HD 4800 series no matter which tip I've tried. It comes and goes, though I'm disappointed it hasn't been solved yet. Can't run my favorite islands.
  12. Nice one :) I'm certain there are a few differences in how the vehicle is equipped but the main one is the Poles have their own mounted gun.
  13. belgerot

    Emita City

    Great news, looking forward to the coming release!
  14. belgerot

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    I agree with Tonci, it does look a bit out of place, as if it was warped or stretched. http://www.flickr.com/photos/16498755@N07/5326185589/
  15. belgerot

    September 1939 Mod

    Superb nonetheless :)
  16. belgerot

    September 1939 Mod

    Excellent work, not only on the new infantry models for each faction but also the newly textured ADGZ. Such high standards are well worth the wait :)
  17. Thank you for your effort in creating this update to SLX. Despite the numerous others, this is one I've kept and I'm grateful to see such an update.
  18. belgerot

    September 1939 Mod

    ADGZ was still a very useful vehicle years after 1939:
  19. I like how the island on the other side of the bridge is in the process of creation, literally ;)
  20. I look forward to these updates, and each time they come around is no disappointment. Excellent work Martin
  21. belgerot

    Cobra Vipers MK11 WIP

    Ah memories :) Nice job
  22. belgerot

    September 1939 Mod

    The motor pool looks impressive, the textures complement the models extremely well :)
  23. belgerot

    [ADO] Tigeria

    Looks very promising, you've done a great job replicating certain geographical features in such areas.