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  1. as some one put it in armainfo {By posting these hacker-attack-posts you´re only encouraging the hackers to continue. Obviously they have some severe attention issue. Please let them be, don't dignify their behavior. Please!}

    as it is all you lot r doin is encouraging the hackers let tham be to play there dumb game

  2. Gnat;1849867']Nice.

    And yeh' date=' IMHO I wouldn't waste too much time on breaking a working addon just to get it working in an older ArmA version.

    OA is cheap and there are some who cry "A2 only please" because they are using warez !!

    Step up boys![/quote'] err no i did go out and buy it i don't use warez as for askin for it why not ask for it you lot get all the nice stuff for arma OA where we on arma 2 get forgotten am not havein a go but put the warez is just takein the P*** man

  3. Yes, but do they know how to cock, load, and shoot your gun? Do they take big guns or small guns? Do the hookers shoot-up the snow on Winter maps? Also do they know know how to handle a joystick in the cockpit? When engaging these hooker units in the bush, do we need a helmet on our soldier? When positioned aboard a ship in a mission how do they handle the seamen? In Warfare missions will they be too expensive or cheap and disposable? I sense that some updates are needed for these to be top-knotch hooker units.

    i frakin hope so sir if thay can't handle a joystick thay no good as hookers r thay :yay::D

  4. i did some training with the TA's for 4 or so weeks in 88 and than 6 weeks in 92 did some good stuff like training on the sa80 and gpmg and the SLR and some thing like the AT4 forgot the name of it will come me lol i think it was but i did not pass so did not get in but it was fun

    PS: I also took the three tours as well in Flashpoint, ArmA I and ArmA II and EW