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  1. belgerot

    ArmA II Stargate Mod

    When it comes to SciFi, this is easily gearing up to be one of the more prominent mods! Great work so far, the likenesses are spot on.
  2. May I request Western-looking Mosques or a standalone Mosque? One mission I am working on takes place around one in Europe, I redid textures to suit the surroundings more but do not want xxx.mb of space taken for the use of a single object.. ---------- Post added at 10:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:48 PM ---------- I was going to comment on your previous posting of these. I think it's a very good idea, perhaps could use more work like you said but the concept exists.
  3. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    I'm very glad to see 1.2 is out, and that you continued working on your addons. Top!
  4. Not to give you guys any more work, but have you considered creating subculture groups to the Metalheads availaible in Vanilla version? It would certainly add an interesting and in my opinion, realistic element to the game as it is now. I'm thinking along the lines of punks, hardcore, skinheads (trads).. entertaining site here by the way: http://yourscenesucks.com/
  5. Hands down, this is the single best mod I've used. I would appreciate a bit more blood/gore for effect but otherwise, no complaints from me.
  6. belgerot

    Iranian Forces Mod

    HAHAHAHA Clearly someone believes Iran is next, and Israel is going to play a big role in that!
  7. belgerot

    Stadium Beta

    Thank you for releasing this most recent version, with the lighting and new additions this does look very good in game.
  8. belgerot

    Resistance/FIA Units

    Excellent to see an old bit from the past reemerge in A2, excellent job :)
  9. belgerot

    Why is the Daily Mail so anti Veteran?

    I personally don't care for it. They only want benefits, so was it the benefits they fought for?
  10. belgerot

    Terrorist attacks in Moscow, Russia.

    What sort of tactics are these? Regardless of where the perpetrators originate from, regardless of their cause, it's a barbaric means of expressing their beliefs, however strong they may be of 'justified' they may be. I personally don't agree with it, is it Jihad of some sort or truly only because their region is occupied? Now only more of their own will suffer as the Russians have a record of retaliation for such attacks. If one of the victims were one of my family, even one of my friends you bet everything you have that I'd have plenty of emotion and adrenaline backing an assault. RIP to those who lost their lives, going about their daily routines. I only hope they did not suffer.
  11. belgerot

    Anzac Mod Wip

    Worth the wait regardless, looking forward to the release!
  12. belgerot

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    Looks good though, nice touch ;)
  13. belgerot

    Boeing 767

    Excellent work, looking forward to seeing more progress on this! What major airlines do you plan so far?
  14. belgerot

    Stadium Beta

    This really does look great, I'm glad that you didn't give up on it after the initial release. Maybe Chernarus will host the European Cup in 2016, whether before or after WW3?
  15. P99 Looks great, particularly since you've included not one but three color schemes. True, it's not often seen in game but this is the exception, very nicely detailed!
  16. belgerot

    Crusades/Medieval Mod

    Looks excellent, you've done a good job so far replicating such a different era in game. I've always been a fan of other eras in game, particularly when it's before the use of gunpowder :)
  17. belgerot

    CDF & Indep Grey Scales

    Excellent, thank you!
  18. Looks excellent Topas, it's a shame we don't see more of your work!
  19. belgerot

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    All the best to you and your family, Canis.
  20. Any way of reversing English to German?
  21. belgerot

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    Looks damned good, the new vehicles fit such a scenario perfectly!
  22. belgerot

    Taking a break

    Take your time, but again a very big thank you for your contributions to the game :)